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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Castle Toad (talk)

Welcome to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. This is the section where you can see a review at the characters, vehicles, items, and tracks from all of the Mario Kart series (excluding the arcade ones). Let us begin.

The first character is a mustachioed, All-around plumber, Yes, the one that is the Source of the Game's name, and he is no other than...

Character: Mario: The all-around player that suits perfectly to the players that are not experienced at playing. At the wheel, Mario is a balanced character, since he always appears as a middle-weight character. Mario's karts: Mario kart, Red Fire, Standard Kart MR, B Dasher, Shooting Star.

I guess that you can easily know the main track for the Mario Kart series, yes, of course, it is...

Track: Mario Circuit: As told before, this is the main track from the Mario Kart series, it's first appearance was just as a racing Circuit with pipes blocking the way, and a Plain-themed background, but now, in recent games, it has been spotted just near Princess Peach's Castle also as a racing Circuit.

The item that we are about to see, for some it is annoying, it's also called the "Slippery Danger"...

Item: Banana: The Banana is the most common item to appear from a Item Box, it can either be thrown forwards, or just be placed down, You don't want to loose your time spinning by getting one of those touching your kart... did you?

Well, i know that this first Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner is a bit too small, but i will be giving specific advice on characters, more detailed tracks info, and tips, shortcuts and things like those, by request from users. So, if you want advice on something, or if you want to share your friend codes you can either e-mail me, or PM me.

Well, this is all for the first Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner! I'll be gladly waiting for the next issue! See you soon, readers!!!