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The Pyro Guy

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I wrote one article about like five roleplaying games just under a year ago and now they're telling me I have to give food to kids in exchange for exposure. And I'll do it, too! I'm The Pyro Guy, which is a name I appropriated from all the other Pyro Guys who sit around ruining everything. By designating myself their species representative I take full responsibility for their sins.

So yeah, I wrote one piece on the history of a forum game tradition called Killing Game - it's about murder mysteries, awards, and role playing. It only has value to the 30 or so people who even participated, so I wouldn't advise reading it if you have no idea what I'm talking about. It's not exactly accessible media... I also sometimes make pictures for this establishment. 'Shroomfest banners, some of the staff portraits; you've probably been reading this paper long enough to tell what's what. If you ever see the background change to something that isn't a mushroom, that's me. Probably. Usually for the special events, like that time the Shroobs took over, there's a lot of fun stuff happening visually, though that's also thanks to people like Mr. Edo or BBQ Turtle who make sweet banners for these things. Art's a group project, guys.

Did you know? The one article I wrote is called Killing the Killing Game because I thought it would be funny. There's other reasons, too. It's a play on the phrase 'Death of the Author', referring to how a creator should not have the final say in how their work is interpreted, which is what I'm channeling by critiquing all of the hosts' work (mostly praising it, though). It also serves as a send-off for the series as a whole, bringing about an end to the 3 year era and making sure it's well in the ground so that new games and hosts can flourish. No one really got it, but I only ever saw one person talk about the title and they said it sounded stupid, so maybe my sample size is too small. Maybe everyone read the title and immediately clocked my pun, theme and intention. Maybe I should have decided on a different fun fact.



This candy sets you on fire.


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