Flippers[1][2] are Pinball Parts controlled by the player that appear in Pinball, VS. Pinball, and Mario Pinball Land.


Pinball / VS. PinballEdit

In Pinball and VS. Pinball, flippers are used in scene A and scene B to bounce the ball. The player can operate the left flipper with the   Control Pad and the right flipper with the   and   buttons. The flippers turn invisible after the player earns 100,000 points and become visible again after the player earns 150,000 points.

Mario Pinball LandEdit

Flippers reappear in Mario Pinball Land, where they are used to bounce Mario around each board. The player can press   or the left button on the   Directional Pad to control the left flipper, and   or   to control the right flipper. Like with a regular pinball, Mario's trajectory changes depending on where and how hard the flippers hit him.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フリッパー[3]


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