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Issue XVI June 7th, 2008 About        

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Xzelion Glitchman
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The Fake News

Character Comparison
Garlic Man


Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Cheats: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars boxart

The start of Mario RPGs was released in 1996; it was very popular, lots of people liked it, it's being released on the Virtual Console in Japan, blah blah blah... Okay, let's just cut right to the chase and skip the boring history lesson. I'm going to tell you how to get an infinite amount of coins.

When you are heading towards Rosa town, enter the area where there's a load of Shy Guys by treasure boxes. Go to the bottom-right exit. Hit the box next to the door to receive many coins, but do not completely empty it. Go back through the exit, and reenter the exit once more; keep hitting the box as I mentioned before, without draining it of coins. Repeat and rinse until you have all the coins you want!

Tips: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) North American box art of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

I've only recently bought this game, and already it's one of my favorite games. This game is also notable for revolutionizing the style of game sprites. Okay, now that I've bragged with how epicly awesome this game is, I'll tell you today's tip. So, you're fighting Cackletta for the first time and you're having trouble grilling her cheese, right? Then, it must be when she splits into three different entities. Right? RIGHT?! HAH! I though so... anyway, when she's cloned herself to have two duplicates, it's actually quite easy to tell the real Cackletta apart from the bologna cronies. When she attacks, one clone will raise her right arm, another will lift her left arm, and the third will lift both arms. Attack the Cackletta that raises both hands to damage her. Then, just keep doing so until the old hag disintegrates!

Hints: Super Paper Mario (Wii) Super Paper Mario North American cover art

Did you know that you can infinitely stay in a 3D flip? Well, all you have to do is get Mario's catch card from the bottom of Flopside's Pit of 100 Trials. Good luck beating Shadoo though...

Secrets: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GC) North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

There's not one thing that sucks about this game, in my opinion. It's one of the greatest Mario games ever. The graphics are also pretty awesome. Wait, what am I talking about? This isn't the Review section!

Well, as you may or may not know, this game is jam-packed with Easter Eggs. Having played the game almost thirty times, I've probably found close to everything hidden in the game. One of my favorite secrets of the game is the NES reference in the game. This can only be performed only once in the entire game. When in the X-Naut Fortress, head for the ventilator shaft. Drop through the vents into the dressing room (where you played as Peach earlier). When you open the curtain...

...HOLY CRAP! You're in 8-bit! :O It doesn't last when you leave the room though, so be sure to get the best out of it while you can.

Well, I hope you enjoyed RPG Month!


by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, it's a RAPstar with some breaking news! There's an sentence or two I'd missed placing in for a slot!! If you read the previous issue XV at my very section, and assumed there's no saving spots at all... I myself and the readers got themselves wrong!! ;_; Apparently during the game, you have to get some kind of Koopa Lock or something... by the comments in MFGG I just recently read. OMG, I didn't played the game too hard! Or too far long in the raid house!! I seriously need to get over the gaming life with fan games once more, or little over the top. It's play, compare, correction, and most importantly reviewing the games, similar to the other section of course. (shifts)

Hey morsels, Hooky here just to know you guys if you seriously didn't look hard enough to compare Ryan's reviews and the other guy's review, he's talking about InfectedShroom (talk)'s recent official reviews dude! Get it?! Fan game review for this little koopaling, and “ISyou” with his official game review, if you seriously know what I mean so far. Hmph, you better remember this! Next time I see you, you better get ready for your knowledge of this wiki, although I still despise Mario... at least Ryan's happy about that type of gaming. If he's happy, I'm happy, rawr... I don't completely want to dedicate myself to him... or the other series he has composed or something...

Ryan here again, so guys... if your new here to read this piece of enlargement, read it! If not, skip it. Tongue Unless you wanna read this funny part of the writing, (sumgs) New user! Or visitor! ER, whatever!! If this is your first time to come and arrive in this section, I say you this: The entertainment section opens up into new content with new types of entertainment form during the internet itself, without harming those very pieces. ...But there's more of the point to it! If you guys know Hooktail as she appeared earlier, from PM2 of course, she's my dragon now. Wink A female dragon with me... (shifts) Later on, she assists me in this section anyway, mainly on the video reviews... Tongue

In this issue, I'd been experimenting some new forms of Mario entertainment for the wiki to seriously cheer up, instead of the games and maybe the vids. Maybe I should slot in new things, if they fit well; I might open up new things and maybe retire the older forms of entertainment I guess. ...But, that's all up to the material and you guys reading it. So... here goes nothing... I hope not(!)

RAP's Section:
Comics by fluffycat

Er, that name is the user who-- yeah I think you may guessed it, it's a comics section and that person made some good comics. Wink To fanboys that look over other types of comics, don't even come close to here! This is a comical relief to all of us!! It's a comedic mario comic!! Duh! Unless your a Mario fan of the series, I suggest you leave right now other comic readers. ;P OK real Mario fans, this is what you have been waiting for your whole entire life, not literally! It's pretty common for a fan to find some fan comics anyhow. Tongue

Alright, fluffycat if your hearing me far far away from your homeland, your comics are going to be recognized in another way to a popular wiki! Check these out, these comics are absolutely LOL to the point of targeting to the Paper Mario series with one of our favorite characters with paper style to the max, Smiley The comics open up into first, a parody of some kind, which ended up with a BAM! That would be the first comic, charming indeed. It's about a parody of Survivor the TV series now comes across with the Mario series itself of course. Hmmm, let's see how it goes... First comic: Link

The second one features my girl Hooktail, (Hooktail roars “Hey!”) LOL stop, it's a comic; grab some relief for your breath. XD This one is so funny I can't spoil over this properly, so I'm gonna show the link instead. XP Man... my personal favorite comic I'd like for the best from that user! Second comic: Link

The third and fourth, it's a two comic part series of the famous Rawk Hawk; praised for such good looks, maybe as in him starring himself with his own mirror of course. XP People look at him as a rolemodel of a reformed fighter from Glitzville back then. The two part comics consist of himself with his personal life when a conflict will cost him his whole life... Jr. Troopa when he deeply dedicated that rolemodel... what will happen? Imagine Intelligent Systems and Nintendo looking over these comics, giving that appreciation for showing that there are many fans about there, especially me also. For more info about this, go to those two comics you wanna look for. Third comic: Link Fourth comic: Link

On my final words, nice drawings, especially Hooktail. But I like to draw better than that, it's just, the comic is made with computer technology, Photoshop that is. I think she looks nice that way in that other comic. And to Glitz Hawk (talk): Your brother was not part of this comic! You know, relations... besides, I wonder how he actually feels in MarioWiki after looking over this... Oh wait! Before we move on, if you, the reader wanted more content from this user with other interesting drawings he had made for the kick-off Mario, go clicking some bells here!

Well Hooktail, off you go. Wink

Hooktail's Section:
Art piece by fluffycat

Yeah yeah yeah it's the same person, I have to go pick up a new genre for a short while, just until there are new fresh stocks on the other genre, videos from a website pronouced “YouTube” Hey Ryan, did I pronounce it right? (Ryan nods) Heh, the internet sounds like a multi-media fest for all of us, like Ryan hungers for uploading images, as in getting Image Tokens. ^_^ For DP, to send out one of the most noticable comics, Master Wikians, and me, I devour many guests and users so much I'd let Ryan take care of me, rub my scaly stomach... Er, getting real off-topic here. ^^;

Again, the guy that Ryan reviewed about his comics, I'm gonna also look over his stuff, to find something interesting... and look what I found: It looks like a grand masterpiece of the Mario series. What's the game called again? Oh yeah, Super Paper Mario that is. So... many characters aligned, nor enemies, allies and heroes; there are so many of them! ...From another dimension?! Hmph, I wonder what they taste like, they look pixelized anyway. Then again, the screen tells an odd story that has to do with all the time of Mario. Geeze, does even the most single handed guy had enough with all of this and that of Mario? No offense Ryan... (licks Ryan for a bit of taste, he seems touched and stares at her) Oh stop it, Wink

Apparently, in the texting, I can barely read how it excatly goes, good thing that pathetic morsel provided the rest incase people have absolutely no idea! I guess he's not patheic, ^^; (sigh) I gotta read more about... bleh... I don't wanna talk about it, before I leave, here's the link to that whatever art that is, Ryan likes it, (evilgrin) click here for the art to pleasure for the eyes!

(Ryan and Hooktail are finally done with the Shroom for a while, tired for a moment. Hooktail laid on her back in her lair while Ryan lays on her chest for a while. Finally done...)
Ryan: I heard a commotion that people arn't reading the Shroom' no more.
Hooktail: Hmph, I bet they just don't want it in their faces.
Ryan: They're our friends, we have everything we gathered in our timeline, my mansion, floating kind; your treasure, my own tools, and that's it for my pride. Tongue
Hooktail: That doesn't explain why they quit reading it though.
Ryan: I know, for you; knowing of we have to experiment on trying out new genres... I hope it goes off well...
Hooktail: Let the time go pass by Ryan, that's the idea for-- (Hooktail sees Ryan sleeping on her scaly body, she made a kind response, and sends him to his room and places him in his bed)
Hooktail: I'll see you later, I'm your pet anyway, ^_^
(Hooktail licks his face a bit for a signature to leave as she flies out freely to do her doings)


by Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG... Or, is it? Dun dun dun...

Xzelion: How did you find the Wiki?
Glitchman: I was searching for Super Mario 64 cheats on Wikipedia, and I found a link to the Mariowiki.

Xze: Do you remember who welcomed you?
Glitch: Yes, you did Tongue

Xze: Lol. On to the next question: How did you think of the name “Glitchman”?
Glitch: Well just a few days before I joined, I had tried out the Minus World glitch in SMB. I thought it was awesome, so I named myself after a "glitch".

Xze: Do you have a favorite Glitch?
Glitch: Yes. The Minus World is without doubt the best. Cheesy

Xze: If Pokemon DP got into a fight with Wayoshi, who do you think would win and why?
Glitch: Geez, I kind of feel awkward giving an answer Tongue But (no offense) I think DP would win, because Wayoshi kind of has a record.

Xze: What was your first major edit on the Wiki?
Glitch: My first major edit on the Wiki was the Star Bank article. That was the first article I created, on June 23, 2007.

Xze: Brownies or Bagels?
Glitch: Brownies PWN bagels Evil

Xze: If you were stranded on an island and you could only have one sandwich, what would that sandwich be.
Glitch: Definitely a peanut butter sandwich. I love them Tongue

Xze: What is your favorite article on the Wiki?
Glitch: Gee, there are a lot of great articles on the Wiki, but one of the best is definitely the List of Glitches page. It's well written and it provides tons of glitches.

Xze: Whats your favorite Non-Nintendo game?
Glitch: To be honest, I have played very few Non-Nintendo games XD But I have been addicted to several, and my favorite is probably Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Xze: If a boot was flying at a poor little baby, would you jump in front of the boot or let the boot smack the baby to Albuquerque?
Glitch: Well since it was just a boot, I'd probably save the baby, because if the boot hit me it wouldn't hit all that much XD

Xze: Do you think this is the last question? Glitch: Yes, every time I've asked that it has been Tongue
Xze: Are you mad you got the last question wrong?
Glitch: I did?! Oh noez!

Xze: Yes you did, sadly. And that concludes the Interview, Thanks for letting me spin it around on you.
Glitch: Heh heh, you’re welcome! Cheesy

Fun Stuff

Find the Difference!


The Original picture:


The changed version:


Ready to see the answers? Click here.


By Tucayo (talk)


Clues: junecluescopiafq0.jpg

The answers are here!

Mystery Image

By Tucayo (talk), Again.

In this game, you have to find from which image those little snippets come from.

Bowserzh6.png 9voltwq9.png Dimentiood3.png Peachpg6.png Thoreaumc9.png

The answer are here, folks.

May Report

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y
Stats are the same-old with twp milestones: 40,000 pages and 400,000 edits! I have a couple of news tidbits you may want to read below as well.
May Statistics
Statistic As of 8:00P, 1 May* As of 11:30A, 1 June* Total for May % of Change
Page Views 56,944,245 62,470,134 5,525,889 9.7%
Views per Edit 150.33 155.84 3.67%
Page Edits 378,801 400,861 22,060 5.82%
Edits per Page 9.72 9.90 1.85%
# of Articles 8,410 8,525 115 1.37%
# of Pages 38,967 40,498 1,531 3.93%
# of Files 12,278 12,722 444 3.62%
# of Users 4,996 5,363 367 7.35%
*All times EDT.

  • Mario Awards II voting starts at three o'clock sharp tomorrow! Userpedia Awards (10) will also be included. Like last year passer-by guests and thus anyone with an internet connection and email are allowed to vote, and the more voters, the bigger the results and the more excitement on 8/8/08, so direct your friends to MarioWiki:Anniversary as well!
  • A user has recently reflected upon his experience here and what it may hold in the future. It was moved to the forum to not create any conflict here, but you might want to take a look anyways.

Director's Notes

by Blitzwing (talk · gnome work)

'ello thar.

Once again, quite a few sections are late. The Fake News will probably be released in Space Year 3042Z a few days. The Beta Elements will also probably released somewhere around Sunday or Saturday. Aw crap.

The 'Shroom now feature two new writers, Garlic Man (talk) now host a section called "Character Comparison", You have three seconds to guess what it's about. Tucayo (talk) is the other new guy, and he made quite a fun Crossword (Crossword which I quite conveniently forgot o post the clues of, eh.) as well as a game where you have to guess from what Image some picture come from.

Unfortunately, Stooben Rooben (talk) took an hiatus from the wiki because of personal reasons, and handed over the Fake News to Xzelion (talk), who in turn had to gives up his "Quiz" section. If anyone is interested in doing both or one of the above sections up until Stooben Rooben (or 3Dejong) return, please contact me.

Blitzwing (talk)

Fake News

Fake News Team

Local News


User favorite & Sysop nominee Stooben Rooben has gone missing. It is speculated that Xzelion who took over the Fake News after Stooben Rooben disappeared may be involved somehow. A few days before Stooben Rooben's disappearance, an eye witness heard Xzelion talking to others about the fact he'd like to take over Fake News again.

Fake News: What did you hear Xzelion say?

???: He said simply that he'd like to take over the Fake News again, and that he'd talk to Stooben Rooben about a possible regime change.

Fake News: Did he say anything about what would happen if Stooben Rooben declined the offer?

???: Yes, he said his frozen trout would be ready.


Taco Good has said that if anyone find Stooben Rooben that a reward would be given out, they said that all their food would be sold for 200 Pennies. Taco Good has been the main supply of Tex-Mex food for years the owner Ocat Oneub is a family man hes the father of three Burritos & two hard shell tacos. He had this to say about the reward:

Fake News: What prompted you to do this? Food for 200 Pennies just for finding this one user is kinda outrageous wouldn't you say?

Ocat: Stooben Rooben is a good & loyal customer without him here, our sales have dipped over 50%.

Fake News: How'd you come up with that number?

Ocato: 50 is my favorite number, and please if you find Stooben Rooben, come by and get your food for 99 Pennies.

Fake News: Whoa, 99 Pennies? Whats that like 3 Dollars?


By: Stooben Rooben


Francis – (Nerr-herr)

Francis, an overtly nerdy chameleon, died two weeks ago from a heartattack. While coming home from the theatre, (after watching The Grodus Chronicles Movie), he encountered a totally hot babe. Panicking, he pulled out his Nerr2Babe device, and began to "romantically" question the totally hot babe. After several questions, it was reported she said "Eww! Now way, you creep!" She then splashed water on Francis and his hi-technicaaaaaal Nerr2Babe device. After sudden dissapointment from rejection, Francis had a totally hot, yet very hi-technicaaaaaal heartattack.

Smash Ball – (Um, what?)

A Smash Ball died (?) last night from critical internal...trauma. Earlier today, the four culprits were identified to be Mario, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, and Fox McCloud. While in the midst of a brawl, the four noticed the innocent Smash Ball fluttering about. Fox reportedly charged up to it and said, "Hey, 'sup? Wanna hear a joke? What's black, blue, and red all over? ...YOU!" It was then reported that the four FLUDDed, blasted, bombed, and landmastered to Smash Ball. It then slowly died an inevitable death. BRAWLERS BEWARE!! Abusing Smash Balls is a criminal offense! If you want to pummel something, pummel that blue hedgehog everyone hates!


By: Master Crash

Who is the best Character in Mario Kart Wii, to make they're first Spin - Off Appearance?

Baby Daisy
Dry Bowser
Baby Peach
Funky Kong

Fake Games, the game is....Paper Mario DS!

(I think they already released that!)

Oh. Well, then. It's gonna be Super Smash Bros. DS


Game: Super Smash Bros. DS Genre: Fighting Platform: DS

I think you know how Smash Bros. works. No, this is NOT a hoax. You touch your character to jump, draw a line to punch, draw a line while holding L or R for a special move, and so on.

Look! I even have a screenshot of it!

f_SBDSm_c12a896.png What? That's just a pic from Smash Bros. Dojo with a crappy DS drawn with it? Oh. Sorry.

[Door breaks down]

No. NOT AGAIN! Seriously, I do not want to get sued again.


Fake Images


Cooking Guide

By: Yoshster

Jelly Super

Ingredients: 1. 1 Super shroom 2. 1 oz of maple syrup 3. 2 oz of jammin' jelly


1. Boil super shroom for approximately 5 minutes 2. While boiling the super shroom in a boil the jamming jelly slowly adding the maple syrup 3. After boiling both the super shroom and "jelly mixture" lather the mixture onto the super shroom and let cool

Special Shake

Ingredients :

1.1 Apple 2.1 Melon 3.5 grams of sugar 4.2 grams of salt 5.1 lemon 6.1 lime 7. 2 oz of green food coloring

Procedure: 1. First squeeze the lemon and lime juice out of them into a pitcher 2. Add the sugar and salt 3.Next slice and chop the melon and crush the bits to extract the juice, repeat this with the apple 4. Add the food coloring 5. take the mixture and in a blender blend it together with ice...

Travel Guide

By: Stumpers Fake News, Travel Guide -- Excess Express

Welcome to another 'Shroom Travel Guide! Last time, we revealed the chilled, subtle wonder of Joke's End. Unfortunately, we received several complains from cold readers as a response, so this time we're covering the Excess Express.

This gloriously extravegant train travels from Rogueport to Poshley Heights over the course of three days. Of course, who would take a train such as the Excess Express for the destination? The train ride itself is what draws people from all over the nation. That, and the possibility of seeing the beautiful engine. One Lakitu has not moved from his spot staring at the engine at the Rogueport Station. Ever. He claims to have, but he hasn't. It's lies.

Regardless, every inch of the train is well-planned and detailed. In addition to the posh bedrooms, there is a restaurant run by a hot courteous young lady Toad. This being the Mushroom Kingdom, you can enter the front of the train and watch the conductor without fear of being tackled by heavily armed military men dressed as civilians and being strip searched. The conductor of the Excess Express is very dedicated, and appreciative of his luck in driving such a beautiful engine: the conductor has not moved from his spot driving the train. Ever. He claims to have, but he hasn't. It's lies.

The Excess Express includes an fully stocked store, full of Mushrooms and other items one would need on a trip. But bring your own toothbrush, they do not sell them. Actually, don't. There are no bathrooms either. In fact, while visiting Rogueport and its surrounding areas, you should know that the only bathroom is located in the Glitz Pit minor league locker rooms or in Princess Peach's old room on the Moon, a minor inconvenience.

Other considerations for your trip: be careful of Smorg, the Shadow Sirens, Doopliss disguised as Zip T., and the waitress. Her slap is painful. Reserve tickets from Frankie the mob boss early, because they are in high demand. This may or may not be caused by a certain slightly plump Toad who continuously rides the train, unable to get through the door... but then again, the Toad has not moved from his spot in his room. Ever. He claims to have, but he hasn't. It's lies.



Mario Kart Wii Review

OK, so I finally got Mario Kart Wii. I had to split the money with my dad. But heck, I got it, right? Well, anyway, all is good now. If I could review games other than Mario games, I'd be reviewing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 next month, but that's not an option. So I'll be hard pressed to find something. Tongue


I'll just say it now: this game is fantastic. It's awesome. But it does have it's faults, like any awesome game. What are those faults? What makes this game so great? I plan to answer these and other questions with this review.

Well, first off, the motion sensitivity of the game is mostly what makes this game so incredible. Being able to truly control your kart is incredible. And this experience is even better than at those arcade Mario Kart games, too. This is like no other you have ever played.


Ok, as a Wii game, this game has great graphics. In the great span of all video game consoles? No. It's mediocre. The colors are very smooth, however, and the main graphics look great at first. Upon (much) closer inspection, however, the characters are rather blocky, the animation doesn't flow perfectly, and the karts don't fit the characters perfectly. But, in the scheme of things, they work out fine for the great gameplay.


OK, here we go. Please ignore all of my adoring comments. The gameplay is awesome. It plays like any other Mario Kart game: you play four races for each Grand Prix. The higher you place, the more points you get. In this game, however, there are twelve racers on the track at the same time. This leads to some very intense games and some major losses if you happen to get any place lower than eighth. The four new places add some fun in, too, because you have a much higher chance of getting a good item.

The Computers

I HATE THE COMPUTERS. OK, sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. The computers in the game are actually the smartest computers I have ever seen in my entire life of video games. They are OK in 50cc and 100cc, but the difficulty is ramped up in 150cc and the secret mode. For an example of the computers' incredibility: if they are ahead of you, they will steal the item box you are directly in front of you, even if it means they will lose their first place to another computer. They also will bump into you a LOT, especially if you're a light character. This can lead to many second place endings in the Grand Prix mode.


There are a ton of modes in the game. First off is Grand Prix, which I already explained. After that is Time Trial, in which you can race Staff Gosts right off the bat. Doing so is extremely challenging and fun. After Time Trials is Versus mode, which is pretty much four 100cc matches in which you choose the courses. Lastly is Battle Mode, where two six-member teams duke it out to either pop each other's balloons or collect coins. Battle is fun, but you go about the speed of a 50cc Grand Prix, which is rather slow. You can play Versus with 1-4 players, which is awesome if you're having a party. The final mode is Wifi, which needs it's own… Section…

Wifi Section

Wifi is what defines this game. You can play with up to 11 other people all around the world in a series of matches. The formalities? Come and go when you want. You won't even be shunned if you disconnect, because a new person can take your place at the end of the race (not that I'm encouraging you to D/C… Tongue). But it was the greatest Wifi experience I've ever had. There is nearly no lag, and you can actually bump into people! But seriously, you need to see to believe.

Final Score

Kinda a short review, I know… But it's an awesome game.

Final Score by InfectedShroom: 9.3/10 – Seriously. The gameplay is so incredible that it outweighs all the faults. The Wifi mode also takes the score up a couple of notches. Cheesy So get this game AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

OK, that's my review, and I'm out! BLOC PARTIER.

Character Comparison

by Marcelagus (TCE)
Mario Party 3 artwork: Waluigi
Artwork of Princess Daisy in Mario Party 6 (also used in Mario Party 7, Mario Party DS and Mario Party: Island Tour)

Characters: Waluigi vs. Daisy

When I first saw this on the signup page, I thought ”Since when has this been here?” Well, no wonder, because despite being suggested as a section, none had been written yet. So, here goes a comparison, based on several categories, between the two biggest non-Big8 Mario characters; Waluigi and Daisy.

First Appearance


Daisy’s first appearance was the well-known Super Mario Land. You might say she even replaced Peach, the usual Damsel. But who knows what can happen in a game series involving Wario, right(not like he was in the game)? Anyway, that’s the only time she was the Princess in need of rescue. From there, she became a regular in Mario Sports games; but that’s a different section.


Waluigi debuted in a very successful Mario Sports game, Mario Tennis for the N64. It is possible(in fact likely) that Waluigi was created to become Wario’s partner in Sports games and Mario Party games, etc. Since then, with the exception of a very minor appearance in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and another minor appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Waluigi has been a regular in Sports Games, and has only appeared playable in them as well.

Character Traits


Daisy, as you all, know, is rather tom-boyish, compared to some of the other Princesses in the series. It would probably be interesting to compare Daisy and Rosalina, with such different personalities, but that’s off-topic. She makes friends, like Peach, so I guess she's friendly. Waluigi has a whole bunch of enemies, on the other hand.


Waluigi, like his brother(?), Wario, likes to be above the others. This can especially be seen in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, when Waluigi steals the Music Keys; He apparently likes to dance as well... Anyway, he is the kind that wants to be #1; whatever it takes. He wants to be more popular than his rival Luigi. But then again, Luigi wants to be more popular than Mario; so, Waluigi still has a ways to go.

Later Appearances


So, after appearing in Super Mario Land, what games did she appear in? I won't list them all, obviously, but a general number. Daisy has appeared in: 8 Mario Party Games, 6 Mario Kart games, 1 Mario Golf game, 2 Mario Tennis games, and a bunch of others, like baseball, Olympics, etc. In any of those games, though, her partner was always Peach.


Well, he's appeared in every game mentioned above, plus some others. He had a cameo in Brawl, but even if you don't want to count that, there's still some more. The before-mentioned DDR:MM, he was a semi-minor villain, in Mario Kart Arcade GP, Waluigi is featured as a playable character(Daisy had only a cameo). But besides those, every sport game Daisy is in, Waluigi has been in. Or vise-versa.


So, after comparing those two characters, seeing the pros and cons, what do you think? It's hard for me to come down with a conclusion myself, because if I did, people would rant about how I'm biased, the other character's better, yaddayaddayadda. Anyway, here's the winner, based on the categories:


WALUIGI -- He has been in more games, his personality is interesting, and he has a moustache. But it's all a matter of opinion, so don't sue me. These two will forever be regulars in any Mario spin-off title.