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Issue XXXV February 11th, 2010 About        

Staff Notes Fake News Art & Music
Review Brawl Tactics
FunkyK38 and Monteyaga
Fun Stuff Non-Marioverse Review
Ultimate Character Tournament
Pipe Plaza Forum Update
Nerdy Guy

Fun Stuff

Mistery Image

by Tucayo (talk)

cfalconmod.jpg Koopie_Koomod.jpg rambimod.jpg poochymod.jpg koopermod.jpg



by Tucayo (talk)

Sadly, this month no one answered the Picross. Here are 3 more picross for you to solve. Instructions, here.


Remember, if you think you have it, PM me!

Guess Who!

By Reversinator (talk)

I’m a big nerd about Nintendo.
I’m trying to collect all of their games and consoles.
I have a best friend who looks a lot older than me and I have a mom that makes brief appearances.
My little games are all about video games.
My name hints at my age.
I own a board that can turn into a flying board.
Guess who I am.

I am a great racer.
I’m the fastest native on my island.
I try to disguise my species, although I do a poor job at it.
When my true face is shown, it resembles another racer.
If you win against me, you get one of the main items.
In the end, I collect the relic of the main foe.
Try to figure out who I am.

And they were:<showhide>__HIDER__<hide>
9-Volt and Il Piantissimo!

I’m a big nerd about Nintendo. - 9-Volt loves Nintendo games.
I’m trying to collect all of their games and consoles. - 9-Volt house showcases many consoles.
I have a best friend who looks a lot older than me and I have a mom that makes brief appearances. - 18-Volt and 5-Volt My little games are all about video games. - Microgames
My name hints at my age. - 9-Volt does look nine years old.
I own a board that can turn into a flying board. - SK8.

I am a great racer. - Piantissimo always challenges Mario to races.
I’m the fastest native on my island. - He's the only guy that races Mario on Isle Delfino.
I try to disguise my species, although I do a poor job at it. - He wears a Pianta mask, and that's about it.
When my true face is shown, it resembles another racer. - Hacking the game to remove the mask makes him look identical to the Running Man from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
I f you win against me, you get one of the main items. - Shine Sprites.
In the end, I collect the relic of the main foe. - Magic Paintbrush.


Trivial Pursuit

By Reversinator (talk)

1. There are 2 characters in the Mario series that are a pun on the Moby *bleep* sailor, Ishmael, called ____ and ____.
2.In Rare's absence, rights to work and build upon the Donkey Kong series were given to ____.
3. In Paper Mario, the player can obtain a Red Vase by buying a ____, ____, another ____, and a _____ in that order. 4. In the beta version of Super Mario Bros. 3, ____ and ____ were once planed as the game's minigame hosts, but they got replaced by Toads.
5. A ____ Animal Buddy was supposed to be in Donkey Kong Country, but got scrapped for unknown reasons.
6. In Mario Kart 64, a ____ was planed as a playable character, but was replaced by ____ in the final version.
7. In the late 1990, the level ____ from Super Mario 64 was featured in a milk commercial, along with Mario.
8.In Donkey Kong Country 3, Wrinkly Kong could sometimes be seen playing ____ in her Save Cave.
9. In Super Mario 64, if the player ____, the camera could be controlled via this while Peach congratulates Mario after the final boss.


1. Ishnail and Fishmael
2. Paon
3. Dusty Hammer, Dried Pasta, another Dusty Hammer and a Dried Shroom
4. Koopa Troopas and Hammer Bros.
5. Giraffe
6. Magikoopa, Donkey Kong
7. Wet-Dry World
8. Super Mario 64
9. Connects a second N64 controller to the Nintendo 64


Fake News

Director's Notes

by Ralphfan (talk)

Well, it's February. First of all, congratulations to Stoob for winning the election. Sadly, the Fake Games spot is still open. We also bid a fond farewell to Clyde1998 (talk), and hope he returns soon. Rather than having an aspiring writer contact me, I have conveniently put the application instructions right here:

To get a job, you will need to go TO THE FORUM, get an account there, and send the following answers to me in a Personal Message, under the "My Messages" tab. I'm trying to make myself as clear as possible; some people just don't get it. DO NOT PUT IT ON MY TALK PAGE; ANYONE CAN SEE IT!

So, you've decided to write for the Fake News! However, before you can become an official writer, we need to make sure you're qualified, so we have a quick interview and a few questions for you to answer.
You MUST give me (Ralphfan) your answers and section before February 4th, 2010.

For this interview, you MUST get an account on our forums. Don't worry, it's free.
Rather than putting your interview answers on my talk page where everyone can see them, you must send them to me on the forum. On the forum, click the tab that says "My Messages". Click "New Message" on the left side of the screen and send it to me, ralphfan. In the message, you will answer these questions:

  • Do you currently write for The 'Shroom? If so, what position(s) do you have?
  • Have you ever written a 'Shroom section, but stopped for some reason? If so, why did you stop writing?
  • Have you ever been blocked on the wiki? If so, what offense did you commit and how long was the block?
  • What position would you like to apply for?
  • Do you think that you will be able to meet the deadlines and be able to submit your sections on time, neatly organized, and with acceptable grammar?


For more info on these sections, click here.

Once again, to sum it up, get an account on the forum, answer the questions, and send me your section. If your section is good, it will be featured in January's 'Shroom and you will write your section every month! Good luck!

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)


This month, we take you to an exclusive location, in the murky depths of the sea: The Underground! You'll encounter all of those weird fish that seem like a genetic train wreck on your way down. Be sure to travel with lots of Oxygen in your tank! After the perilous journey, check out the Subterranean Sheraton, just two blocks from the arena. The cuisine featured in the area is fabulous, ranging from sushi to good old hot dogs and french fries at the game.

Fake TV

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Big Miyamoto Theory This TV show is about 4 Koopas that live together. Sounds pretty normal, right? WRONG! They are extremely nerdy and quirky, especially Shelldon, who is obsessed with Pider, Toad, Super Koopa, and many other legendary figures. Another character, Rak, is unable to talk to girls unless he drinks Koopa Tea. They are WEIRD! Catch them on Monday nights at 9:30 on Channel 1166288374574499!

Wanted Poster

by Luigi 128 (talk)




Cooking Guide

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hello everyone and welcome to the Cooking Guide section. Just as last week, we won't be having any special chef, but we will have one soon.

Today I will show you how to make a sugary sweet desert that all will love for Valentine's Day, Mango Delight!

Everyone already knows the first way, but who cares! I will show you a better way to prepare this delicious dish for yourself. First, please make sure you have:

  • 2 pounds of Keel Mangos
  • A bag of Cake Mix
  • A Food processor
  • A Mixing Bowl & Spoon
  • A stove and a stove pot
  • A Fancy glass container
  • A Turtley Leaf
  • A working Fridge
  1. Go to Keelhaul Key and find about 5 ripe Keel Mangos, but watch out for Green Fuzzies and Putrid Piranhas, so that you won't get woozy. Also, make sure to take the Cortez ship back home so that you're not shipwrecked on the island.
  2. Go to the Pianta Parlor and win six Pianta Tokens from the slot machine. If you suck and are a loser, just spend 18 coins on the Pianta Exchanger to easily obtain the six. Then walk up to Lola and trade the tokens to get a bag of Cake Mix.
  3. Go to Petal Meadows and go to the Mayor's garden, then steal a Turtley Leaf and run away. Make sure no one sees you!
  4. Go to a kitchen.
  5. Put the mangos in the food processor and run it until the mangos are all mushy.
  6. Add the mushy mangos with the cake mix into the mixing bowl, and stir until no clumps are visible.
  7. Cook on the oven for about 10 minutes on high or until it starts to boil.
  8. Pour mixture into fancy container and put in the fridge to cool for about 3 hours.
  9. Add a turtley leaf for decoration.
  10. If it's completed perfectly, serve it to your date on Valentine's Day and enjoy what little relationship you're probably going to have!


by Gamefreak75 (talk)


Tomatoes? Nah! Onions? GROSS! Garlic...YEAH!

Garlic, one of the most refined vegetables of today. Forget about the sissy fruits they call tomatoes and onions, Garlic is a real vegetable. You think garlic tastes nasty? You think garlic makes your breath smell!? Well...true, but think again!

Garlic is the newest taste and has been used in many recipes. There are whole meals being made with this delectable vegetable. Start off with some fried garlic as an appetizer. Have a nice bowl of garlic soup or have a deluxe garlic salad. For your entree, have some roasted garlic with a side of...GARLIC! Craving dessert? Try some garlic-flavored ice cream or some garlic tiramisu. Thirsty? Wash it down with freshly squeezed garlic juice. The perfect dinner, am I right?

Ever had troubles with vampires? Do you despise the movie Twilight? Give them a taste of their own medicine using garlic!

Visit your local grocery store before they fly off the, seriously, I thought I just saw Wario walk into the produce section.

Fake Interview

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hello all you readers out there, this is your interviewer, Baby Mario Bloops, with your favorite section of the Fake News (I hope), the interview! Today, I am going to talk with Morton Koopa Jr. about his return to the Mario series! With nothing left to add, let the talking begin!

Baby Mario Bloops:So, Morton, everyone wants to know, how does it feel to be back in action?

Morton Koopa Jr.: Do da da do do da da.♪

Baby Mario Bloops:Morton? Morton!!!!!!!!! Take off the headphones and put away the Ipod, we're in the middle of an interview!!!

Morton Koopa Jr.: What? Oh! Sorry, I didn't know we started, so what were you saying again?

Baby Mario Bloops: (sigh) How does it feel to be back in the games?

Morton Koopa Jr.: Is that a joke?!? Oh yeah! Anything that involves stomping on Mario is something worth doing!

Baby Mario Bloops: Not a surprise, as we can tell by the game itself and also your siblings. Speaking of which, are you related to Bowser Jr.?

Morton Koopa Jr.: Don't talk about that! Ever since he came into the family, Dad's been giving him all the fun and taking him to try to get Mario. That is why we have been waiting for so long!!!!

Baby Mario Bloops: Okay...let's move on then. You used to be the odd one out of your brothers and sister. Now that you've returned, Larry for example, has a star birthmark just as you do!

Morton Koopa Jr.: Oh that? Yeah, that's really a tattoo, father let him get since he "needed" to learn what pain felt like. He must really look up to me, since he copied that on the side of his head.

Baby Mario Bloops: Maybe, just maybe...anyways, were did you get your nickname "Big Mouth Koopa Jr." from?

Morton Koopa Jr.: I gladly don't get called that anymore. Apparently, my siblings thought I was a big mouth, though I was sure that my sis held the title all along. Haha.

Baby Mario Bloops: And may I ask what Jr. stands for in your name?

Morton Koopa Jr.: Oh, that. My grandpa was named that, and dad thought that was a nice thing to do.

Baby Mario Bloops: That's very sweet of him! I wish I could have seen that, how rare a thing it is for him to do that.

Morton Koopa Jr.: Hey! Just because my dad has a vendetta against Mario doesn't mean that he is always evil! He just wants Mario to repay.

Baby Mario Bloops: Speaking of which, what caused the vendetta?

Morton Koopa Jr.: Well--I truly don't have a clue, but still, dad doesn't hate anyone more than Mario, so it had to be a good reason.

Baby Mario Bloops: You just might be right about the reason. Well, I'm sorry, but our time is up. Thank you Morton for the interview! And hope to see all of you next time and enjoy a lovely Valentine's!

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

Mario has taken on a new sport: Quidditch! That's right; he was out on the pitch yesterday and his team triumphed against Team Waluigi, 270-90. Shy Guy scored seven goals, Birdo scored three, and Pianta tallied a pair en route to the victory. It has been rumored that Team Mario will play an exhibition in the upcoming weeks against Gryffindor! Terms for the match haven't been finalized, but it is likely that the match will be played in the Marioverse; Hogwarts' stadium is far too small.

Fake Characters

by LaLaLand123 (talk)

Well, well, well. Moving on back to the 90's! Nintendo is releasing a new 64-bit Mario game! It's called Super Mario Bros. 4. It is a 64-bit 2-dimensional Mario game. However, the best part about this game is it is introducing many new characters to the original Mario plot. First, they've added another Koopaling! His name is Lemmy Koopa II. He looks like Lemmy Koopa, except much fatter. Also, they're adding the Goomba Bro! We all know the Hammer Bros. who throw hammers, and some who throw boomerangs, and then some who shoot ice balls, and even more who shoot fire balls. However, now there's one that throws Goombas! They're also adding Booster VII as another boss! I'm certainly looking forward to this new game. It comes out in 2018! Ironic, right?

Fake Shop

by Travix Man (talk)

Welcome to the Fake Shop! Today, we feature the rarest items from Dark Land! I got them from the Koopalings. If these prices are too high, you can now get gift cards, which are free. Their location is my talk page. Behold!!!

Ludwig von Koopa

1st item: Ludwig's shell

1st Item Info: Yuck! This shell is covered in chocolate, but it makes you slide easier.

1st item price: 1000 coins.

Iggy Koopa

2nd item: Iggy's shell

2nd item Info: This shell will make you jump higher.

2nd item Price: 800 coins.

Koopa Clown Car M&LSS sprite.png

3rd Item: Bowser Jr.'s Koopa Clown car

3rd Item Info: This vehicle hovers over any terrain!

3rd Item Price: 10000 coins.

Brawl Tactics

Written by FunkyK38 (talk)

Hey all you Brawlers, it's FunkyK38 with the newest issue of Brawl Tactics! This month, I will be doing a fan favorite- Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic is a lightweight character, and he is also the fastest character in the game. Unfortunately, Sonic does not have a lot of power behind his punches. If he packed the power as well as the speed, he would be an unstoppable character. For now, you'll just have to settle for throwing as many punches as you can and hoping for the best.

Sonic's standard special attack is Homing Attack. If you like to take risks, perform this near the edge of a stage to try to knock your enemies off. If you are like me, and do not like taking unnecessary risks with a character who is not your main Brawler, keep Sonic in the middle of the stage for best results that will not involve getting KO'd. As is the case with some other standard special attacks, this move isn't very powerful, but you'll get a little bit of launch power.

Up special is Spring Jump, you all know what that means. That's right, that nostalgic spring comes out and Sonic will rocket quite high into the air. If you are using it on a stage near enemies, the spring might hit them and they will take a bit of damage. They won't take much, only a few points. You can also get multiple jumps on it if you've used it on a stage instead of in the air. Beware- other characters will be able to use it as well.

Side Special is Spin Dash, which is not as powerful as Spin Charge, but it's a fast move. This is similar to Wheel Kirby in the Kirby series; if Sonic gets enough charge, you will not be able to turn him around until he stops. If you need Sonic to stop quickly, try running into a wall. He will push against it for a moment, then he will go back to normal movement.

Down Special is Spin Charge, which is basically a more powerful version of Spin Dash.; Sonic goes pretty fast while performing this move, so be careful if you get too close to the edge of the stage. If he falls off, it is hard to get him back on, and this usually results in an instant KO.

Sonic's Final Smash is Super Sonic. This Final Smash is both good and bad. For the good things, it will save you if you are in a tight spot or if you have fallen off the stage. It is also good at KOs. For the bad things, Sonic is so fast it is hard to get control of him if you're not expecting that initial burst of speed. Also, when he is changing between forms, he will fall, like Samus after Zero Laser. Make sure he is above the stage or somewhere you can catch him if he falls! I can't tell you how many times I KO'd him finishing this Final Smash. I even had to design a special stage in Stage Builder so I could practice with this. But, let me tell you the secret to using this- Don't sweep side to side on the stage. Stay near all of your enemies. This makes it easier for you to hit them, as you will not be halfway off the screen while they're on the stage.

That's all for me this month, Brawlers. Hope you enjoy and I'll be back next month with another Brawl Tactics!

Director's Notes

Hello 'Shroom fans! Paper Pikachu (And only Paper Pikachu) here, welcoming you to another issue of Art & Music. Now, normally that would be something to be excited for, but not this issue, due to the absence of a few of our writers, that is to say, all but me. Now, to my staff, I'd like to make something clear:


On an unrelated note (though possibly soon to be related), we are in need of some new writers. If interested, contact me on either my forum account (PTrainer) or on my talk page. For now, I give you the slim number of sections we have, and hope you enjoy.

Soundtrack of the Month (Paper Pikachu)

[1] Being in the mood for something fiery, thanks to my staff, I chose the Lava Piranha battle music from Paper Mario. The organs work well in the setting, deep in a volcano, and illustrate the battle in a great arrangement. One thing missing however is the absence of any burning sound (think lava plumes, or the eruption of a volcano), though I must remember, the eruption and chaos of the volcano happens immediately after this song, so I suppose it makes up for that factor. To the few of you who decided to read this short issue, I hope you enjoyed it, and tune in for more (hopefully...) next month!

Pipe Plaza

Pipe Plaza Notes

Super Mario Bros.

Hey guys, this is SMB here. I'm sorry if this month's Pipe Plaza is a bit short, but I will work harder next month alongside MG1 to make sure we do a better job.

Monthly Report (Super Mario Bros.)

Some recent events regarding the wiki:

  • About a month or so ago, we joined NIWA. What is NIWA, you ask? Read Tucayo's section below!
  • Ghost Jam (at the time, our oldest Sysop in terms of time that he joined the wiki and real life age) retired from the wiki and forums.
  • KPH2293 was demoted from his Bureaucrat and Sysop position for inactivity, and will be promoted upon his return.
  • Bloc Partier was promoted to Patroller a few months back, and since it wasn't mentioned in the last issue due to all the hype of the Director's Election, I will announce it in this issue.

If there is anything I have forgotten, please let me know on my talk page so that I can announce it on the next issue of The 'Shroom.

NIWA News (Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo, bringing you this new section that you will see each month from now on. The section is called NIWA News. If you’re wondering “What the hell is NIWA?” don’t worry, most people don’t know. NIWA (short for Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance) is the alliance between Zelda Wiki, Bulbapedia, and us. I want to thank our founder, Steve, for agreeing to this alliance and making it possible. More than a simple affiliation, we will have interwiki links from one wiki to another (see {{bp}} and {{zw}}), and we will have a main hub linking all the wikis. (Kinda like
If you’re asking yourself “Where is that hub?”, it will go public on the 14th, along with other 2 wikis that are being worked on, Wikirby and Metroid Wiki, with more wikis to be included along the way. We will have a sidebar with links to them. Perhaps the hub will have a forum.
The coordinators for this project are:

As it isn’t released yet, I’m not allowed to reveal many details, but on the release date, I will update this section with the news, such as our slogan, logo, links, and all that. Before leaving, Edo drew this wonderful image with his superb drawing skills [2]. So without more, I say goodbye, until the 14th!!

14th February: Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Birthday to Bulbpaedia! Sadly, due to troubles, the main hub is not up yet, but Metroid Wiki is up already! This is a project of the NIWA, I hope you like it. Also, the NIWA sidebar will be added in any moment.

15th February: The Main Hub is up!!! It is still udner some consrtuction, but it is up and working. Link. We also have forums :D Stay tune for more info!!

25th February: Long time no seeing you O.o I came to announce that WiKirby, NIWA's project is going live Wednesday, March 3rd. Spread the word!! This is just one of the various projects we are working on, so expect more surprises ;)

4th March: WiKirby went live!! Please make an account and help it grow!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

Many new users are unsure of what to do for the Wiki, so they only edit thier own userspace. Try looking for a PipeProject, or try looking at the pages with the games you already have. This way, you can put information into an article about a game you know well.

Upcoming Games (Paper Pikachu)

Hey everybody, Paper Pikachu here welcoming you to Upcoming Games. With the recent lack of news, there is not anything to report, though keep in mind that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is scheduled to be released before the summer months.

For previously revealed information, check out previous Upcoming Games, the Wiki, and previous issues of Nintendo Power.

Review Corner

Mario Power Tennis (GCN)

Written by Ace Reporter Kylie Koopa (talk)

The game Mario Power Tennis is a sports game featuring a cast of assorted Mario characters, but it’s not as simple as that. It’s actually fairly deep when it comes to gameplay.

The playable characters consist of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Bowser Jr., Koopa Troopa, Boo, and Shy Guy, along with 4 unlockable characters. They are broken into 6 types: All Around, Speedy, Power, Technique, Tricky, and Defense. Each of these characters has their own special Power Shots, both offensive and defensive. These can greatly help against a tough opponent.

All but one of the courts (the Peach Dome) has a gimmick that affects play on the court. For example, the Luigi’s Mansion court has ghosts that slow down the players, while the Mario Classic court has 8-bit enemies from the original Mario Bros. game walking around. These elements help make playing on these courts a varied experience every time.

There is a varied selection of Minigames. One of them involves hitting different colored paint balls onto a picture to color it, another involves feeding Chain Chomps tennis balls, and there is even one requiring you to lob balls back and forth with Gooper Blooper. Each of these belongs to a specific court, that being why there are only so many minigames. Minigames are a nice change of pace if you get bored of playing Tournament mode for hours.

I would recommend Mario Power Tennis to anyone who likes Mario in general; you really don’t need to know anything about tennis to play it. It’s a fun, engaging game, and if it’s your kind of game, you’ll be hooked for a long time. I rate it a 9/10.


Written by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo, bringing you this new section you will see each month from now on. The section is called NIWA News, if you wonder “What the hell is NIWA?” Don’t worry, most people don’t know. NIWA (short for Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance) is the alliance made by the ZeldaWiki, Bulbapedia, and us. I want to thank our founder, Steve, for agreeing on this alliance nd making it possible. More than a simple affiliation, we will have interwiki links from one wiki to another (see {{bp}} and {{zw}}), and we will have a main hub linking all the wikis. (Kinda like
If you ask yourself “Where is that hub?” Well, it will be publicly released the 14th, among other 2 wikis that are being worked on, which are Wikirby and Metroid Wiki, with more wikis to be included in the way. We will have a sidebar with links to them. Perhaps the hub will have a forum.
The coordinators for this project are:

  • Bulbapedia:
    • Leader: Archaic
    • Representatives: Magnedeth and TTEchidna
  • ZeldaWiki:
    • Leader: Cody
    • Representatives: Xizor and Steve (Not porple :P)
  • Super Mario Wiki
    • Leader: Stooby
    • Representatives: Your server

As it isn’t released yet, I’m not allowed to reveal many details, but when it is release date, I will update this section with the news, such as our slogan, logo, links, and that. Before leaving, Edo drew this wonderful image with his superb drawing skills [3]. So without more, I say goodbye, until the 14th!!

Forum Update

Written by Nerdy Guy (talk)

My name is Nerdy Guy. Today, I'm hosting a new section about the goings-on in the wiki's local forum. This issue, I'm going to ramble on talk about what happened in the month of January, 2010. However, since this is the first issue and some people might not know much about the forum, I'll give a short explanation when needed.

Major Events

  • The Bulbapedia webmaster came to discuss a wiki alliance between us, Bulbapedia, and There was some worry and nervousness from some people who were a little bit of a Chicken Little (mainly, if not only, me). However, everything worked out fine and Porplemontage (the wiki's creator and the person who sent the montage email to Strong Bad) agreed to the alliance.
  • Ugozima's ban expired. He was originally banned for sockpuppeting (having more than one account) and using his sockpuppets to spam. Now Ugo's not entirely a bad guy, but he broke the rules and got three warnings. So, the forum mods and admins agreed on banning him. However, a couple weeks ago, a new sockpuppet named Lord Awesome Face showed up while Ugo was still banned. LAF was actually a "friendly sockpuppet" since he didn't spam and just acted like a normal user. The mods eventually found out after one or two days that Ugo's and LAF's IP adresses match and Ugo admitted to sockpuppeting, so Ugo's ban was extended for two weeks.
  • Uniju, an old respected (kinda) user, announced he was retiring from the forum last month or so. He recently came back though. He started posting again, and was warned for breaking a couple rules.
  • Noahp89, a mod, pulled what is known as a "Blitzwing". He deleted his own account out of the blue for a personal reason and decided to rejoin later in the day. He also changed his main name to Master Cobalt. Luckly, his posts and Personal Messages still exist as he only partially deleted his account. People have been known to be randomly deleted by hackers, so some (including me) were scared by this. However, Noah explained that he deleted his own account. He is doing fine now and everything is going well.

Minor Events

  • I signed-up to do this section.
  • The mods discussed changing MJII (a invite-only board created because the mods thought the Mindless Junk board was getting too mindless and out of control) around, but the discussion was dropped after talking it over and concluding it's fine for now.
  • Eh Oh El, a forum user from a long time ago who disappeared, surprisingly returned. He comes by from time to time now, but only posts in the Mindless Junk board.

Stats for the Month

  • A lot of new members joined, but most of them never activated their accounts. In total, 22 (or more depending if one joins after I type this) new users joined overall. That's a little low compared to last month's total of 44.
  • The total amount of new posts made this month is in the 2000 - 3000s. That's lower then usual, but last month was low too. The average amount is in the 4000 - 5000s, but the exact number is sometimes greater.

Final Word

This month marks the time last year that I became a lot more active. Times have changed a little, mainly for the better. However, the forum seems a little less active now compared to a year ago.

Non-Marioverse review

Written by Leirin (talk)

My first review for this new decade is for Rhythm Heaven, also sometimes referred to as "Rhythm Tengoku Gold" in Japan.

Rhythm Heaven is a rhythm game, as the title suggests, and no doubt about it, it's a very inspired one. It's also very quirky, but that's a hallmark of Japanese games (an Italian plumber going down oversized pipes and eating mushrooms to grow taller is an example of a quirky Japanese game that you'll all be familiar with). With 100+ games, you'll be glued to Rhythm Heaven for quite a while.

Starting with "Built-to-Scale", you slowly advance from game-to-game. You can either breeze through them all and keep beating one game after the other, or you can take your time to get a Superb or even a Perfect (if the chance comes up) score on the games. You can't move on to the next game unless you get at least an "OK" rank. This may sound intimidating for the more casual gamers, but the Cafe feature allows you to skip any games you're having difficulty with, after you've failed one three times in a row.

At the end of each section, there is a Remix game. This is a neat idea. Basically, it takes all the games you've played in that section and mixes them all together in a new song. There are some remix songs that are beautifully done, not just in terms of the game but as musical pieces themselves. A couple that come to mind are Remix 3 and Remix 8.

The control scheme of Rhythm Heaven is surprisingly simple, considering the vast amount of activities found within each game. All you need to know is how to tap and flick, and you're set. The controls are very, very sensitive, which allows for extremely coordinated play.

Every now and then, a chance for getting a "Perfect" rank on a game will pop up. This means you can't make a single mistake; everything must be perfectly on-time. It depends on the player of course, but it comes naturally for some games, while for others it's a painstaking process. For those lucky enough to score a Perfect, there's a gift waiting in store, usually something to read. This drives the player's incentive to get Perfects and Superbs on games, adding to the replay value.

Rhythm Heaven is one of those games that proves you don't need depth to have a fun game, another prime example being Tetris. You don't need to know how to lead an entire army to the waterfall. You don't need to understand how point systems work. You don't need to know any of that. All you need is a good stylus and a keen sense of rhythm and the game is perfectly fun.

Speaking of which, getting really involved in a rhythm can be infectiously fun. You'll want to bob your head back and forth for at least a few of the games, trust me.

Rhythm Heaven is a tight rhythm game, possibly the greatest I have played. If you love quirky minigames or want to challenge your sense of rhythm, this is a strong recommendation.



Welcome to the 1st annual Ultimate Character Tournament! I'm Ralphfan, and I'll be your host. What is the tournament? It's a series of polls in a bracket to determine the best character from the Mario, Sonic, Kirby, DK, Zelda, Banjo, and Conker games! Right now, we're in the sixth round, and you can vote in the polls listed below. Meetings were held in #mwUCT, which can be accessed here, on Userpedia, Darkmyst, Mibbit, mIRC, PJIRC, Chatzilla, or etc. We are also on the forum!

Click here to see the bracket


Meeting 1


SMB and I covered the Banjo and Conker series with help from MG1 and SLNO.


We determined a schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda and DK
  • 9/30: Sonic and Kirby
  • 10/7 - ?: Mario

Mario might take a long time.


14 Conker and 7 Banjo characters were accepted, and 4 more from Conker are on the bubble:

  • Jolly Roger
  • Gobi
  • Cheato
  • Roysten

Meeting 2

SUMMARY We covered Zelda. SMB missed a lot because of dinner, Tucky was there for most of the meeting, SLNO was logged on but inactive, Castle Toad was there towards the end, and MG1 was there throughout. We didn't have time for DK, plus I pinged towards the end.


New schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 Zelda characters, and two others are on the bubble:

  • Agahnim
  • Evil Wizard

Meeting 3

SUMMARY We covered DK. SMB was there for the last half-hour because of dinner, but MG1 was able to cover, and Tucky was able to drop by.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 more, and put 6 on the bubble:

Meeting 4

SUMMARY We covered Sonic. SMB helped out, as did MG1, Turboo, Noahp89, and Tehchomps. Tucayo was probably watching the Yankees-Twins game.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added another 17, and put one on the bubble:

  • Super Sonic

Meeting 5

SUMMARY We covered Kirby. SMB was my only assistant, but he did a great job!


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 11 characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 6

SUMMARY We began Mario and got about halfway through because we ran long. We got through every game from Jumpman to SMRPG. We're going in chronological order by when the games were released. MG1 was there for most of the meeting; Tehchomps was very active as well; Packy was there for a good chunk of time; SMB, SLNO, and Yoshario also pitched in. Hopefully, we'll finish Mario next week, but I have the feeling it will go into November 4th's meeting.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 11/4?: Mario

We hope to finish next week, but it'll probably run through the start of the November 4th meeting.


We added 46 more characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 7

SUMMARY We finished the Mario series. SMB was there, but busy, SLNO was there for a while, and Tucayo dropped by for a while, and Tehchomps was there for a bit.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 10/28: Mario
  • 11/4 - ?: Brawl, Seeding, and Bracket


We added another 63 characters for a total of 109 from the Mario series and 194 total.

Meeting 8

SUMMARY We did final touch-ups, covered SSB, and began seeding, but we didn't get much done, due to the World Series and people not really wanting to pay attention. However, I was able to work with a few users during the week, so we were able to make progress nonetheless.
For seeding, we have 222 characters. To narrow it down to 128, we will need to eliminate 94 of them. Therefore, 34 of the entrants are being given first-round byes and will advance directly to the second round. The next 94 will be matched up against the bottom 94.


Continue seeding and fill out bracket.


We added 28 characters, for a final? (unintentional) count of 222. I was going for something between 128 and 256, so it worked out well.

Meeting 9

We worked on the second tier of seeding. SLNO was there for a bit; Tucky and MG1 were the major contributors. We didn't add any new characters, but MG1 suggested the SMG bosses; you can now vote whether to include them or not.

Meeting 10

MG1, SMB, and SLNO helped nearly round out the second tier of seeding in a short meeting. It looks like the SMG bosses are going to pass; the poll will close at the start of the next meeting.

Meeting 11

MG1, SMB, Noah, and Tucky finished out the seeding groups. Since the Galaxy bosses pass, we finished with 231 characters. We're going to organize them into a bracket and set up dates beginning next week.

Meeting 12

MG1, SMB, Tucky, SLNO, and Noah helped organize the bracket. Because of the number of characters, 25 characters get byes, or free passes, to the second round. They have been placed throughout the bracket. We plan to open the first round of the tournament on January 6th or 13th.


The characters
The bracket


Here are the dates:

  • Round 1: 1/7-1/27
  • Round 2: 1/28-2/24
  • Round 3: 2/25-3/24
  • Round 4: 3/25-4/28
  • Round 5: 4/29-5/26
  • Round 6: 5/27-6/29
  • Round 7: 7/4-7/29
  • Round 8: 7/30-8/28

Director's Notes

Written by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Heyo, how are you readers doing this month? I hope you're all doing well. As for myself, I'm doing pretty well too. It's absolutely great to be Director of The 'Shroom again. And better yet, I have a very dedicated staff to help me make The 'Shroom all it can be. We are all working hard to improve the quality and innovation of The 'Shroom, so it's a very enjoyable experience.

As for changes in The 'Shroom, this month is the first month I'm Director again, and it also marks the debut of a long line of changes to be made to The 'Shroom. First and foremost, we are holding a ten question survey this month. A new survey will be held every three months past this point. Next, there will likely be many vacant 'Shroom positions, as we have not received many sections for a few months; so, please be sure to regularly check out our sign-up page to see if there are any positions that you would like to fill...or even create! To add to that, each department of The 'Shroom, (Fake News, Music & Art, Pipe Plaza, Fun Stuff, and regular 'Shroom sections) will be holding "interviews" for any new applicants. In this process, you must send in a sample of what your section will be like. If it's a good section, it will likely be approved. Super Mario Bros. is also working on a few new backgrounds for The 'Shroom. Hopefully, they'll be much easier on the eyes than our winter background. (It wasn't bad, by any means -- just a little hard on the eyes.) Also, I am working with the staff on a reward system, so please check back next month to see how that's going. Lastly, I am working on a concept for a redesign for The 'Shroom that will make navigation much easier, and will make the paper as a whole much more aesthetically pleasing.

In closing, I'd like to thank Tucayo, Ralphfan, Super Mario Bros., 2257, P. Trainer, Marioguy1, and all of our writers for all their hard work and dedication to The 'Shroom. Oh, and thanks to the readers, too! :]

Until next month, take care!

Sub-Director's Notes

Written by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am your all-star Sub-Director, Tucayo, back on the job. There have been some changes and new stuff for this new ’Shroom year, like the new director you all know, Stooby (Congrats, and thanks for choosing me as Sub again :D). We also have a new Editor in Chief; replacing Yoshario, we have none other than 2257!!! Welcome 22, I know you will do a great job. The team directors remained the same, with the exception that Yellow Yoshi retired, leaving just P. Trainer as M&A director.
We have a new section written by Nerdy Guy about updates to the forum, please take the time to read it, it is very interesting. We have many vacancies, so if you would like to write for the Super Mario Wiki’s ’Shroom, just take a look at the sign up page. If there’s anything you would like to write, contact Stooby or myself. Some vacancies are:

  • A vacancy in Review Corner
  • Entertainment section
  • Interview
  • Beta elements
  • If MST3K fails to hand in his section, MKWii:Wheel Tips Corner
  • And more in the teams.

This month we also have a Feedback Survey, so please answer it to help us improve. The MarioWiki overall survey will come out around the 28th.
The UCT’s second round is underway! Please take a look at it and vote.
And that’s all for this month! See ya next issue, March 11th, BYE! Be healthy, be ’shroom (lol)

Editor in Chief's Notes

Written by Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Do you ever wonder why Bowser kidnaps Peach? I do.

The other day my friend linked me to this. While I have certain complaints with that site (the owner doesn't like Majora's Mask! For shame!), I did read through the whole thing like the obsessive nerd I am. And therein I found a link to this:

...I'm sorry, did you want to hear about my adventures in correcting people's grammar? No? Good :3


(For those of you who can't see flash video, I'm talking about Ignorance is Bliss.)

Now, you might complain that that song portrays Bowser as, well, ignorant. I've thought about that, and come to the conclusion that he's just reinforcing Peach's misconception. It's a part of his master plan.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, this reveals Bowser's true motive in kidnapping Peach all the time: He wants to sing to her.

For that reason, I plan to buy a ticket for the next plane to Kyoto, storm Nintendo's headquarters, and DEMAND that they release a full album of Bowser's work.