Sly Angle

The title screen to Sly Angle
Sly Angle title screen

Sly Angle is a multiplayer sidemode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together!


The object of the game is to create triangles on a board to create the largest area to win. The board consists of points arranged in a circle, with certain points locked before a number of rounds has been played. The number of rounds and points depends on the number of players:

  • 2P: 8 rounds, 8 points, 2 locked points that are unlocked after 5 rounds
  • 3P: 9 rounds, 9 points, 3 locked points that are unlocked after 5 rounds
  • 4P: 12 rounds, 12 points, 4 locked points that are unlocked after 7 rounds

At the start of each round, the players play a multiplayer microgame. The players use an Ultra Hand-shaped claw to grab one of the crew members circling in the center of the screen. The member they grab will be used by that player for the microgame. After the microgame, the winner places a flag on one of the points on the board. Two points of the same color creates a line between the points, and three points creates a triangle. Players can overlap their opponents' triangles if they create one after their opponents. Once all points are occupied, the player who covered the most area on the board is the winner.

Multiplayer microgamesEdit

These are the multiplayer microgames that can be played within this mode.

Name Picture Command Description
Alarming Clock   Quiet! Players must wait until an alarm clock starts ringing, then turn it off before the other players by pressing their button. If a player presses a button too early, they are confined in a cage for a few seconds.
Ball Blast   Find the prize! Players must collect as many prize capsules as they can to find the one containing the prize.
Burst Your Balloon   Don't pop! Each player has two balloons attached to them. Players must dodge hazards and opponents' attacks to protect their balloons, and attempt to pop their opponents' balloons.
Card Pick Trick   Find the (symbol)! Players take turns searching for a symbol amongst a group of cards. Any player that picks a card with the wrong symbol is eliminated from the microgame.
Contemporary Art   Paint! Players must cover as much of the canvas as possible with their movement and/or attacks before time runs out.
Eye-Clops   Insert! Each player has a contact lens attached above them. Players must move their contact lens toward a cyclops's eye to insert it. The cyclops moves around and stops for a moment, and may close its eye at times or sneeze to push the players away.
Here, Fishy Fishy!   Collect 5/6! Players must collect five or six fish to win the microgame. If a player touches an urchin, they lose all their fish.
Rocket Punch   Watch out! Players must avoid getting hit by fist-shaped rockets that launch from different directions. The playing field slowly contracts over time.
Sneaky Silhouette   Find the match! Players grab one of several silhouettes that appear. The player whose silhouette matches the object wins.
Toilet Rollin'   Unroll! Players must use movement or attacks to unroll a toilet paper roll as fast as possible.
Tweeze Please   Tweeze! Players must tweeze fifty hairs from a hairy leg as fast as possible.
Up and Out   Climb! Players must race to reach the top of the map. If a player touches a hazard or falls below the bottom of the screen, they are eliminated. The first player to reach the top of the map, or the last player to survive after all other players are eliminated, wins.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんかくテリトリー
Sankaku Teritorī
Triangle Territory