Alarm clock (enemy)

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The alarm clock is an enemy and a member of the Black Sugar Gang. It looks like an over-sized alarm clock with humanoid features. A skull is imprinted on its dial to show its affiliation to the Black Sugar Gang. The alarm clock has only appeared in Wario Land II so far.

The alarm clock is deposited in a remote room of Wario Castle, after the Black Sugar Gang infiltrates the place to steal Wario's riches. There, the alarm clock used the bells attached to its body to produce an ear-piercing commotion. Wario, violently disturbed in his sleep, sets out to find and destroy the alarm clock during the first level of his adventure. He eventually finds it and simply defeats it, since it has no abilities other than making a loud noise. Wario then continues to undo the rest of the pirates' mischief made throughout the castle.