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Species Dinohattanite/Pterosaur
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Fiona Shaw
“Everyone deserves what they've earned! And I've earned this!”
Lena, Super Mario Bros.

Lena is a character that appears in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film. She is President Koopa's assistant and love interest, portrayed by Fiona Shaw.


Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

Lena after being electrocuted by wiring on Koopa Square

Early in the movie, Lena is introduced as Koopa's significant other and loyal assistant residing in Koopa's Tower. Upon Daisy being taken into Koopa's Tower by Iggy and Spike, Lena begins to display jealousy and resentment, fearing that Koopa is looking to replace her with Daisy. Nevertheless, she follows Koopa in his pursuit of obtaining the meteorite piece to merge the dimensions. She removes Daisy from the Goomba Barracks, and takes her to her own personal room up on Koopa's Tower; Lena mentions that it used to be her room before her "promotion". There, she informs Daisy that her mother is dead and that Koopa needs her in order to merge the dimensions of Dinohattan and Earth personally; Koopa believes only Daisy is able to merge the dimensions successfully, a prospect that Lena is skeptical of. Lena is alerted to the present of Mario and Luigi at the Boom Boom Bar by the Hat Check Girl working there, and she arrives with a group of Goombas; the Goombas arrest Spike and Iggy, while Lena retrieves the meteorite piece after Mario and Luigi lose it in their attempts to thwart the Goombas.

Lena attempts to bring the meteorite piece to Koopa, who blows her off due to being angry and distracted. This upsets Lena into to carrying out the mission without Koopa, intending to invade Earth for herself. She attempts to kill Daisy, but is thwarted by the royal pet, Yoshi. Daisy runs away as Yoshi pulls Lena towards him with his tongue, and she stabs Yoshi with a knife and follows after Daisy. Koopa learns that Lena secretly made off with the meteorite and orders her arrest; Sergeant Simon arrests Lena and confiscates the piece, which he turns over to Koopa.

During Koopa's battle with Mario, he loses the meteorite piece, and Lena covertly grabs it while leaning over a railing underneath; the railing gives away and she falls onto wiring below, which electrocutes her. She survives the electrocution, but it leaves her severely burned and causes her hair to spike, giving it a gray streak. Lena laughs maniacally, the meteorite piece still in her possession, and runs into the meteorite chamber to merge the dimensions. As Daisy and Luigi run after her and warn her not to, she inserts the meteorite into the chamber and starts the merging of the two dimensions; this creates a massive power surge that vaporizes Lena, with the blast shooting her skeletal remains into a wall and embedding it there. The skeleton's jaw drops down in an apparent drawing of last breath after Daisy realizes that Koopa was right: only Daisy herself can withstand the force of the meteorite. Lena's actions are ultimately undone by Daisy and Luigi separating the dimensions via the latter's plumbing tools.



  • The Lena skeleton prop used in the film has been repurposed as decoration for the Barbary Coast bar located in Wilmington, North Carolina.[1][2]
  • Lena's design appears to sport some pterosaur-like features as a possible reference to her ancestral lineage: she sports a beehive-like hairdo very reminiscent of a Pteranodon's long crest and her outfits often sport long, flowing capes resembling a pterosaur's massive wingspan.