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Hey, bazoys and guzirls! You know me, you love me, it's me, I'm Koops! Known as the community's flagship Fire Emblem fan and Middle Eastern man, or at least I'd like to think I am. If you do, in fact, know me, you know that I used to write for the Fake News's own Travel Guide, but now I'm the author of my own section, Koops, Your Emblem's on Fire (very funny name I know), which has been running for two years now... including a lot of downtime but still! Needless to say, it's been pretty long since my journey with the 'Shroom started. I could go on and on about how said journey has affected me and all sorts of insight on my life but that would make you leave instantly I wager.

Anyway, so, uh, nice place, isn't it? Yeah, the second I got trapped into this place they were nice enough to give me a slew of resources I could freeload into. Pretty neat all things considered, huh? Only catch is I have to make something every month for some "readers" to read or annually bust my ass trying to please people and entertain them in the awards... Oh I'm getting sidetracked, aren't I? It's almost as if I'm making up some narrative for you to point towards and laugh at and in reality all of what you see in this realm is but a construct... Wait what am I saying... Uh... you guys just... here take this and go. Forget all you heard. It's all in your imaginatio-- wait no that makes it worse... uh... bye!



Let your own vision tear through the fabric of space-time to discern secret shortcuts to other parts of this ficti-- I mean real world. I definitely don't use this as escapi-- wait what was the candy called again?


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