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Trick-Or-Treating With The 'Shroom

Written by: The 'Shroom Staff

Illustrations by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Welcome, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! In this spoooooky month of October, who doesn't enjoy a little bit of trick-or-treating? It's hard to know the best houses to visit to get the greatest haul of candy, isn't it? You have nothing to worry about, though, as you, a wise and well-informed reader of The 'Shroom, are armed with The 'Shroom's 2021 trick-or-treating guide! Yes, our writers have opened their homes for you candy-seekers, and have helped us put together a guide to show you the best houses to visit in New Wikisburg and its outlying areas.

So, prepare, readers, for a night of treats and scares. Follow our guide, and visit every house listed, and you're sure to get many strange, interesting, and tasty candies while meeting some of our many writers. You're in for a treat! Just take care not to be scared. It's likely that our writers will be dressed up in costumes...

Go forward, and claim your candy!

Be sure to thank this guide's illustrator, The Pyro Guy, for all of the work he put into this guide, if you happen to meet him as you go through and collect candy tonight.


Address Sections Click on the Door!
44 Avian Court, New Wikisburg Mario's Boombox, Mushroom Tribune, Going Wild, Forum Update Treat175 Door PITOHUI.png
2000 Waluigi Boulevard, New Wikisburg Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, To Infinity and Beyond, Waluigi Time Comic Treat175 Door WT.png
2401 Lineland Road, Mushroom City GoldenMario 007, Turn Right to Go Left Treat175 Door LJS.png
101 Smallscreen Avenue, Mediopolis TV Tomorrow Treat175 Door QUIZ.png
ACME Offices, Library Department, 2564 Wiki Way Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego?, Book Reviews, Graphic Novel Reviews Treat175 Door FUNKY.png
714 L83, Goomba Str., Goomba Village Picross, Super Mario Maker Showcase Treat175 Door GOOMBUIGI.png
Fora, Moneo. It's the building with the purple roof. NIWA News Treat175 Door ALEX.png
7 Nightmare Path K-Pop Album Reviews Treat175 Door ZANGE.png
12 Flex Avenue, The Sexy Part of the OASIS, The OASIS 'Shroom FM Treat175 Door MCD.png
Basil Memorial Street, South Pitton Killing the Killing Game Treat175 Door TPG.png
1419 Katana Square, New Wikisburg The Odyssey of a Squid, Hiding Koopa Treat175 Door NS.png
404 Sleuth Lane, Upper Neo Toad City Pixel Perfect Treat175 Door BLATHERS.png
186 rue d'Auvergne, Béchamel Anton's Half-Baked Reviews Treat175 Door ANTON.png
87 Drivers' Highway, Twinkle Village, Snow Island, 88Q T4TL Anagrams Treat175 Door BBQ.png
That Random Pond Between JojaMart and The 'Shroom Headquarters, New Wikisburg 64 Wars: A Battle For Sales Treat175 Door 64DD.png
Fort Shulamana Mushroom Tribune, Word Search, Trivia, An Ogre Battle Section, What's in a Campaign?, Our Leaders, Inside Look, News Flush, The Tattle Blog Treat175 Door SHOEY.png
1213 North Shamble Shed, Rose Garden, New Wikisburg Rose's Quarantine Reviews, Mushroom Kingdom Murder Files Treat175 Door ROSE.png
The humble town of Aenir, Ilia, on the continent of Elibe. Third house to the right of the Elimine Church. I think. Koops, Your Emblem is on Fire Treat175 Door KOOPS.png
Inside a tree, maybe On The Origin of Species Treat175 Door ZELEN.png
4726 Starcutter Lane, Mario Boardville (Look for the blue and yellow house at the end of the street!) World of Plight, Community Comics, Super Mario Boards Family Portrait Treat175 Door MAGOLOR.png
1 Forum Lane Mach Speed Mayhem Treat175 Door PERCH.png
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