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This article is about references to the Mario games in music. For official music of the Mario franchise, see List of albums.

Due to the popularity of the Mario franchise, the games have been referenced numerous times in popular songs.

A$AP Ferg[edit]


A$AP Ferg's debut mixtape includes this song, with the line, "And I click like Donkey Kong when I hit this long".

A$AP Mob[edit]

Young Nigga Living[edit]

The instrumental to this track from their debut album incorporates a sound clip of Yoshi dying from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


The poster for Alestorm's Curse of the Crystal Coconut

The title of Alestorm's sixth studio album, Curse of the Crystal Coconut, is inspired by the Donkey Kong franchise.[1] One of the album's tracks is a cover of "Pirate Scorn" from the Donkey Kong Country television series. Additionally, the album's poster features several references to the Donkey Kong franchise, such as an eponymous Crystal Coconut from Donkey Kong 64, the skeletal remains of a gorilla wearing a tie, a floating DK Coin, and several Klomps from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, as well as generic Donkey Kong motifs such as bananas and barrels, including a TNT Barrel.

Alex Day[edit]

I Hate Mario Kart Wii[edit]

From Alex Day's 117% Complete single, Alex Day describes his hatred for Mario Kart Wii and explains what happens as the race he is playing is progressing. The song can be listened to here.


Super Mario Bros.[edit]

A remake of the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme by Taller Para Niños.


Can't Leave Rap Alone[edit]

This song, by underground rapper, Apathy, features the line "I'm like Donkey Kong, I got you niggas dodgin' my barrels".

Asther Roth[edit]

Lark On My Go-Kart[edit]

Asther Roth raps, "Mario Kart skills are outrageous," in this song from his second album.


What's Going On? Why?[edit]

In the music video for South Korean boy band B1A4's Japanese single What's Going On? Why?, member Gongchan's set is directly based on the Super Mario series.

Bad Meets Evil[edit]

I'm On Everything[edit]

The song, by hip-hop duo, Bad Meets Evil (composed of Eminem and Royce da 5'9"), references Mario in the line "Me and visions on 'shrooms, call us the Mario Brothers".

Big Sean[edit]


On the song featuring singer Miguel, Big Sean in the second says the following lines: "It's been weird since I went out west and did an album with no I.D and ain't came back since". This was followed by Mario grunting from Super Mario 64.

Jump Out the Window[edit]

Big Sean has a line in the first verse in the song in which he recalls, "Remember when you used to though and hit the Mario Kart / And you always picked the princess."

Blood On The Dance Floor[edit]

It's On Like Donkey Kong[edit]

The song title mentions Donkey Kong's name, and the phrase itself is repeated throughout the chorus.


War of Hormone[edit]

The song features the coin and power-up sound effects from Super Mario Bros..

Buckner & Garcia[edit]

Do the Donkey Kong[edit]

The song debuted in the 1982 album Pac-Man Fever. The song was later released as a single in May 1982, though it was not as successful as the album nor the "Pac-Man Fever" single release. The song is based the Donkey Kong arcade game and features many of the game's sound effects as well as some of the in-game music.

Caps & Jones[edit]

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah[edit]

Later in the song, the New Super Mario Bros. theme can be heard.

Cardi B[edit]

I Like It[edit]

During one of the verses, Cardi B sings "'Bout my coins like Mario!"


Rapper Chamillionaire's nick name is Koopa or King Koopa, and occasionally in songs he introduces himself as such.

Game Gonna Cost a Fee[edit]

In Chamillionaire's "Game Gonna Cost a Fee" it is mentioned that "I ride with bananas and shells like Mario and Luigi", "bananas" and "shells" referring (respectively) to banana clips and shotgun shells.

Charli XCX[edit]


On the song "Boys" by Charli XCX, a modified version of the Super Mario Bros. coin effect sound is looped throughout the track's instrumental.

Childish Gambino[edit]

American Royalty[edit]

Gambino has a line in this song that goes, "balls like Bowser".

Eat Your Vegetables[edit]

The instrumental to this song samples "Aquatic Ambience," the music for the underwater levels in Donkey Kong Country.

Chris Webby[edit]


This rap song features the line "Donkey Kong in the flesh like the ape loose".

Cocoa Brovaz[edit]

Super Brooklyn[edit]

The song samples the underground and overworld song from Super Mario Bros. and various sound effects from the game, such as the jump, lose a life, jump, or sliding down the flag sound effects. It is never officially released due to the unlicensed use of the music, though it is an underground hit in 1999 and led to a deal by Rawkus Records.[2]

Das Racist[edit]

Rainbow in the Dark[edit]

Kool A.D.'s verse includes the line, "Like Don King playing Donkey Kong Country at his cousin's house".


On his performance during The Game Awards 2015, the Canadian artist included remixed versions of The Evil King Bowser and Haunted House BGM from Super Mario World.

Denzel Curry[edit]

Envy Me[edit]

Florida rapper includes the line "I'm shroomed out my mental like Mario Bros." in this song.


This diss track by Denzel Curry features a guest verse from Ski Mask the Slump God who says the line: "Princess Peach jewelry my bitch".

Pyro (2019 Leak)[edit]

In this track from his collaboration EP with producer Kenny Beats, he says the line "Fire flows like I'm red and white Mario" in reference to Mario's Fire Mario ability from the original Super Mario Bros..


6 God[edit]

The instrumental to this song samples the "Haunted Chase" track from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.


Cha Cha[edit]

This song's instrumental samples the Star Road theme from Super Mario World, and uses the staple coin effects throughout.


Despicable (Freestyle)[edit]

In "Despicable" (Freestyle) rap by Eminem (which was originally a song by Drake), Eminem mentions the lines "the game I just about conquered it like Donkey Kong".

Rap God[edit]

In the official music video, a scene displays a TV screen playing the original Super Mario Bros., albeit modified to avoid copyright.

Tone Deaf[edit]

In this song exclusive to the deluxe edition of the album Music To Be Murdered By, Eminem says in the first verse, "Stuck inside of a Mario Kart race duckin' saw blades". Additionally, in the official lyric video, silhouettes of Eminem driving in Mario Kart-like vehicles are displayed on screen when said line is rapped.

Epic Rap Battles of History[edit]

Mario Bros vs Wright Bros.[edit]

Youtube channel, Epic Rap Battles of History, created a video rap battle with Mario and Luigi battling the Wright Bros. Princess Peach and Donkey Kong are mentioned once each, with a line stating: "Your princess is in our castle now, yeah she's gone, cause stayed up all night playing Donkey Kong".

Far East Movement[edit]


One line in the middle of "Rocketeer" is "We're on some next level, Super Mario."

Fetty Wap[edit]


The thirteenth song off Fetty Wap's second major studio album is titled "Yoshi", after the Mario character.

Flatbush Zombies[edit]

The Results Are In[edit]

This song contains a sample of Yoshi saying his name, after the line "No chain on, gold teeth, blowing Yoshi".


I Am Not Your Gameboy[edit]

The song is told from a Game Boy's point of view asking the listener not to insert games such as Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Mario and other Game Boy games.

He Is Legend[edit]

The Seduction[edit]

Towards the end, there is the line "I've got to find the princess, she's in another castle".

Hobo Johnson[edit]

Mario & Link[edit]

"Mario & Link" uses sound effects from various video games, including Mario games, and directly samples Peach's dialogue from the end of Super Mario 64. It begins with the lines: "Hello there, uh, it's Frank and this song is dedicated to Mario and Link due to their undying perseverance which I'm not sure I should do the same of... Mario's never getting some and Link's never getting some so why should princesses love me?"

Horse the Band[edit]


"Birdo" is loosely based off the Nintendo Character Birdo. The song uses electronic 8-bit sounds with electric guitar. It is in Horse the Band's 3rd album The Mechanical Hand. The song is mostly about the vocalists distaste for eggs and traumatic childhood.

Ice Cube[edit]

Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha[edit]

The first line of the song is "It's on like Donkey Kong."[3]

J. Cole[edit]

Daddy's Little Girl[edit]

Artist J. Cole says, in the song, "You lost to lookin' for a savior, I ain't Mario".


In this song, he says the lines, "I'm Koopa, I never been the Mario type / No saving hoes".

'95 South[edit]

The song "'95 South" (stylized "9 5 . s o u t h") contains the line: "Could put a M right on your head, you Luigi brother now". The line is a play on words referring to placing a million-dollar (M) bounty on someone's life (their head), and him alluding that to the M on Mario's cap.

Jay Rock[edit]

ES Tales[edit]

The song's instrumental has a Super Mario Bros. coin sound effect used throughout.


Ignorance is Bliss[edit]

Main article: Ignorance is Bliss

From the album White Knuckle Scorin', the song is narrated by Bowser, speaking to Princess Toadstool.

Jennifer Lopez[edit]

On the Floor[edit]

One of the lines said by rapper Pitbull is "And watch a chick get Donkey Konged."


Kenan and Kel[edit]

On his sophomore album, JPEGMAFIA raps the following two lines in a verse: "I'm dressin' up like I'm Prince Peach / And if you sendin' in Marios to defend me".

Kero Kero Bonito[edit]

Sick Beat[edit]

The song's backing track is based around a sample of the "Star Select" jingle from Super Mario 64.

Kids See Ghosts[edit]


On the Kid Cudi and Kanye West collaboration project, Kanye West includes the line in this song, "All of you Mario, it's all a game."

Kim Hyun-joong[edit]

Lucky Guy[edit]

A song by South Korean singer Kim Hyun-joong, his songs often contain various sound effects from the Super Mario series, including Jumping, Coins, and even the 1-Up sound.


Video Games[edit]

KJ-52's Christian-themed rap song contains various game references and sound effects. KJ-52 raps about how "I was down to one life and I didn't have another / but now I'm super like the Mario Brothers."

Lady Diane[edit]

Mario sa Amerika[edit]

This Filipino rap song is about Mario going to the United States, to the tune of the Ground Theme of Super Mario Bros.

Leaders of the New School[edit]

Syntax Era[edit]

One of the lyrics is "I'm Donkey Kong, fat freak the notes".


Timing is Everything[edit]

One of the first lines of track 7 on Canadian musician Lights' 2011 album Siberia is "In the interim, the princess was in another castle."

Lil Dicky[edit]

Lemme Freak[edit]

The song's instrumental includes a sample of a Koopa Shell being kicked from the original Super Mario Bros.

Lil Wayne[edit]

No Worries[edit]

On this song, Lil Wayne states in the the second verse: "Let me see that Donkey Kong".

Lil Yachty[edit]


On his debut mixtape, this particular song from rapper Lil Yachty features the instrumental to the Super Mario 64 file select screen, with coin sound effects edited in throughout.

Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club[edit]

What It's Like in Japan[edit]

"What It's Like in Japan" featured on the album "Very Tiny Songs", describes Japan (from where Mario was created) in a manner clearly modeled after a typical Super Mario Bros. level, featuring sound effects from the game and having its last line (That's what it's like when you go to Japan). The end is sung to the tune of Super Mario Bros.'s Game Over theme.


Super Mario World[edit]

The song's title is the same as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario World.


In the second verse, Logic says, "That Super Mario flow, I always get the 1-Up".

The Lonely Island[edit]

I Don't Give A Honk[edit]

Andy Samberg claims "We all know we're born with one hundred honks," to which Jorma Taccone adds, "But people throw them away like they were Donkey Konks."


Spur of the Movement[edit]

One of the lines is "We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power."[3]

Mac Miller[edit]

Blue Slide Park[edit]

This track from rapper Mac Miller's debut album of the same name includes the line: "We just tryna go bananas like it's Donkey Kong".

Major Lazer[edit]

Aerosol Can[edit]

One of the lines on the middle of the song is "Make yourself bigger like mushroom, Mario Kart."

MF Doom[edit]

Hoe Cakes[edit]

The song includes the following line: "Own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa".

The Mountain Goats & Kaki King[edit]

Thank You Mario But Our Princess in Another Castle[edit]

The song is sung from the perspective of Toad after being rescued by Mario. Inspired by the infamous line that is the song's title, Toad sings about the horrible time he had while being kidnapped.

The NESkimos[edit]

The NESkimos is a band that plays metal versions of music from Nintendo games, including Super Mario Bros. 3.



In the song's music video, a Super Star appears during the final few measures of the bridge.

Patent Pending[edit]

Hey Mario[edit]

From the 2013 album "Brighter", the songs talks about why Mario should stop rescuing Princess Peach. Games and sub-series like Mario Kart, Dr. Mario and Super Mario Galaxy are mentioned as well. The coin sound effect is also used in some lines.



In one line, the song mentions Mario Kart by saying, "We made an art out of Mario Kart, we're smart gents."

Phil J.[edit]

Shoot My Shot[edit]

In one line, the song mentions Mario and Bowser by saying, "Hotter than Bowser, this ain't super Mario."

The Preachers[edit]

Better Than It Ever Could Be[edit]

The song contains some notes from the ending theme of Super Mario Bros. 2.


Almost Unreal[edit]

"Almost Unreal" was featured in the Super Mario Bros. film as the first song in the credits. There are two versions of the music video, one with references to the film and one without. The former includes images from the film and several minor references, including one of the king's Mushrooms and several warnings of de-evolution. The video ends with the main character being De-Evolved into a lizard, which crawls out of his clothes. The scene of the lizard is cut out of the latter version of the video, along with the De-Evolution warning. In both videos the main character plays a video game, progressing through levels as the video continues.

Schoolboy Q[edit]

Break the Bank[edit]

The beat to this song is produced by DJ "The Alchemist", who included a sample of Toad screaming from Mario Kart 64, slowed and faded, and played throughout the song.

Ski Mask the Slump God[edit]


Ski Mask the Slump God has a song titled "Bowser", featuring deceased rapper XXXTentacion, from the mixtape "Members Only, Vol. 3". The song features various pop culture references, including video games and television cartoons, but features no additional references to Mario outside from the song name.

Merlin's Staff[edit]

The song "Merlin's Staff" from his mixtape, Sin City The Mixtape, contains the lines "On the go like Mario, drive in a kart" and "Kickstand, stick-shift, Peach colored kart".


The song "Nuketown" from the album STOKELEY contains the line, "Ate a Mario mushroom quick, uh-huh".

Snoop Dogg[edit]

The Bidness[edit]

One of the lyrics is "Half dog, half gorilla, bitch Donkey Kong".[3]

Supah Mario[edit]

Supah Mario is the stage name for DeMario Priester, a hip hop music producer who has produced instrumentals to tracks for big name artists including Drake, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and others.

Taller Para Niños[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

A song by the Mexican group, only the last line in the song actually refers to Super Mario Bros. 3. Song was later covered by band, Allison.



The official music video contains many references to various video games, and at one point, French DJ Tchami goes through a map and enters a level which are both heavily based on Super Mario World.

Trace Adkins[edit]

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk[edit]

The country song makes a reference to Donkey Kong when Trace Adkins says "She's got it goin' on like Donkey Kong."



The song makes a reference to Bowser when the rapper says "Motherfucking beast bitch call me King Koopa."

Waka Flocka Flame[edit]


This song from Waka Flocka Flame's debut album, "Flockaveli" contains the line, "Ran up on his car, had him eating shells like Mario Go-Kart".

Yung Lean[edit]

Yung Lean is a Swedish rapper whose lyrics frequently reference video games. His music video to Hurt features video game related graphics and footage, such as including gameplay from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Some of his songs reference Mario, and two songs directly reference Mario in the title: "Yoshi City" and another titled "Princess Daisy".

Mario related references in his songs include the following:


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