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Ninja Squid

Treat175 Portrait NS.png

If you mix a squid, a kid, a ninja, a soupgate, a 'Shroomfest, a judge, and some statistics, what would that give? Yes, me, Ninja Squid. You may know me as the mischievous ninja who's consistently trying to cause conflicts in 'Shroomfests, the one visiting Rogueport in The Odyssey of Squid with the lovely Ms. Mowz, or the one who is hiding Koopas away in various images in Hiding Koopa, and you gotta read all these sections in our newspaper! It also happens that I am the Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom, which means that if you want to write for The 'Shroom, you gotta send me your application, and since you are here, may I ask you to write for New Wikisburg's favorite newspaper? It sure is fun! We support villains, we give discount on Moo Moo Farm products, we love the moon, have a nice modern break room full of cold beverages, and have a way too chilly art gallery. Sounds nice yeah? Oh, don't worry, I wasn't paid for advertising about my job. After a certain incident involving a gacha game, they decided to closely watch my fees...

Now Now, you are here to collect candies, right? Going as far as to come to the house of a tricky ninja, I guess this is something that is well worth a reward, and a good one, right? Well, it's dangerous to go alone. Take this.



Oh, well, apparently, gives you the ability to easily count the amount of candies you got during your Trick-or-Treat adventure. May not be very effective, but it's better than nothing, right? Right...

If they knew, I just stole these from JojaMart... What? Oh, nothing...


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