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Treat175 Portrait ROSE.png

Greetings, bootiful 'Shroom readers! I see you've made it to my abode, out here in the community Rose Garden. Yes, this grove really is quite lovely, and though the roses are no longer in bloom, we have all sorts of Halloween plants to tickle your fancy. How about this gorgeous deadly nightshade, or this human-sized Venus flytrap? We've got pumpkins galore, and there's this one random talking plant which sprouted from nowhere and keeps asking me to feed it! I'm sure that won't become an issue later.

You're likely well-acquainted with me already, but in case you aren't, my name is Roserade, shortened to Rose in most situations. I'm currently serving as The 'Shroom's Sub-Director, as well as the writer of Critic's Corner's Rose's Quarantine Reviews, where I review literally anything I'm feeling like that month. I'm also technically supposed to be the writer of Mushroom Kingdom Murder File over in Fake News, but we won't talk about that right now! I've served in 'Shroomfest as both a team leader and a judge, and I'm sure you've seen me around other community hotspots or participating in events.

Hoho, while you're here, you simply must read my newest manuscript! I've decided to pen a horror novel this month, and it centers around a young, dashing writer who is forced into the servitude of a maniacal madman inventor, as the inventor plots to conquer the world and build all sorts of terrifying machines! It's quite the harrowing tale, really. I couldn't imagine being the poor sap stuck in such a predicament. Here, you sit, and I'll perform a reading of it for you! Now, let's see, where did I put... aha! Here it is, just the candy I need, in a bowl by the door. Please, feel free to take one yourself! Where to begin... I know, I'll start at the two-hundred page prologue! Ahem...

"To whence the beanish boy permitted his eyelids to draw open, he discovered himself to be within the company of the midnight sky and her compatriots, every individual star sparkling with a sense of foreboding outside his window, as though they knew the horrors which awaited the young youth but couldn't stomach the thought of interfering, lest they- h-hey, where are you going?



Eat this candy to find yourself able to orally perform any scene or work you've devised, all of your nervousness magically dissipating away.


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