Wacky Watch

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Wacky Watch

The Wacky Watch is a rare item only appearing in Mario Party 3. It cannot be bought in any Item Shop, obtained in an item minigame, or obtained via an Item Bag. However, players can get it by meeting Toad on an Item Space or finding it in a Hidden Block. When the Wacky Watch is used, it sets the game's turn number to exactly five turns before the game ends. This can shorten the game by far, or make it longer when it is used in turns closer than five to the game's end. If a Wacky Watch is used on what would otherwise be the final turn, the game is still played as if it were the final turn for the remainder of the turn (i.e. Item Shops are still closed).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アフター5
Afutā 5
After 5

French Montre Whacky
Whacky Watch