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Hooded Pitohui

Treat175 Portrait PITOHUI.png

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! Oh, I'm delighted that you could make it by, considering it means you must be reading The 'Shroom's special guide to all the best trick-or-treating spots of 2021! It excites me so, to know that there are folks out there seeing what our talented and creative community produces month after month. Oh, but where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Hooded Pitohui, or just "Pitohui," for short (or, if you're Shoey - who you may know as Chester Alan Arthur - "Hooded" for short). I've written a few different sections in my time with the paper, but these days, I write the occasional Mario's Boombox in Palette Swap, Forum Update in Pipe Plaza, Going Wild in Fake News, and I co-write Mushroom Tribune in Fake News. You may also be used to seeing me in Strategy Wing and the Staff Notes! I'm the current Strategy Wing Director and current Director of the paper as a whole (with a wonderful team of people working with me)! Other than that, I have a hand in basically all of the paper's activities and participate in a broad range of activities in the community, and I've made regular appearances as a 'Shroomfest team leader. All of the projects I participate in have given me a great deal of appreciation for the members of this community who help make our paper a successful project that has been around for fifteen years. Are you enjoying seeing some of the writers and staff members who contribute to this paper? I do hope you'll consider writing for The 'Shroom someday if you aren't already a writer, and I hope you'll take a look at everything else our community has to offer.

Er, already, I'm going on too long, aren't I? I suppose I have a tendency to ramble. I suppose I can find another opportunity to share bird facts with you (the hooded pitohui, incidentally, is a bird, if you aren't aware, and it's a cool one you should go look up when you've visited all the houses on the trick-or-treating route). I can't leave you going home empty-handed, though, not after you came out all this way! Here, please do take this candy, and have a grand evening out there collecting candies!



Take a bite of this candy, and be amazed as you gain the sensory acuity of an owl! Not only will your vision be sharp in the low-light conditions of the evening, but you'll be able to accurately pinpoint the location that any sounds you hear originate from. You'll be able to determine the elevation of any sound's source even without the asymmetrically-placed ears of an owl!


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