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Hello folks, I'm Generalissimo Shoe, a military strategist currently serving in the People’s Liberation Army against the Zeteginan Empire in the continent of Zetegenia. As the name suggests, my line of work is war! Whether it be training, logistics, or operational planning, if it involves fighting, I'm your man.

As many of you know, before I enlisted in the Liberation army I served as a loyal soldier flying the banner of Echigo under the magnificent Lord Kenshiro. There, my duties mostly consisted of managing troop movement as well as helping plan out attacks. When I arrived, Japan was a lawless place with more rulers than I have fingers. The fighting was fierce and furious, the land mountainous, and bandits watched our every move. But, in the end, thanks to my brilliant strategies, Japan was brought to heel under the wise rulership or Lord Kenshin from the land of Echigo, who turned it into the prosperous land you see before you.

After that, I briefly served as a private military contractor for the Joja Corporation under its CEO, Morris, who was attempting to clear some ravenous mutant sheep off some undeveloped land. Horrible business for sure, but it had to be done. I lost a few good men to those sheep, but, in the end, despite being outnumbered, we routed them. Shortly after thi,s I was offered a spot in the Liberation army fighting under freedom fighter Destin the Valiant, holder of the Star of Heroes. Our enemies are the Empress Endora and her dark priest Rashidi. Our aim is to overthrow the forces of evil and put the true heir, Tristian, on the throne. My role in this campaign is troop evaluation as well as helping put together combat units.



Currently stationed at Fort Shulamana, having just slain the elite Deva Previa, the candy I will be handing out is Ration E Candy. While it may lack taste ,this special military chocolate is perfect if you need energy in a pinch (warning: side effects may include not wanting to eat chocolate any more).


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