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Director's Notes

Written by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Heyo, how are you readers doing this month? I hope you're all doing well. As for myself, I'm doing pretty well too. It's absolutely great to be Director of The 'Shroom again. And better yet, I have a very dedicated staff to help me make The 'Shroom all it can be. We are all working hard to improve the quality and innovation of The 'Shroom, so it's a very enjoyable experience.

As for changes in The 'Shroom, this month is the first month I'm Director again, and it also marks the debut of a long line of changes to be made to The 'Shroom. First and foremost, we are holding a ten question survey this month. A new survey will be held every three months past this point. Next, there will likely be many vacant 'Shroom positions, as we have not received many sections for a few months; so, please be sure to regularly check out our sign-up page to see if there are any positions that you would like to fill...or even create! To add to that, each department of The 'Shroom, (Fake News, Music & Art, Pipe Plaza, Fun Stuff, and regular 'Shroom sections) will be holding "interviews" for any new applicants. In this process, you must send in a sample of what your section will be like. If it's a good section, it will likely be approved. Super Mario Bros. is also working on a few new backgrounds for The 'Shroom. Hopefully, they'll be much easier on the eyes than our winter background. (It wasn't bad, by any means -- just a little hard on the eyes.) Also, I am working with the staff on a reward system, so please check back next month to see how that's going. Lastly, I am working on a concept for a redesign for The 'Shroom that will make navigation much easier, and will make the paper as a whole much more aesthetically pleasing.

In closing, I'd like to thank Tucayo, Ralphfan, Super Mario Bros., 2257, P. Trainer, Marioguy1, and all of our writers for all their hard work and dedication to The 'Shroom. Oh, and thanks to the readers, too! :]

Until next month, take care!

Sub-Director's Notes

Written by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am your all-star Sub-Director, Tucayo, back on the job. There have been some changes and new stuff for this new ’Shroom year, like the new director you all know, Stooby (Congrats, and thanks for choosing me as Sub again :D). We also have a new Editor in Chief; replacing Yoshario, we have none other than 2257!!! Welcome 22, I know you will do a great job. The team directors remained the same, with the exception that Yellow Yoshi retired, leaving just P. Trainer as M&A director.
We have a new section written by Nerdy Guy about updates to the forum, please take the time to read it, it is very interesting. We have many vacancies, so if you would like to write for the Super Mario Wiki’s ’Shroom, just take a look at the sign up page. If there’s anything you would like to write, contact Stooby or myself. Some vacancies are:

  • A vacancy in Review Corner
  • Entertainment section
  • Interview
  • Beta elements
  • If MST3K fails to hand in his section, MKWii:Wheel Tips Corner
  • And more in the teams.

This month we also have a Feedback Survey, so please answer it to help us improve. The MarioWiki overall survey will come out around the 28th.
The UCT’s second round is underway! Please take a look at it and vote.
And that’s all for this month! See ya next issue, March 11th, BYE! Be healthy, be ’shroom (lol)

Editor in Chief's Notes

Written by Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Do you ever wonder why Bowser kidnaps Peach? I do.

The other day my friend linked me to this. While I have certain complaints with that site (the owner doesn't like Majora's Mask! For shame!), I did read through the whole thing like the obsessive nerd I am. And therein I found a link to this:

...I'm sorry, did you want to hear about my adventures in correcting people's grammar? No? Good :3


(For those of you who can't see flash video, I'm talking about Ignorance is Bliss.)

Now, you might complain that that song portrays Bowser as, well, ignorant. I've thought about that, and come to the conclusion that he's just reinforcing Peach's misconception. It's a part of his master plan.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, this reveals Bowser's true motive in kidnapping Peach all the time: He wants to sing to her.

For that reason, I plan to buy a ticket for the next plane to Kyoto, storm Nintendo's headquarters, and DEMAND that they release a full album of Bowser's work.