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May Report

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y
Stats are the same-old with twp milestones: 40,000 pages and 400,000 edits! I have a couple of news tidbits you may want to read below as well.
May Statistics
Statistic As of 8:00P, 1 May* As of 11:30A, 1 June* Total for May % of Change
Page Views 56,944,245 62,470,134 5,525,889 9.7%
Views per Edit 150.33 155.84 3.67%
Page Edits 378,801 400,861 22,060 5.82%
Edits per Page 9.72 9.90 1.85%
# of Articles 8,410 8,525 115 1.37%
# of Pages 38,967 40,498 1,531 3.93%
# of Files 12,278 12,722 444 3.62%
# of Users 4,996 5,363 367 7.35%
*All times EDT.

  • Mario Awards II voting starts at three o'clock sharp tomorrow! Userpedia Awards (10) will also be included. Like last year passer-by guests and thus anyone with an internet connection and email are allowed to vote, and the more voters, the bigger the results and the more excitement on 8/8/08, so direct your friends to MarioWiki:Anniversary as well!
  • A user has recently reflected upon his experience here and what it may hold in the future. It was moved to the forum to not create any conflict here, but you might want to take a look anyways.