Level 5-3 (Mario vs. Donkey Kong)

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Level 5-3
Part 1 of Level 5-3 from the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
Level code Level 5-3
World Mystic Forest
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 120 (first area)
150 (second area)
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Level 5-3 is the third level of Mystic Forest in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 27500.


Part 2 of Mystic Forest#5-3
The second area

The level opens with a cinematic showing Mario jumping onto a blue Color Switch to cause a Key to fall onto the conveyor belt, then jumping onto the Direction Switch to change the direction of the conveyor and prevent the Key from falling into spikes.

In the first area, the player needs to crouch under a wall to the left and then climb the ladder to find a yellow Color Switch. After pressing it, the player needs to press the Direction Switch to return to the Key and grab it. The player then needs to toss the Key up onto the conveyor belt in the center of the area, and then perform a Handstand Double Jump below it. Now on the center conveyor belt, the player needs to grab the Key and jump onto the yellow block, then do the next steps in quick succession: The player needs to toss the Key up onto the above conveyor belt, fall onto the Direction Switch below, crouch under the wall to the left, press the Direction Switch and then the red Color Switch, return to the start of the level, climb up the red ladder, and collect the Key. If the player is able to collect the Key before its timer runs out, they can unlock the door to the next area.

In the second area, the player needs to fall into the crevice to the left and wait for a Bob-omb to approach and clear the Bob-omb Blocks. The player then needs to throw and position another Bob-omb against the Bob-omb Blocks to the left so it blows them up. Once the second set of Bob-omb Blocks have been blown up, the player needs to grab a Bob-omb and use the Springboard to reach another set of Bob-omb Blocks that need to be blown up on the left, then repeat this process for another set of Bob-omb Blocks on the left to reach the blue Color Switch. With the blue Color Switch pressed, the player needs to climb up to the top platform. Grabbing a Bob-omb up there, the player needs to drop down and throw the Bob-omb onto a group of Bob-omb Blocks on the right. The player then needs to repeat this with the set of Bob-omb Blocks blocking the Mini-Mario.


Present locations

  • Red: In the first area, next to the conveyor belt next to the locked door.
  • Yellow: In the second area, high above the blue Color Switch. The player needs to do a Handstand Double Jump from either the blue platform or the center path.
  • Blue: In the second area, over a red platform over spikes at the top of the area.