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Music Supplier

by Neurario (talk)

Hello, wikians! After a month's break (Thanks, poor time management!) I'm back with another Music Supplier section for you all. Two months ago we brought in a selection of slow, soothing music. This month, we're taking it in the opposite direction, giving you grand orchestral samples, fast music to rock out to, and other music of that caliber. We're out to have fun, and that's the kind of thing I'm pursuing here in this section today. If you think there's anything on this section I can improve, by all means feel free to contact me at User talk:Neurario or on the forums! I'd love to know what you would pick or change in the song list. Anyway, enough talk! We have a section to cover, and here it is!

(Wii) Super Mario Galaxy Battle For The Grand Star (YouTube)
Played during Mario's final battle with Bowser in SMG. And it's a very apt piece, especially when one considers that every final boss battle seems so much more epic with an orchestral band. Hats off to the Mario Galaxy Orchestra for making such a wonderful soundtrack for this game.
(SNES) Super Mario World Athletic BGM (YouTube)
One of the few background songs in SMW, usually played in levels when you\'re suspended in the air (like bridges, or moving platform levels). Once again the song is apt for its setting, especially when there is a lot of action going on. I wonder if anyone listens to it to get pumped up, perhaps while taking a jog…
(Wii) Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario Circuit (Super Mario Kart) (YouTube)
Okay, so maybe I'm cheating just a tiny bit by including a remake of a song, but trust me, I did include this for a reason. I will admit I very much enjoy songs that have been remixed into different styles, like a fast song into ambience, or in this case, a bleepy SNES song into a kind of dance tune you might nod your head to.

But I do recommend you listen to the original sometime.

(N64) Mario Party 3 Stardust Battle (YouTube)
More "boss" music. The main plot point of MP3 was centered around the Millennium Star, and as you actually fight him you hear this music. Personally, this kind of music I haven't heard since Super Mario Galaxy, and to see it on a Nintendo 64 as well (though possible) sorta…brings me…forward? What's the opposite of "nostalgia"? Anyway, I enjoy the rhythm and beat around this track. It's something I could see myself mashing up for fun… :P
(N64) Super Mario 64 Dire, Dire Docks (cave) (YouTube) (+ Soulchip "remix")
We took the main version of this song two months back, in the first of these sections. Why am I bringing it back again with this sort of music? I don't know, but the drums make it sound different…I wouldn't say 'breakbeat', although that could be the word I'm looking for, but it's still something I find myself nodding my head to every now and then.

And there we go for this month. And yes, you WILL see this page here next month, Neu will be a good lil\' Lucario and do the right thing this time! ^_^; Enjoy yourselves, readers (and listeners).

PS: Meep.