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It is I, Anton! Famed and fabulous writer of Half-Baked Reviews, where I dive deep into all kinds of food topics, dredging up all kinds of gunk from the gutters of restaurants, grocery stores, recipe books, whatever, to give it a try and then come back to you all with way too many words on all kinds of things about it before finally telling you what it even tastes like!

Welcome to my Haunted Half-Baked House of Horrors and Hors d'Oeuvres! Dare to step into my ooky and spooky, oozy and gooey foyer on a short quest to procure some of my delicious and delectable special brew candy? Then j---n-no? You say you have other places to be? B-but, I spent all month setting up the décor... I INSIST you at least come in and check out all the decorative kitchen towels I got. Whoops! Looks like I accidentally closed the door behind you and the only way out is through~

Stick your hand in this plate of spaghetti...NO, I didn’t mean to say brains! Spaghetti! Be horrified to discover that I have overcooked it! HAHAHA! It won’t even wrap around a fork like this, it’s too mushy! Now here, take a whiff of this cheese, doesn’t it smell like a zombie’s foot? Wait! WAIT! Where are you going?! Here, I’ll just throw this candy at you while you run along, have fun!



A strange treat that helps you temporarily stomach something you previously thought was disgusting.


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