Mario Toy Company

Not to be confused with Mario Toy Factory.
Mario Toy Company
Mario Toy Company level screen in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level(s) 8
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Donkey Kong looking at the building of the Mario Toy Company

The Mario Toy Company is a company that sells Mini-Mario toys in Mario vs. Donkey Kong and its Nintendo Switch remake. In the game, Donkey Kong tries to purchase a Mini-Mario toy after seeing a commercial for the toys on television. However, all the stores are sold out. As a result, Donkey Kong travels to the company's factory and steals all of the Mini-Mario toys he can get his hands on. Eventually, Mario recovers all of the toys and defeats Donkey Kong. This is the first world in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

The Mario Toy Company acts as the introductory world in the game and contains simple puzzles. The world has an urban setting, featuring the company's headquarters surrounded by its affiliated buildings and many apartment blocks. During the Donkey Kong fight, Mario must throw Garbage Cans that appear depending on the buttons that Donkey Kong activates for a total of four times.

In the sequel, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, Mini Peach, Mini Donkey Kong, and Mini Toad toys are also produced by the Mario Toy Company, here renamed the Mini Mario Toy Company.[1] A theme park based on the toys is additionally made.


Level Image Summary
Level 1-1   The first level of the game, showing the basics of level progression
Level 1-2   A level with many ladders and Hammers
Level 1-3   A level that makes use of Color Switches and Wire jumps
Level 1-4   A level that introduces conveyor belts
Level 1-5   A level that introduces Springboards
Level 1-6   A level that makes use of Handstand techniques
Level 1-mm   The first Mini-Mario level, using Color Switches and conveyor belts
Level 1-DK   The first fight against Donkey Kong, who causes debris to fall down and hit the player, who must pelt him with Garbage Cans of various colors and availabilities depending on which Color Switch DK activates.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニマリオこうじょう
Mini Mario Kōjō
Mini-Mario Factory

Chinese (simplified) 马力欧玩具公司
Mǎlìōu Wánjù Gōngsī
Mario Toys Company

Chinese (traditional) 瑪利歐玩具公司
Mǎlìōu Wánjù Gōngsī
Mario Toys Company

Dutch Mario's speelgoedfabriek
Mario's Toy Factory
French Jouets Mario & Co.
Mario & Co. Toys
German Mini-Mario AG
Mario & Co. Spielzeuge (Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake)
Mini-Mario AG (AG means "Aktiengesellschaft", anonymous society)
Mario & Co. Toys
Italian Giochi Mario SpA (Mario vs. Donkey Kong and its remake)
Mario Toy Company (March of the Minis onward)
Mario Toys/Games joint-stock company (Allusion to Italian toy company Giochi Preziosi S.p.A.)
Korean 마리오 토이 컴퍼니
Mario Toi Keompeoni
Mario Toy Company

Spanish Fábrica de Juguetes Mario
Mario Toy Factory


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