Roundhouse Brawl
Roundhouse Brawl from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
The Ancient Poltergeist with the clock hand
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 3
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Ancient Poltergeist
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Roundhouse Brawl, or C-3, is the third mission in the Old Clockworks in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The Ancient Poltergeist is fought here.


Luigi, unlike the first two missions, gets pixelated to the Warehouse. Luigi should use the elevator on the left side of the room to go to the upper level. He finds his passageway blocked; he must activate a Robomb with his Strobulb to destroy the obstruction. The door leads to the Clockmaker's Chambers. Past the Clockmaker's Chambers is the second floor of the Roundhouse, where the Poltergeist lies. Luigi must walk and jump across the beams to get to the other side of the Roundhouse. The door to the Transportation Hall slams shut when Luigi goes near it, but he can enter it anyway.

Luigi cannot access the door on the background to the Transportation Hall due to the weight of the Robombs raising the platform. Luigi has to activate them to access that door.

Luigi cannot go up the steps of the Transportation Hall due to it pushing Luigi back if he tries to walk up. He has to go to the Finishing Room to access an upper level of the stairs. Before Luigi can go back to the Transportation Hall on an upper level, he has to defeat three Greenies in the room. Then, Luigi can go back into the Transportation Hall and into the Container Yard. In the Container Yard, he first has to defeat two Slammers. Then, Luigi should pull on a knob to release two Robombs so the weight enables him to go further in the room. The weight of the bombs, however, raise another platform; Luigi has to make the Robombs explode to lower it. He should then travel back to the Transportation Hall and into the Kiln Room. The Kiln Room is covered in fog, which makes the Strobulb switch not activate when shone upon. Luigi has to blow air on the wheels to make the fog stop appearing; for the wheel on the right, Luigi has to shine the Dark-Light Device on it and suck up the Spirit Balls that fly out of it. After Luigi stops the air flow, he should suck up the remaining fog in the room. He now can activate the Strobulb switch, which releases two Greenies. Defeating the two Greenies leads access to the uppermost part of the Transportation Hall. There is a painting Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device on to get the key required to go to the lower area of the Roundhouse. After Luigi gets this key, he should venture down and open the locked door to the Roundhouse.

After Luigi goes downstairs into the bottom of the Roundhouse, the Ancient Poltergeist attacks him. He attacks by burrowing in the sand and throwing bombs at him. When he is finished doing that attack, he comes out, and, accompanied by a Sneaker, he moves around the room, throwing bricks at Luigi. Luigi completes this mission when he retrieves the clock hands after defeating the Ancient Poltergeist. The key goes to the bottom of the room; Luigi must pull a knob to lower the tilted bridge that made the room previously inaccessible if he entered from the Warehouse.


Mission Goal:
E. Gadd has located the Ancient Poltergeist in the Roundhouse. Make your way there, and recover the clock hands that he took.

  • Find the Poltergeist in the Roundhouse.
  • Recover the clock hands.

Boo locationEdit

  • In a hidden wheel in the Kiln Room.


That ancient ghost ran off with the clock hands we're looking for. Thankfully, his strong paranormal signature made him easy to find!

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 時計の針を取りもどせ!
Tokei no hari o tori modose!
Take back the clock hands!

Chinese 夺回时钟指针! (Simplified)
Duóhuí shízhōng zhǐzhēn!
取回時鐘指針! (Traditional)
Qǔ huí shízhōng zhǐzhēn!

Take back the clock hands!

Dutch Linke soep in de loods
Problems in the Warehouse
French Tournée des hostilités
German Ladehallen-Polterei
Italian Rissa nella rimessa
Brawl in the Shed
Portuguese (NOE) Disputa na Rotunda
Dispute in the Roundabout
Russian Драка в депо
Draka v depo
Brawl in the Depot

Spanish Altercado en el torreón
Altercation in the Tower