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HI I'm Yoshster
Yoshster's Userbox Tower
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The Wii.
Red Nintendo logo (1985-2008): In 1985, the signature red logo was introduced with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was used for the international markets, with the exception of Japan and Southeast Asia.
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Sprite of the Box and the Package from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

As some of u may know i am a user on the forums

Some of My favorite things

  • The Kingdom Hearts Game Series
  • The Mario Game Series, Of Course
  • The Kirby Game Series
  • The Pokemon Anime and Games
  • Ice Cream
  • Star Wars
  • Conspiracies
  • Music
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate
  • The Legend of Zelda game series
  • Digimon

Some things I dislike

  • Arrogance
  • Ash's rival Paul
  • Viruses,Spyware and
  • EVIL!!!!!

Some Forums or Sites I am a Member of

[[1]] [[2]]


This is my sprite sheet, u may use it without permission or credit NB: It is based off the work of peachycakes 3.14 on userpedia Ssheet10.png


my talk page

  • My birthday is Sep 09 1992
  • On the KH Insider Forums my name is Keybladester
  • I joined first on the mariowiki forums
  • I joined the forums on the 20th of February 2007
  • My favorite colours are black and midnight blue
  • I created my 1st proper sprite sheet on 18th December 2007
  • Super Mario Bros. was the 1st video game I played

Some of My Favorite songs

  • I Believe I can Fly
  • The Time Has Come
  • Greatest Day
  • What Kind of World Do You Want
  • Nearly Every Song in Paper Mario
  • And She Said Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Breakaway
  • Hold On
  • Pokemon Anime Theme Songs
  1. Pokemon Johto
  2. Gotta Catch them all
  3. Unbeatable
  • My Best Friends
  • You,Me and Pokemon
  • Together Forever
  • How Deep is Your Love
  • Moon and New York City
  • Right Here Waiting
  • What Hurts the Most
  • Miracles Happen

So Long

Thanx 4 visiting my user Page, please take the time to visit my talk page and sign the guess book