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Pipe Plaza

Pipe Plaza Notes

Super Mario Bros.

Hey guys, this is SMB here. I'm sorry if this month's Pipe Plaza is a bit short, but I will work harder next month alongside MG1 to make sure we do a better job.

Monthly Report (Super Mario Bros.)

Some recent events regarding the wiki:

  • About a month or so ago, we joined NIWA. What is NIWA, you ask? Read Tucayo's section below!
  • Ghost Jam (at the time, our oldest Sysop in terms of time that he joined the wiki and real life age) retired from the wiki and forums.
  • KPH2293 was demoted from his Bureaucrat and Sysop position for inactivity, and will be promoted upon his return.
  • Bloc Partier was promoted to Patroller a few months back, and since it wasn't mentioned in the last issue due to all the hype of the Director's Election, I will announce it in this issue.

If there is anything I have forgotten, please let me know on my talk page so that I can announce it on the next issue of The 'Shroom.

NIWA News (Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am Tucayo, bringing you this new section that you will see each month from now on. The section is called NIWA News. If you’re wondering “What the hell is NIWA?” don’t worry, most people don’t know. NIWA (short for Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance) is the alliance between Zelda Wiki, Bulbapedia, and us. I want to thank our founder, Steve, for agreeing to this alliance and making it possible. More than a simple affiliation, we will have interwiki links from one wiki to another (see {{bp}} and {{zw}}), and we will have a main hub linking all the wikis. (Kinda like
If you’re asking yourself “Where is that hub?”, it will go public on the 14th, along with other 2 wikis that are being worked on, Wikirby and Metroid Wiki, with more wikis to be included along the way. We will have a sidebar with links to them. Perhaps the hub will have a forum.
The coordinators for this project are:

As it isn’t released yet, I’m not allowed to reveal many details, but on the release date, I will update this section with the news, such as our slogan, logo, links, and all that. Before leaving, Edo drew this wonderful image with his superb drawing skills [1]. So without more, I say goodbye, until the 14th!!

14th February: Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Birthday to Bulbpaedia! Sadly, due to troubles, the main hub is not up yet, but Metroid Wiki is up already! This is a project of the NIWA, I hope you like it. Also, the NIWA sidebar will be added in any moment.

15th February: The Main Hub is up!!! It is still udner some consrtuction, but it is up and working. Link. We also have forums :D Stay tune for more info!!

25th February: Long time no seeing you O.o I came to announce that WiKirby, NIWA's project is going live Wednesday, March 3rd. Spread the word!! This is just one of the various projects we are working on, so expect more surprises ;)

4th March: WiKirby went live!! Please make an account and help it grow!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

Many new users are unsure of what to do for the Wiki, so they only edit thier own userspace. Try looking for a PipeProject, or try looking at the pages with the games you already have. This way, you can put information into an article about a game you know well.

Upcoming Games (Paper Pikachu)

Hey everybody, Paper Pikachu here welcoming you to Upcoming Games. With the recent lack of news, there is not anything to report, though keep in mind that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is scheduled to be released before the summer months.

For previously revealed information, check out previous Upcoming Games, the Wiki, and previous issues of Nintendo Power.