Tree Topping
The possessed Stairs, boss of the area
Location Haunted Towers
Mission # 6
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Harsh Possessor
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Tree Topping is the boss mission of the Haunted Towers in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This is where the Harsh Possessor is fought and where the second Dark Moon piece is found.


Stairs attacking Luigi.

Luigi is pixelated to the Hollow Tree instead of the Haunted Towers Entrance for this mission. Luigi inserts the key into the door. He goes into the Eerie Staircase. Luigi has to watch the torches on the Eerie Staircase: choosing the wrong one makes Luigi slide all the way back to the bottom, with a Greenie or other ghost to defeat. Luigi has to reach to the top of the staircase to reach the Tree House. Prior to entering the Tree House, Luigi has to pull a cord with his vacuum to reveal a ladder.

In the Tree House, the Harsh Possessor takes control of the staircase leading to the Dark Moon piece. Luigi has to wait and avoid the staircase's attacks until it jumps, slams into the ground, and reveals the cord. Pulling the cord lets loose the Harsh Possessor, in which Luigi can suck in. Luigi has to repeat this two more times and the Dark Moon piece is his.

There are a total of 41 ghosts (if Luigi chooses the wrong stairs) in this mission.


Mission Goal:
Once inside the Hollow Tree, climb to the treetop and look for the Dark Moon piece in the Tree House.

  • Find the Dark Moon piece in the Tree House.


We've finally got our mitts on that elusive special key! Now we've just got to get to the treetop and grab the Dark Moon piece.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大樹の奥に進め~!
Taiju no oku ni susume!
Go deep into the tree!

Chinese 向大树深处前进~! (Simplified)
Xiàng dà shù shēn chù qiánjìn!
前往大樹深處~! (Traditional)
Qiánwǎng dàshù shēn chù!

Go deep into the tree!

Dutch Trektocht naar de top
Trek to the Top
French Cime en vue
Top of the tree in sight
German Wipfelstürmer
Tree Top Striker
Italian Cima dell'albero
Top of the Tree
Portuguese (NOE) Copa da Árvore
Top of the Tree
Russian Домик на дереве
Domik na dereve
The House on the Tree

Spanish (NOA) La punta del árbol
The Top of the Tree
Spanish (NOE) La copa del árbol
The Top of the Tree