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Real Name: Justinhful
Age: 27
Birthday: June 13,1982
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Second Most Favorite Game: Mario Party 6
Favorite Character: Yoshi
Least Favorite Character: Bowser Jr.
Least Favorite Game: Luigi's Mansion
State: Wyoming

Hi,It's me Justinhful.I'm glad to be here at Super Mario Wiki.The reason of why I havn't been stopping by more often is be cause of Someone blocking me from editing the Wiki. Fourtenetly, Mario is the best Hero of Nintendo so I've been coming here to look at info on the games.They're not like the other Nintendo series.Theirs is boring and depressing,But Mario's are Fun and exciting.I never do anything that my parents say cause they're really really fun.

Games I Own by Platform

Game & Watch

Nintendo Entertainment System


Super NES

Virtual Boy

Nintendo 64

Gameboy Color

Gameboy Advance

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo DS