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Mario Calendar

by Paper_Yoshi (talk)

Hello, readers, and welcome to the November Issue of Mario Calendar!! Once again, I have no news regarding this section, but I did notice something quite interesting while writing this section: a Mario-related game has been released in every single day of November. Yes, all thirty of them. Anyway, let's all take a look at all the Mario, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong games released sometime during the eleventh month of the year:

Abb. Console/Store
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
GCN Nintendo GameCube
Wii Nintendo Wii
Wii U Nintendo Wii U
GB Game Boy
GBC Game Boy Color
GBA Game Boy Advance
NDS Nintendo DS
3DS Nintendo 3DS
VC Wii Shop - Virtual Console
3DSVC Nintendo eShop - Virtual Console
Abb. Region
NA North America
JP Japan
EU Europe
AU Australia/New Zealand
KO Republic of Korea
CN People's Rep. of China

And that's all for now!! See you next month!!

Issue LXXX
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