Ms. Mowz's Song

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Ms. Mowz's Song
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Ms. Mowz's Song (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
Stage 4-2 EX
Length 1:33
BPM 139
Note count 121 135 175 213 239
Music sample

"Ms. Mowz's Song" is a playable song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is an arrangement of Ms. Mowz's theme from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The song appears in Story Mode EX as stage 4-2, Cabin Fever EX, replacing "Cabin Fever." In it, the player character and Toad stop at a log cabin to warm up from the cold and wait out a blizzard. The interior of the cabin is similar, but instead of the plates dancing, burning logs exit the fireplace and dance alongside Mario or Luigi and the Podoboos. The Mr. Blizzards are still present outside, but they are not focused on by the camera.

The song's only gimmick in Mush Mode is Coin Switches.

Story Mode EX text

Even the coldest toes can warm up with these hot moves!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チューチューテクノ
Chu Chu Techno
Ms. Mowz's Techno

German Nagerines Song
Italian Canzone di Squitty
Ms. Mowz's song
Spanish Contante y sonante