Koopa Kabana

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“Excuse me, but would you invest 5 coins and help me build my Koopa Kabana?”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party 4

The Koopa Kabana is a hotel located within the Koopa's Seaside Soiree board, found in the game Mario Party 4. The name is a pun on Copacabana, a beach in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, although it could reference the Copacabana nightclub in New York City.


If the player passes over the Kabana Space, a Koopa Troopa will ask them to invest five coins to start his Kabana, and then an additional five coins each pass to continue building it up. This makes it very similar to the Koopa Bank from the previous Mario Party games. The more coins that are invested, the more pristine the Koopa Kabana looks. If a player lands on any of the Happening Spaces near the location, they will be forced to pay for a one-week stay; the price will always be the total amount spent on the Kabana up to that point. Soon after, a tsunami demolishes the Kabana, restarting the investment process and wasting that player's coins. To upgrade the Kabana to the first stage, just one coin needs to be invested. To upgrade it to the second stage, 15 coins need to be invested. To upgrade it to the third stage, 26 coins need to be invested. Finally, 41 coins need to be invested to upgrade it to the final stage.