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Greetings to you all. I am the one they call Quizmelon. Why do they call me that? Because it’s an internet pseudonym I came up with when I was much younger and I haven’t the heart to change it something more sophisticated. It suffices.

I am known for a number of things, and that number is one. My single article, which I have written consistently for over five years, is TV Tomorrow, in which I describe the highlights of the Mushroom Kingdom television schedules on just one specific day each month. It’s an odd format for a television review article, yes, but it doesn’t really matter because all of it is fictional. My plan is to keep writing TV Tomorrow until I win the Nobel Prize in Literature for it, or at least the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. (The people on those awards selection committees do read the ‘Shroom, right?)

Naturally, I value television of whatever degree of fictionality very highly, and cannot really understand why you are out trick-or-treating when there’s so much stuff you could be watching. I mean, you’ll miss Chef Mario’s Halloween Specials on MKBC2! He’ll be cooking... well, mostly things with pumpkin, to be honest. But like all TV, it’s more for the entertainment value than for actually learning anything. Look - since you’re not likely to get back home in time for it, I happen to have some candy that might help you out. Enjoy!

Well, it sounds like the ad break is almost over, so I must get back to the TV. Have fun watching your favourite TV programmes! (Oh - and the trick-or-treating thing too, I suppose.)



Eat this candy, and for one hour, you will be able to tune into any major television channel of your choice and watch whatever’s on at the moment. No need for a television set - you can watch it inside your mind!


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