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Mario Kart Wii Review

OK, so I finally got Mario Kart Wii. I had to split the money with my dad. But heck, I got it, right? Well, anyway, all is good now. If I could review games other than Mario games, I'd be reviewing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 next month, but that's not an option. So I'll be hard pressed to find something. Tongue


I'll just say it now: this game is fantastic. It's awesome. But it does have it's faults, like any awesome game. What are those faults? What makes this game so great? I plan to answer these and other questions with this review.

Well, first off, the motion sensitivity of the game is mostly what makes this game so incredible. Being able to truly control your kart is incredible. And this experience is even better than at those arcade Mario Kart games, too. This is like no other you have ever played.


Ok, as a Wii game, this game has great graphics. In the great span of all video game consoles? No. It's mediocre. The colors are very smooth, however, and the main graphics look great at first. Upon (much) closer inspection, however, the characters are rather blocky, the animation doesn't flow perfectly, and the karts don't fit the characters perfectly. But, in the scheme of things, they work out fine for the great gameplay.


OK, here we go. Please ignore all of my adoring comments. The gameplay is awesome. It plays like any other Mario Kart game: you play four races for each Grand Prix. The higher you place, the more points you get. In this game, however, there are twelve racers on the track at the same time. This leads to some very intense games and some major losses if you happen to get any place lower than eighth. The four new places add some fun in, too, because you have a much higher chance of getting a good item.

The Computers

I HATE THE COMPUTERS. OK, sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. The computers in the game are actually the smartest computers I have ever seen in my entire life of video games. They are OK in 50cc and 100cc, but the difficulty is ramped up in 150cc and the secret mode. For an example of the computers' incredibility: if they are ahead of you, they will steal the item box you are directly in front of you, even if it means they will lose their first place to another computer. They also will bump into you a LOT, especially if you're a light character. This can lead to many second place endings in the Grand Prix mode.


There are a ton of modes in the game. First off is Grand Prix, which I already explained. After that is Time Trial, in which you can race Staff Gosts right off the bat. Doing so is extremely challenging and fun. After Time Trials is Versus mode, which is pretty much four 100cc matches in which you choose the courses. Lastly is Battle Mode, where two six-member teams duke it out to either pop each other's balloons or collect coins. Battle is fun, but you go about the speed of a 50cc Grand Prix, which is rather slow. You can play Versus with 1-4 players, which is awesome if you're having a party. The final mode is Wifi, which needs it's own… Section…

Wifi Section

Wifi is what defines this game. You can play with up to 11 other people all around the world in a series of matches. The formalities? Come and go when you want. You won't even be shunned if you disconnect, because a new person can take your place at the end of the race (not that I'm encouraging you to D/C… Tongue). But it was the greatest Wifi experience I've ever had. There is nearly no lag, and you can actually bump into people! But seriously, you need to see to believe.

Final Score

Kinda a short review, I know… But it's an awesome game.

Final Score by InfectedShroom: 9.3/10 – Seriously. The gameplay is so incredible that it outweighs all the faults. The Wifi mode also takes the score up a couple of notches. Cheesy So get this game AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

OK, that's my review, and I'm out! BLOC PARTIER.