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This is a list of media files for the game Mario Kart 7.

Audio.svg Circuits - The music for Toad Circuit & Mario Circuit
Toad's Circuit + Mario's Circuit.oga
File infoMedia:Toad's Circuit + Mario's Circuit.oga
Audio.svg Daisy Hills - The music for Daisy Hills
Daisy hills.oga
File infoMedia:Daisy hills.oga
Audio.svg Cheep Cheep Lagoon - The music for Cheep Cheep Lagoon (Cheep Cheep Cape)
Cheep Cheep Cape.oga
File infoMedia:Cheep Cheep Cape.oga
Audio.svg Shy Guy Bazaar - The music for Shy Guy Bazaar
Shy Guy Bazaar.oga
File infoMedia:Shy Guy Bazaar.oga
Audio.svg Wuhu Island - The music for Wuhu Loop (Wuhu Island Loop) & Maka Wuhu (Wuhu Mountain Loop)
Wuhu island.oga
File infoMedia:Wuhu island.oga
Audio.svg Music Park - The music for Music Park (Melody Motorway)
Melody Motorway.oga
File infoMedia:Melody Motorway.oga
Audio.svg Rock Rock Mountain - The music for Rock Rock Mountain (Alpine Pass)
Alpine pass.oga
File infoMedia:Alpine pass.oga
Audio.svg Piranha Plant Slide - The music for Piranha Plant Slide (Piranha Plant Pipeway)
PP Pipeway.oga
File infoMedia:PP Pipeway.oga
Audio.svg Wario Shipyard - The music for Wario Shipyard (Wario's Galleon)
Wario's Galleon.oga
File infoMedia:Wario's Galleon.oga
Audio.svg Neo Bowser City - The music for Neo Bowser City (Koopa City)
Koopa City -awesome-.oga
File infoMedia:Koopa City -awesome-.oga
Audio.svg DK Jungle - The music for DK Jungle
DK Jungle.oga
File infoMedia:DK Jungle.oga
Audio.svg Rosalina's Ice World - The music for Rosalina's Ice World
Rosalina's Ice World.oga
File infoMedia:Rosalina's Ice World.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Castle - The music for Bowser's Castle
Bowser's Castle.oga

File infoMedia:Bowser's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Rainbow Road - The normal music for Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road.oga
File infoMedia:Rainbow Road.oga
Audio.svg Rainbow Road planet - The music for Rainbow Road when on a planet
Rainbow Road planet.oga
File infoMedia:Rainbow Road planet.oga
Audio.svg Mario Kart 7 - The game's main theme.
MK7 Theme2.oga
File infoMedia:MK7 Theme2.oga
Audio.svg Online Waiting Room - The game's theme as heard in the game's first trailer. It's a metal version of the Mario Kart 64 title theme (which in its turn is a variation of the Super Mario Kart title theme), and is used as the "Online Waiting Room" theme in-game.
Mario Kart 3DS Theme.oga
File infoMedia:Mario Kart 3DS Theme.oga
Audio.svg Credits - The theme played during the credits.
MK7 Credits.oga
File infoMedia:MK7 Credits.oga
Audio.svg Honeybee Hive - The music for the Honeybee Hive battle course.
Honeybee Hive Battle.oga
File infoMedia:Honeybee Hive Battle.oga
Audio.svg Sherbet Rink - The music for the Sherbet Rink battle course.
Sherbet Rink Battle.oga
File infoMedia:Sherbet Rink Battle.oga
Audio.svg Wuhu Town - The music for the Wuhu Town battle course.
Wuhu Town Battle.oga
File infoMedia:Wuhu Town Battle.oga
Video.svg Mario Kart 7 - The game's first trailer.[video 1]
Play file
File infoMedia:MK7 Trailer.ogv
Video.svg Mario Kart 7 - The game's second trailer.[video 2]
Play file
File infoMedia:MK7 Trailer2.ogv
Video.svg Mario Kart 7 - The game's third trailer.[video 3]
Play file
File infoMedia:MK7 Trailer3.ogv
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