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Issue XXVI May 12th, 2009 About        

Brawl Tactics
A Pimp Named Slickback
Fun Stuff Non-Mario Review
Calendar of Events
From The Mushroom Vaults
Stooben Rooben
Classic Review
Fake News Director's Notes Character Comparision
Top 10
Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner
Castle Toad
Music Supplier
Monthly Report
Stooben Rooben
Beta Elements
Z3r0 Tw0

Music Supplier

by Neurario (talk)

Hello, wikians! After a month's break (Thanks, poor time management!) I'm back with another Music Supplier section for you all. Two months ago we brought in a selection of slow, soothing music. This month, we're taking it in the opposite direction, giving you grand orchestral samples, fast music to rock out to, and other music of that caliber. We're out to have fun, and that's the kind of thing I'm pursuing here in this section today. If you think there's anything on this section I can improve, by all means feel free to contact me at User talk:Neurario or on the forums! I'd love to know what you would pick or change in the song list. Anyway, enough talk! We have a section to cover, and here it is!

(Wii) Super Mario Galaxy Battle For The Grand Star (YouTube)
Played during Mario's final battle with Bowser in SMG. And it's a very apt piece, especially when one considers that every final boss battle seems so much more epic with an orchestral band. Hats off to the Mario Galaxy Orchestra for making such a wonderful soundtrack for this game.
(SNES) Super Mario World Athletic BGM (YouTube)
One of the few background songs in SMW, usually played in levels when you\'re suspended in the air (like bridges, or moving platform levels). Once again the song is apt for its setting, especially when there is a lot of action going on. I wonder if anyone listens to it to get pumped up, perhaps while taking a jog…
(Wii) Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario Circuit (Super Mario Kart) (YouTube)
Okay, so maybe I'm cheating just a tiny bit by including a remake of a song, but trust me, I did include this for a reason. I will admit I very much enjoy songs that have been remixed into different styles, like a fast song into ambience, or in this case, a bleepy SNES song into a kind of dance tune you might nod your head to.

But I do recommend you listen to the original sometime.

(N64) Mario Party 3 Stardust Battle (YouTube)
More "boss" music. The main plot point of MP3 was centered around the Millennium Star, and as you actually fight him you hear this music. Personally, this kind of music I haven't heard since Super Mario Galaxy, and to see it on a Nintendo 64 as well (though possible) sorta…brings me…forward? What's the opposite of "nostalgia"? Anyway, I enjoy the rhythm and beat around this track. It's something I could see myself mashing up for fun… :P
(N64) Super Mario 64 Dire, Dire Docks (cave) (YouTube) (+ Soulchip "remix")
We took the main version of this song two months back, in the first of these sections. Why am I bringing it back again with this sort of music? I don't know, but the drums make it sound different…I wouldn't say 'breakbeat', although that could be the word I'm looking for, but it's still something I find myself nodding my head to every now and then.

And there we go for this month. And yes, you WILL see this page here next month, Neu will be a good lil\' Lucario and do the right thing this time! ^_^; Enjoy yourselves, readers (and listeners).

PS: Meep.

Fun Stuff

by The Fun Stuff Team

Find the Differences

By: Super Luigi! Number one! (talk)

Image: 800pxmp8scene.jpg

Photoshop: 800pxmp8scene2.jpg




By Tucayo (talk)

Lemme explain you this Picross is a logic puzzle game where a picture solution can be revealed by following numerical clues. Use the numbers in the rows and columns to 'X' out lines of boxes. Cross the boxes you know are empty. The clues describe -groups- of consecutive spaces to be shaded in.

  • Leave at least one empty space between each group.
  • Mark the empty spaces with a small cross. They're important too.
  • Start with the big numbers first!

Here are 2 picross for you to do, i wont give answers, if you answer it, PM it to me, saying whats the image and in the next issue i will say you were the 1st to answer it



Good Luck!

Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)



Mistery Images

By Tucayo (talk)

wolfmod.jpg MIPSMOD.jpg pokeymod.jpg bigbullymod.jpg waluigiMOD.jpg


Brawl TActics

by Master Lucario (talk)

Welcome to my first ever 'Shroom article. My name's Master Lucario, I'm sure lots of you have heard of me. Since Lucario is already taken, I'll do Sonic. If this goes, I'll start writing for the Shroom more often.

Character #2: Sonic

Our beloved blue hedgehog made his way into Brawl. This was caused many fans to jump for joy. However, many wanted to be voiced by his old voice actor, Ryan Drummond (from Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes), not the new one, Jason Anthony Griffith (who voices Sonic, Shadow, and Jet in all recent Sonic games), causing an uproar, thus a community called Save Sonic was created. But enough of that. Let's talk about Sonic's Tactics.

Sonic is currently ranked #31 on the official tier list, meaning he is one of the worst characters in the game. However, if you are good, you can still win with Sonic. Use Sonic's speed to your advantage. Don't go too overboard, because if you do, you'll become incredible easy to hit. The F-Smash should be your primary technique for KOs. The Spring Jump is an excellent recovery move, be sure to use it. The Homing Attack is good for hitting opponents who are in the air. The Spin Dash and Spin Charges are almost identical. Be sure to switch them up, so the opponent will never be able to tell which one you are using. Oh, and be sure to spam the Side Taunt. "You're too slow!" will annoy your opponent, and cause them to blindy rush at you. It's good for setting them up. Last, but not least, his Final Smash, Super Sonic. It's widely believed to be the best Final Smash in the game. It's true. Sakurai may have told that going fast makes it easy to dodge, but he lied. The faster you go, the more damage you'll cause. It also allows you to go past the stage boundaries, so you can strike from anywhere.

Song #2: Live & Learn

The main theme of Sonic Adventure 2, performed by the popular band, Crush 40. It plays during the final battle, where Super Sonic and Super Shadow team up to fight the Finalhazard, to stop Space Colony ARK from falling and destroying Earth. An awesome song, and it's definitely worthy of being in Brawl. I just wish they made a more fitting stage than Green Hill Zone to play it on. But apart from that, it's excellent, and a good tune to Brawl to.

Classic Review

by Yoshi301 (talk)

Hello! It's Yoshi301 again. This week I will be writing about Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins. I know many people would like me to do Super Mario Land, but I don't have it. I was nice of my cousin to let me Steal Borrow this game from her. OK, This game is for the Game Boy. This is the game that Wario debuted in. The game takes place right after Super Mario Land. Mario is returning to his land after rescuing Princess Daisy, but Wario had taken over while Mario was Away. The six golden Coins that mario needs to get into the castle are all separated in different zones, You need to find every coin, go into the castle and beat Wario! The zones were the Tree Zone, Turtle zone, Mario zone, Micro zone. The pumpkin zone, and the space zone.

The Story

This game dosn't have too much of a story. If you don't have Super Mario Land (like me), it can get confusing. The main point of the game is really just for playing purposes in my opinion.

The Game-Play and Graphics

I liked that on the Game-Boy color, if you pressed the controll pad the color would change That way it looks like mario is sick in the mario zone if you choose green. I thought it was annoying that you had to defeat the bosses for keys again when you get a Game-Over. That got really annoying after about 21 times (I was counting).

Characters,enemies, and Bosses! (oh-my!)

There wasn't many characters in in Super Mario Land 2. All I can think of are Mario and a Toad. I don't think it NEEDED more characters, but it would have been nice. I liked how there were a lot of new enemys (like Bazooka and andScrew) and had some of the old enemys (like goomba and Koopa-Troopa). I liked the idea of 7 zones. I also liked the idea of levels outside of the zomes. Each zone had a little twist to it (Getting swalled by a turtle, Getting shrunken,ect).


I love the music in this game. Yes it ws basicly the sae song, but each version is different. The music in the tree zone has a lot of extra notes. The music in interrior levels is slow and has pauses inbetween some notes


  • Game-play: 6/10
  • Graphics: 6/10
  • Story: 8/10
  • Characters: 5/10
  • Enemys: 9/10
  • Areas: 10/10
  • Music: 10/10
  • Overall: 7.375/10

It got a pretty good scoring in the end

Non-Mario Review

By Leirin (talk)


Kirby's Adventure's plot is a simple one, but a sweet one, and it helped mold many later aspects in the series. Basically, the Star Rod has been stolen, and King Dedede (the infamous penguin villain in the last game) was found bathing in the waters of the Fountain of Dreams, a spring where dreams come true. It's up to Kirby to find the pieces of the wand and fight Nightmare. Not only was this games' plot set up well, it actually had an ending worth watching---no doubt one of the best in the series.


Solid gameplay reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. that's easy to pick up and play, whether you're a newer or longtime gamer. The addition of copy abilities that allow the puffy hero to gain new powers by inhaling different enemies is genius, and since then has been copied endlessly in every Kirby game (including the anime). There are also Hidden Switches and a 100% file completion feature, which drastically add to the replayability. The gameplay isn't the best ever, but it's definitely hard to ignore the feats it accomplished.


Easily the best seen on the original Nintendo. While the game has an advantage, being released two years after the system's death, you have to admit they are quite nice. The colors match the cartoony, vibrant settings just right, and it's quite a step up from the black-and-white adventure of Kirby's Dream Land. They're also some of the most recognizable and timeless of all the Kirby series. They might seem simple at first glance, but the framerate of sprites and surprising amount of detail is flat-out incredible when compared to earlier NES titles of The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus and the like. Truly spectacular.


Everything sounds nicely arranged, with some really memorable tunes in there that have become somewhat of a legend to the Kirby series. A lot of tracks have been remixed and reused in different games, such as the awesome Butter Building theme in the recently released Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The steady congo beat in the background can be mildly distracting, but adds a new flavor to the music. Sound effects are all nice as usual.

Contribution to the Series

Kirby's Adventure is a true classic, and another one of my favorites. It's fun to play and really built up the weak spots of the original Kirby's Dream Land.

Plot: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sounds: 9/10
Contribution: 10/10
Overall: 8.7/10

Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Castle Toad (talk)

Welcome to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. This is the section where you can see a review at the characters, vehicles, items, and tracks from all of the Mario Kart series (excluding the arcade ones). Let us begin.

The first character is a mustachioed, All-around plumber, Yes, the one that is the Source of the Game's name, and he is no other than...

Character: Mario: The all-around player that suits perfectly to the players that are not experienced at playing. At the wheel, Mario is a balanced character, since he always appears as a middle-weight character. Mario's karts: Mario kart, Red Fire, Standard Kart MR, B Dasher, Shooting Star.

I guess that you can easily know the main track for the Mario Kart series, yes, of course, it is...

Track: Mario Circuit: As told before, this is the main track from the Mario Kart series, it's first appearance was just as a racing Circuit with pipes blocking the way, and a Plain-themed background, but now, in recent games, it has been spotted just near Princess Peach's Castle also as a racing Circuit.

The item that we are about to see, for some it is annoying, it's also called the "Slippery Danger"...

Item: Banana: The Banana is the most common item to appear from a Item Box, it can either be thrown forwards, or just be placed down, You don't want to loose your time spinning by getting one of those touching your kart... did you?

Well, i know that this first Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner is a bit too small, but i will be giving specific advice on characters, more detailed tracks info, and tips, shortcuts and things like those, by request from users. So, if you want advice on something, or if you want to share your friend codes you can either e-mail me, or PM me.

Well, this is all for the first Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner! I'll be gladly waiting for the next issue! See you soon, readers!!!

May Report

by — Stooben Rooben

Heyo, welcome to the May Report!

Mid-May Statistics
Statistic As of 2:00A, 11 April* As of 9:00P, 11, May* Total for Mid-May % of Change
Page Views 116,036,714 121,035,244 4,998,530 4.31%
Views per Edit 203.69 207.91 2.07%
Page Edits 569,687 582,146 12,459 2.19%
Edits per Page 10.61 10.66 0.47%
# of Articles 9,263 9,304 41 0.44%
# of Pages 53,685 54,620 935 1.74%
# of Files 17,299 17,659 360 2.08%
# of Users 9,085 9,507 422 4.65%
# of Admins 19 18 −1 -5.26%
*All times MST.

It's been a fairly slow month, but there have been some notable changes. We're not even 500 users away from reaching 10,000 users. We have over 9,300 articles, and are getting close to 18,000 images. Our amount of Sysops has dropped quite a bit, but our increase in Patrollers has made up for that; thus, we have lost only one Admin. :)

Calendar of Events

by Tucayo (talk)

HI EVERYBODY!!! and welcome to the Calendar of Events, im Tucayo the new writer of this section :) Here are some thingys that will happen during the next month

Upcoming FA’s

  1. Baby Mario: on May 16, 2009
  2. Super Smash Bros.: on May 23, 2009
  3. Baby Luigi: on May 30, 2009
  4. Dry Bones: on June 6, 2009
  5. Super Mario 64: on June 13, 2009

MW Awards

Voting will start on June 15th, hopefully on the Main Page There are meetings in #mwikiawards every Friday at 8pm eastern (7 central and 3 am on Swaziland)

Users Birthdays

May 16- Para Bob-omb 21- Jesus Freak (11) 24- Wiiperson9 (12)

June 6- SG (15) (from The Birthday Thread)


NO MARIO RELEASES!!!!!!!!! Unless it’s a fake game like Call of Duty 6: Mushroom Army vs. Koopa Troop Pucnh Out!!, however, its coming out on May 18th (i think so)

THats all, hope you enjoyed it BYE!!!!!!

{{The_'Shroom:Issue_XXVI/Top 10}


by Yoshario

Ok, now its time for the interview. Sorry I'm late.  ;'( K.

1. Who were you welcomed by?

2. How did you come up with the name Smiddle?

3. What do you consider your greatest achievement on the wiki?

4. How did you find out about the MarioWiki?



Fake News

It's not very funny...

Travel Guide

by Yoshario (talk)

It's not much, but here is Yoshario's final Travel Guide (he was busy and had to quit):

Come to Vanilla Dome, home of Lemmy Koopa. Contrary to popular belief, Vanilla Dome is not made out of Vanilla stuff, but is made of stuff better than Vanilla! It has a palace dedicated to red switches as well as seven, that's right, seven regular levels! Request your travel brochure now at!

Fake Music

by Ralphfan (talk)

A new single has been released by actor Zip Toad! His pure, natural talent is shown in "Hollaback Toad"; number 8 on the worldwide charts!

Fake TV

by Ralphfan (talk)

Match Game

The Match Game is currently in the finishing stages. All contestants will receive questions on their talk page on the 17th and must give Ralphfan their answers via email (click "E-mail this user" on Ralphfan's page) or via PM on the forum by the 27th so that the show can be aired on #mw-shroom on the 30th at 10:15 am EST.

Fake Games

by Ralphfan (talk)

Mario Foosball (Rated E): It's an epic battle as Mario and Co. duke it out in an epic battle on (record scratch)...the foosball table? Forget this ad, I'm outta here!

Fake Obituaries

by Ralphfan (talk)

Paper Jorge (Jackie Chan): Paper Jorge is presumed dead; he has been missing for 29 days and was lest seen at the New Wikisburg Muffin Shop. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please put them here.

Cooking Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Today's chef is: Chef Shimi

Hi, everybody! Today, we'll learn to make a Dried Shroom! Now you can recreate the bitter, dry taste of an old mushroom without the long aging process.

You will need:

  1. A Mushroom
  2. An oven


  1. Set the oven to 350°F.
  2. Once it has heated, cook bake the mushroom for 26 minutes and 46 seconds.
  3. Take it out of the oven (duh!)
  4. Enjoy!

Buy now!

Interview with Dimentio (in memory of Dom)

by Ralphfan (talk)

Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.

Ralphfan: You seem pretty bent on destroying all worlds, is that right?

Dimentio: Yes! The worlds suck! There are too many idiots!

Ralphfan: So true!

Dimentio: Why don't you join me so we can kill all the idiots and make our own planet?

Ralphfan: Sure!

Dimentio: Oh, and you should buy my fragrance, Demented. Just saying.

Ralphfan: Um...

Dimentio: What?

Ralphfan: It smells like s***!

Dimentio: Ok...I'll blow it up!

A message to Dom: Sorry this interview sucks.

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

Remember, the Star Cup continues on June 28th! In the meantime, enjoy the Champions League Final, the NBA and NHL playoffs, and lots of baseball!


by Ralphfan (talk)

Go to or Or better yet, LOOK OUTSIDE, YA BUM! IT'S NOT THAT HARD!


by Super Mario Bros. (talk)


It's time again for Beta Elements! This month we'll take a look at:
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
This game has some pretty "off-beat" beta elements:

1. A screenshot has shown Mario, Luigi, and the babies battling two red-shoed Bloopers in the Vim Factory.


2. Another screen shot shows the Bros. battling a set of Boo Guys in Hollijolli Village. The enemies were not found in the same area during the final product. The Mix Flower seen in the shot looks extremely different from the final version, and appears to work differently, too.

How odd looking.

3. Baby Mario's artwork had shown him wearing miscolored red shoes, instead of his normal blue pair. However, the game itself has not shown the change in shoe color.

And now to shed light on these elements:

1. Bloopers with shoes, eh? What a unique enemy that would be. Well, I can only think of one reason Nintendo got rid of the little squids; they didn't fit. First of all, they were located in the Vim Factory, with no water, and a depressing atmosphere. That, to me, seems like no place for even a land-bound Blooper. However, it would be nice to see these odd critters in action, even if just for a moment.

2. I can't say I know why these enemies were removed from the village. I mean, they fit almost perfectly into the setting; a destroyed village, being patrolled by the underlings of the Shroob forces. However, the reason for removal may be the very fact that the town needed to seem completely abandonned, and with random Boo Guys floating around, that feel would be lost.

3. Now this element was probably no more than a simple mistake. Nothing more, nothing less. But even so, the red shoes would've just ruined Baby Mario. The blue shoes looked perfectly fine, so really, any other change would be unnecessary. But Nintendo has messed up shoes once before.

Wow, I finished this in record time! Sorry for not having my section in for the last issue. My computer actually broke at the worst possible time! But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this issue, and don't forget to write that feedback! See ya next time!


Character Comparison

By Artwork of Mario from Mario Party 9 Mario304 (Talk) Mario SSB Artwork.png
Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
Artwork of Wario for Super Mario 64 DS (also used for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)

Donkey Kong vs. Wario

Idea Submission:

Hey, everyone and welcome to another one of my Character Comparisons! This is the first time I'm using someone else's idea, White Knight and I'm dedicating this comparison to him for his retirement. Now today, I'm comparing the two powerhouses of the Mario series, Donkey Kong and Wario! Both of them are strong, have their own series and have a lust for one thing, bananas for DK and money for Wario. So which one of these two will take home the gold? Read below and find out!

Physical Appearance

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a gorilla who wears a tie with the letters, DK on it. He also has hair shaped like a banana.


Wario is almost identical to Mario but with a yellow shirt with purple overalls. He has a pink nose a mustache shaped like a "W" and a yellow hat with a "W" symbol on it.

First Appearance

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong first appeared as Cranky Kong in the very first Mario game created, the one that started it all, Donkey Kong . He was kidnapping Mario's girlfriend, Pauline because he thought she was, "pretty". That game really reminds me of King Kong, except the girl is defeating the ape. Anyway, back to the comparison. Cranky didn't have the tie, or the banana shaped head, he was just a normal, naked ape. His first appearance as the current Donkey Kong was the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr.. It wasn't as good as the original but the story got switched. He was saving Cranky Kong from the one and only, Mario! Duh, duh, duh!


Wario first appeared in the game, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, another great game. He secretly stole Mario's castle in Super Mario Land while Mario was out saving Princess Daisy from his associate, Tatanga. Wario also appeared in other games that star him too, such as WarioWare. His first appearance is more story driven, since it doesn't involve coins to play and the adventure is longer then Donkey Kongs.


Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong series is pretty fun, to me because it mostly involves DK trying to take back his bananas from the Kremling King, King K. Rool. Similar to Mario's Luigi, DK has his Diddy to help him on his adventures, I mean this series is so similar to the Mario series! K. Rool is like Bowser but is into getting bananas, Candy is DK's love interest but doesn't get kidnapped while Diddy is Donkey's sidekick. So far, this series has 30+ games.


The Wario series is also fun but Wario has no sidekick this time around, instead, he's solo. His series mostly involves Wario collecting money and stealing riches. However, what is really interesting about his series is that the main character is a villain, exactly what I wanted in a Mario game!


Donkey Kong

This one is hard since there is two different Donkey Kong's! The first DK battled Mario in Donkey Kong. Later, in Donkey Kong Jr., Mario captured him and in Donkey Kong 3, he battled Stanley the Bugman. This DK later grew up and became Cranky Kong. The second DK, Donkey Kong Jr. battled Mario in Donkey Kong Jr. to save Cranky. This DK then grew up and became the current Donkey Kong.


Wario's history is pretty interesting. He and Mario played cowboy when they were babies and Wario has been the sheriff only once. He was still in love with money when he was a baby as well and keeps throwing tantrums. In Super Mario 64 DS, he allied with Mario so he could get Peach's treasure!


Donkey Kong

In the Mario games, Donkey Kong was a confused, villainous ape who likes kidnapping girls, notably Pauline but in the Donkey Kong games, he's a smart, banana loving ape who cares about his friends.


Wario is a greedy, money possessed guy with gross humor. He can get into tantrums sometimes and if he loses, he'll say something like, "I lost, to a bunch of losers!" He adores money and loves collecting it.


This one was hard, especially since they're both funny and strong but I've made up my mind of who won the comparison. If it is not the one you wanted, it's ok, there's still more comparisons coming. Click "Show" if you want to see who's our month's winner!

Wario Land 4 artwork: Wario


Wario is very funny, evil, dumb, and has more clearer history then DK. DK wears a tie but Wario has overalls, a hat and a scary mustache! Donkey Kong may be cool but Wario is hilarious, he deserves to be the Character of the Month!

From the Mushroom Vaults

by — Stooben Rooben It's time for a Wario Land secret!

Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

'Allo. Welcome to this issue of FTMV. I'll be treating you with two cheats this month to make up for missing my issue last month!

Secrets: Wario Land 4 (GBA) European boxart

So, you've played the game over and over, and are looking for something else to do? Maybe try Karaoke Mode! It's easy to access and is a new way to play the game. While in the Sound Room, highlight the exit; then, press and hold the following buttons:

  • Select
  • Start
  • Up
  • L
  • R

Review Corner

By Luigifreak (talk)

This week has been really busy so get ready for a crummy shroom section, er.... enjoy this delightful review on super paper Mario! I’m not a huge fan of super paper Mario so it won’t be nearly as detailed as my massiveish review on paper Mario, the thousand year door. (by the way, if you didn’t already buy it, DO IT NOW) Well, on with my (mediocre) amazing review!

Well, I’ll jump into the story. To make a long story short..... Princess Peach has been kidnapped, so Mario and Luigi head out to Bowsers castle. Bowser didn’t steal her, but then a new villain by the name of Count Bleck comes out and reveals that he kidnapped Peach. Mario tries to attack the Count, but he just knocks Mario away and sucks Bowser, Luigi, and a whole lot of koopas into the void. IF you watch the opening cut scene, it is revealed that peach and Bowser get married (wtf?) and a giant black heart appears. Well, really peach is hypnotized by one of Count Blecks minions (not Dimento, btw) WHY did the giant heart thing appear! WHAT does count bleck want with Luigi? AND WHY can’t Dimento have hypno-powers! Find out all this and more in the game... SUPER PAPER MARIO! What! Can’t I have MY fun?

Anyway, the characters are all awesome, (Dimento!) especially the villains. The plot is amazing. You will hear bits and pieces of two characters past that tie in heavily to the plot. When you hear them, you'll be thinking "what the heck does that mean?" As soon as you beat the last boss (I’m not revealing it... no it’s not that... and it’s not that either) it will all make sense. I think the plot is one of the things that makes this game good. The collectables are good. You don’t have badges, but there are many more items and recipes to make. I really don’t have much more to say, since I covered much of it in my last review. Okay, a quick recap: There are many items that can heal you or do damage to enemies. When you cook these you get much more powerful items. Get it? Got it? Good. Ill do a quick recap on enemies too: there are many different enemies that ACTUALLY get harder! There are over.. .200? enemies, so there are many different ones. You see new ones in each area. There really is no complaints here.

Okay the characters. You have pixls that act as your partners. They can explode, transform into a hover board for your convenience, or just grab something from far away. You generally get one of these per world. Then you have your main characters. Yes, I said characters. You can play as Mario, Bowser, Peach, and Luigi. Each has a special ability. Bowser can breathe fire and has more jump power, but he can’t jump. Mario can flip dimensions (more on that later.) You get the idea. You can switch to any character, although you don’t get Luigi until very late in the game. This game isn’t a rpg, it’s more of a platformer. You move as you wish and can jump on enemies on the field. I personally liked the RPG better, but that’s just me. This is just a normal platformer, right? WRONG! You can flip into 3d! See a wall that you can’t get past? Just flip! You see an opening that wasn’t there before. I’m not a big fan of platformers but this one is unique. I really can’t say more about gameplay. It’s really just a platformer with added elements. If you like platformers, this is for you, if you’re not a big fan still get it. The graphics are good, but I feel that when you flip into 3-D it’s a bit blocky. The sound redeems it, it’s just…. I don’t know. PLAY THE GAME AND FIND OUT. Or go on youtube. There are many secrets, from hidden partners, secret items, and a hidden dungeon. The replay value is good, probably a good 10-15 hours at the least. And that’s if you have a short attention span. There are so many secrets and items to collect. Trust me, you won’t get bored.

Here is how I rate this game. If you have a short attention span, look here.

  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Diversity of enemies: 9/10
  • Diversity of characters: 10/10
  • Story: 10/10
  • Replay value: 10/10
  • Collectables: 10/10
  • Secrets: 11/10
  • Sound/graphics: 8/10
Overall: 9.5, A

Overall without story: 9.4 A The graphics and gameplay are a bit low, but this is a great game. The worst of the Paper Mario series? To me, yes, but the Paper Mario series is so awesome that a bad game in the series is still going to be awesome. The hidden things are bountiful, so this game will keep you entertained. This concludes my “informative” review. Luigifreak out.

Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HI EVERYBODY!!! and welcome to American Idol, me is your host Tuc… wait, I feel something’s wrong. Oh yes!. (Crowd shouting): WHEEL OF FORTUNE. (voice: WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING?!?!?!?) uh, dunno (INTRODUCE THE DIRECTOR NOTES!!!) Can you give me a clue??? (AAAAAAAAAA!!!!) oh yes!!! The Director Notes! (yes, how intelligent… Take a Tucky-snack) Thanks :D

HI EVERYBODY!!! (again if you read the calendar of events, if you didn’t GO READ IT!!!) and welcome to the director notes, im your always fair director Tucayo. This time we have many new writers, so lets introduce them


  • The Blue Dragon (Packy) is now writing the Upcoming Games
  • Master Lucario is now our Brawl Tactics writer
  • Castle Toad is now writing a new section called Mario Kart Wheel Tips Corner
  • Cherrybomb 444 is the writer of a new section called User of the Month, which wont be here for this issue as he is sick
  • Tucayo is the Calendar of Events writer


As it looks that many of you are too lazy to PM us with suggestions, ive created a thread in the forums LINK!!!


As you have surely noticed (youre blind if you didn’t) we have a new background that has bigger, newer, tastier mushrooms, courtesy of our firnd 2257

Ok, sadly we have come to the end of another issue if The ‘Shroom, I hope you enjoyed it, CYA NEXT ISSUE!!!! BYE!!!

I leave you with Stooby and the Sub-Director Notes, BYE!!!