Koopa Kabana

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The Koopa Kabana is a hotel located within the Koopa's Seaside Soiree board, found in the game Mario Party 4.

If the player passes over the Kabana Space, a Koopa Troopa will ask him or her to invest five coins to start his Kabana and then continuing up by five each time to the Koopa Kabana. By doing this, the Koopa Kabana will eventually look better. However, if the player lands on this location, they will be forced to pay for a one week stay (if they land on the one of the Happening Spaces to the Koopa Kabana). which equals out to the total amount spent on the Kabana (or whatever the player has on them). However, after paying for a week stay and after Koopa Troopa tells them to enjoy their stay at the hotel (the Kabana), a tsunami will demolish the Koopa Kabana, once again requiring maintenance via the donation of coins from another player.