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Written by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo, bringing you this new section you will see each month from now on. The section is called NIWA News, if you wonder “What the hell is NIWA?” Don’t worry, most people don’t know. NIWA (short for Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance) is the alliance made by the ZeldaWiki, Bulbapedia, and us. I want to thank our founder, Steve, for agreeing on this alliance nd making it possible. More than a simple affiliation, we will have interwiki links from one wiki to another (see {{bp}} and {{zw}}), and we will have a main hub linking all the wikis. (Kinda like
If you ask yourself “Where is that hub?” Well, it will be publicly released the 14th, among other 2 wikis that are being worked on, which are Wikirby and Metroid Wiki, with more wikis to be included in the way. We will have a sidebar with links to them. Perhaps the hub will have a forum.
The coordinators for this project are:

  • Bulbapedia:
    • Leader: Archaic
    • Representatives: Magnedeth and TTEchidna
  • ZeldaWiki:
    • Leader: Cody
    • Representatives: Xizor and Steve (Not porple :P)
  • Super Mario Wiki
    • Leader: Stooby
    • Representatives: Your server

As it isn’t released yet, I’m not allowed to reveal many details, but when it is release date, I will update this section with the news, such as our slogan, logo, links, and that. Before leaving, Edo drew this wonderful image with his superb drawing skills [1]. So without more, I say goodbye, until the 14th!!