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Hello! I'm Ernest Fine and thank you for visiting The 'Shroom! I am the much sexier brousin (brother? cousin? nobody's sure) of famous author Ernest Cline(borg), writer of books such as Ready Player One and Ready Player One II: Ready Player Two and Nerd Porn Auteur 2 - The Sequel Everybody Asked For And We All Deserve... whoops! That one's still under wraps. We're quite similar in plenty of ways - it's just that where he excels in pop culture knowledge, I excel in looking like a chiseled, gorgeous dreamboat. I know absolutely nothing about pop culture; to me Breaking Bad and The Wire are just random phrases Ernest shouts when he's happy. That's not to say he got the short straw - there are plenty of days where I've gotten into situations where knowing every minor Star Trek character would serve me much better than having abs so firm you can use them as a picnic table. Ever since I escaped from that tower in the future, and found Ernest after months of tirelessly searching (he's part robot now, like Metroid), we've been combining our strengths to save the future from a horrible bunny rabbit screensaver. And thanks to my new BUFF HAMMERS company car which can travel in 3D, and Ernest's endless supply of wit and hilarious pop culture references, the future's looking brighter already! ...Huh? Sorry, what's a "'Shroom FM"? Oh, you wanted me to talk about music. Don't you already have a guy who does that. What's his name? "MCD"? Wait, I thought Ernest Cline killed him.

Ernest Fine's Special Candy!


I am Ernest Fine and you are fed! (Sorry I know nothing about 'Shroom FM.)


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