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Waluigi Time

Treat175 Portrait WT.png

WAHAHAHA! Dr. Waluigi Frankentime here, but you probably know me better as Waluigi Time, famous cereal magnate and all that. If you've ever checked out Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown in Fake News, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator and Waluigi Time Comic in Palette Swap, or To Infinity and Beyond in Strategy Wing, you're probably familiar with my work in this wah-nderful publication! But you know what would make the paper even better? More sections! Just a thought, anyway.

I've been getting into the spooky spirit a bit, if you couldn't tell. And what hobby would be better to get into this time of year than a little mad science? My buddy Chuckgor (that's Chuck from Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown for you non-spooky folk) has been helping me. He's great at pulling levers! I couldn't convince Shbig Changes to get in on the fun though. The only thing that guy would change his avatar for is a marketing campaign. What a stick in the mud. I should've tried to get him to be in the commercials for our new Frankentime's Monster cereal.

Anyway, you didn't come here just to listen to me blabber about bringing cereal to life. What? Oh no, I wasn't joking. Actually, um, it kind of got away from me, so if you happen to see a bowl of cereal running around tonight, let me know, alright? Well, here's some candy, straight from the bright minds at Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated! We don't just make cereal, you know.



Eat this candy, and you'll temporarily grow a funny mustache, and may or may not have the strange desire to purchase cereal.


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