Truffle Towers

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Truffle Towers from Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Mario and Toad at Truffle Towers

Truffle Towers is a small castle appearing in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. The Music Keys, which keep the Mushroom Kingdom safe, are held within the castle. Once Waluigi releases the Music Keys during the events of the game, he gets one of them in order to become the best dancer. Mario (or Luigi) and Toad arrive at Truffle Towers in an attempt to stop Waluigi, but the doors are locked. Once Mario and Toad find the key, they enter and challenge Waluigi to a dance-off.


Title (English) Stage Game Original Song Original Composer Japanese Name
Here We Go! 1-1 Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme Koji Kondo ヒア・ウィ・ゴー (Hia Wi Gō)
Underground Mozart* 1-2 Mario Bros. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 土管の中のモーツァルト (Dokan no Naka no Mōtsaruto)
Pipe Pop 1-2EX Piano Sonata No. 11 (Mozart) Turkish March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart パペットダンス (Papetto Dansu)
Garden Boogie 1-3 Carmen Georges Bizet パラパラカルメン (Parapara Karumen)
Destruction Dance 1-4 Wrecking Crew Bonus Stage Hirokazu Tanaka 月夜にぶちこわせ (Tsukiyo ni Buchikowase)

*The song appears only in the regular Story Mode. In Story Mode EX, it is replaced by the next song.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコキャッスル
Kinoko Kyassuru
Mushroom Castle

Italian Torri tartufo
Truffle towers
Spanish (NOE) Castillo Trufón
Big Truffle Castle