World 5 (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)

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World 5
Game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (2005)
Level(s) 2
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“That's Bowser's Castle over there. The keys should be there. Let's go get them back!”
Toad, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

World 5 is the final area in the Story Mode of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is the only world to contain only two levels.

After Bowser steals the Music Keys from Toad before they can be returned to Truffle Towers, Mario (or Luigi) and Toad board the SS Brass and chase Bowser to his castle. During their pursuit, they get attacked by Bullet Bills. Once they reach Bowser's Castle, they take back the Music Keys before Bowser is able to use them. Bowser proceeds to challenge Mario to a battle. After Bowser loses, he reveals that he was going to use the Music Keys to fix his tone deafness. Before they leave, Mario uses the Music Keys to turn the area around Bowser's Castle into a lush grassland.


Title (English) Stage Game Original music Original composer Japanese name
Always Smiling 5-1 Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka Johann Strauss II きっと笑顔がイチバンさ (Kitto Egao ga Ichiban sa)
Bowser's Castle 5-2 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bowser's Castle ワガハイはボスである! (Wagahai wa Bosu de Aru!)