Saturday Supercade episode
"Greenhouse Gorilla"
SaturdaySupercade GreenhouseGorilla.png
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 2
Episode 5
Airdate USA October 6, 1984
Writer(s) James Diamond
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"Greenhouse Gorilla" is the fifth episode of the second season of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong segment.

Plot synopsisEdit

Mario and Pauline are chasing after Donkey Kong who flees to Stanley's Nursery. Meanwhile, a thief on the other side of the nursery by the name "Mr. X" eavesdrops on Stanley and his pet carnivorous plant, Herman. Believing that Herman will make him rich, Mr. X sends out a bug to distract Stanley. Stanley falls for the bait and begins using his Sprayer on the bug; Mr. X manages to steal Herman. On his way out, he slips on some banana peels, causing Herman to land in Donkey Kong's arms. Herman takes an immediate liking to Donkey Kong, and Mr. X suggests that they all leave together. Stanley arrives and attempts to stop them, but Donkey Kong manages to knock some beehives over to distract him, and Donkey Kong, Mr. X, and Herman all escape.

Mario and Pauline arrive at Stanley's Nursery, and Stanley tells them about what had happened earlier. When the "ape" in Stanley's description matches Mario's magic pencil sketch of Donkey Kong, Mario and Pauline both agree to take Stanley along with them. Meanwhile, Mr. X decides that Herman needs to eat; they stop at the Super Dooper Market to find some food. Donkey Kong feeds Herman some of the tools at the store's hardware section, but Mr. X tells them to "cut down on junk food"; after finding more food, they walk up to the cashier, who runs away in fear. Herman eats up the top part of the register, leaving only the money visible, Herman steals the money while "paying" for the food.

Just then, Mario, Pauline, and Stanley arrive. Mario takes his vacuum trap and tries to stop Donkey Kong; he succeeds in trapping Donkey Kong, but Herman eats out the top of the trap, allowing Donkey Kong to escape. They throw black nuts at Mario; Stanley attempts to help, but his Sprayer's nozzle releases all of his bug spray at once and runs out, causing all of the black nuts to fall on both of them simultaneously, buying Donkey Kong enough time to escape. After a brief robbery, Mr. X and Donkey Kong drive away, with Mario and co. in hot pursuit.

Mr. X gives Donkey Kong a suit and tie, and tells him of his plans to infiltrate the Great Ball at Hornby Manor as described in a newspaper. Donkey Kong then sneezes, causing the newspaper to fall on Mario's van's windshield. The van then careens into a car wash; when draining all of the excess water, Pauline notices the newspaper headline, and Mario rightfully deduces that it is where Mr. X is headed.

Donkey Kong, Herman, and Mr. X all arrive at the Great Ball, with everyone shocked at Herman's appearance. Mario, Pauline, and Stanley all arrive through the Staff Only area with disguises of their own; Mario manages to distract Mr. X by giving him too many balloons, causing him to fall into a vat of fruit. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong and Herman are enjoying the fruits on the other end when Pauline and Stanley approach them. While Herman and Stanley reconcile, Pauline reveals that Mr. X is a criminal, shocking Donkey Kong. Pauline then leads them all out of the ballroom.

Stanley is momentarily distracted with a bug; during the ensuing chaos, Mr. X manages to recapture Herman taking Donkey Kong with him to his secret room in Hornby Manor. Donkey Kong and Herman then double-cross Mr. X, and Donkey Kong throws vases at him, knocking him out. Herman then holds Mr. X at bay while the police arrest him, and Donkey Kong escapes out the open window and drives away in the nearby car. The episode ends with Pauline saying, "That's our Donkey Kong!"

Animation and continuity errorsEdit

  • When Mario uses his vacuum trap, the shopping cart that Donkey Kong is hauling disappears the moment he and Herman are inside the trap.
  • When Pauline is reading the newspaper detailing the headline about the Great Ball, it vanishes in the next shot.