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Yaburiki is a soldier enemy in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.


Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3[edit]

The being first appears as a miniboss that guards a room in the fortieth and last course of the game. It takes the appearance of a spear-holding knight that wears a generic armor, a helmet, and a breastplate. It also displays a menacing spike on its helmet. Wario cannot attack this enemy from the top because of the thorn on the head, and the spear is also dangerous. The only weak point of Yaburiki is the back. Wario must attack Yaburiki by hitting it with a body slam three times, in order to ground it. If Wario is Tiny Wario, he can produce a 10 Gold Coin and throw it at Yaburiki to damage it instead. Whenever the soldier takes damage, it turns to face Wario, rushing at him to stab him with its spear. The soldier calms down after a while, and the process can be repeated. On its last hit, Yaburikiri's visor breaks revealing its face which resembles a duck similar to D.D.

Yaburiki is rather a mini-boss than an enemy, due to its rarity and the way Wario can defeat it. After it is defeated, a door that leads to the next room opens; thus, this is the only enemy (excluding the bosses) that must be defeated to progress forward.

KC Deluxe[edit]

Yaburiki as depicted in KC Deluxe

Yaburiki appears in KC Deluxe guarding Syrup's room like in the game, but it faces Mario, Luigi, and Peach in addition to Wario. Once Yaburiki's armor is knocked off it's revealed it was actually three D.D. standing on top of each other.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤブリキ[1]
May come from yaburi, meaning "breaking", and buriki, meaning "tin plate".


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