The 'Shroom:Issue XXVI/Fun Stuff

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Fun Stuff

by The Fun Stuff Team

Find the Differences

By: Super Luigi! Number one! (talk)

Image: 800pxmp8scene.jpg

Photoshop: 800pxmp8scene2.jpg




By Tucayo (talk)

Lemme explain you this Picross is a logic puzzle game where a picture solution can be revealed by following numerical clues. Use the numbers in the rows and columns to 'X' out lines of boxes. Cross the boxes you know are empty. The clues describe -groups- of consecutive spaces to be shaded in.

  • Leave at least one empty space between each group.
  • Mark the empty spaces with a small cross. They're important too.
  • Start with the big numbers first!

Here are 2 picross for you to do, i wont give answers, if you answer it, PM it to me, saying whats the image and in the next issue i will say you were the 1st to answer it



Good Luck!

Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)



Mistery Images

By Tucayo (talk)

wolfmod.jpg MIPSMOD.jpg pokeymod.jpg bigbullymod.jpg waluigiMOD.jpg