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Artwork of Mario in Mario Party: Island Tour
Species Human
First appearance Donkey Kong (1981)
Latest appearance Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
Artwork of Mario in Mario Party: Island Tour
Real name: ???
Age: 12
Birthday: Nov. 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Editor
Catch Phrase: That's-a Right for them!
Favorite letter of the alphabet: M
Favorite Game: New Super Mario Bros. 2; because it has many coins
Favorite Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Waluigi, Wario, Toad, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Yoshi, Birdo
Favorite SSBB move: Super Jump Punch
Favorite Mario couple: Mario x Peach
Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog couple: Silver x Blaze
Favorite Zelda couple: Link x Zelda
Made up Captain Falcon move: FALCON RANCH!
Best couple for me: Peach x Mario and Luigi x Daisy
Favorite Mario Party: Mario Party: Island Tour
Paper Mario enemy

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii + New Super Matt Bros. Wii
Game Logo
Developer Supermatt
Platform(s) Wii
Release date USA October 1, 2013
Genre Platformer
ESRB:E - Everyone
Mode(s) Single-player, cooperative and competitive multiplayer up to one thousand twenty-four players
Media Wii Optical Disc
Wii Remote (horizontal)

I am the best user in the Super Mario Wiki. Star Bits are good. And the Toad Brigade Captain is also good.

My signature

Artwork of Mario in Mario Party: Island Tour New Supermatt Bros.Artwork of Luigi from Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario and the Quest for the Mushroom World

I am going to make this fangame on Fantendo. Please note that my user name is DaPeashooter45.

The Characters




My favorite characters

My favorite characters are in that box below.

How Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach Toadstool

Bowser has repeatedly kidnapped Peach over a dozen times, and torments her kingdom constantly. It has been shown Bowser has fallen in love with her, and wants to win her heart. Only Radar Overseer Scotty could destroy Bowser.

What is the Minus World?

The Minus World is a glitch level found in Super Mario Bros. and is arguably regarded as the most famous glitch in video game history. It is an underwater level (exactly like World 2-2 in geography and enemy locations) that cannot be finished (the pipe at the end takes the player back to the start), meaning that once there, Mario or Luigi is doomed to lose all of his lives by either running out of time or being defeated by enemies. The level got its name from fans because, when in the Minus World, the top screen says that Mario is in World -1. This is because of a glitch in the panels displaying the numbers. The Minus World is actually World 36, but the game tries to display the unused graphic for the number 36, leading to -1. This applies to the North America version. However, in the Japanese version, the Minus World is accessed the same way, but is very different in design. World -1 is just like World 1-3, but with underwater gameplay (despite lacking actual visual water) and featuring bizarre elements such as multiple floating Princess Toadstools and a floating, headless Bowser, as well as an overall glitchy palette for several objects.

It marks the only instance of an underwater flagpole (without the flag), which can easily stop the game from progressing if touched too high or initiating a fireworks display; if reached normally halfway down or lower, however, this flagpole will actually take Mario to World -2, a level identical to 7-3. There is finally a World -3 after this level; -3 is a version of World 4-4 that lacks its False Bowser and maze elements, is colored differently, and is filled with flying Bloopers that can be stomped for 1000 points. This behavior is otherwise unused, though nearly identical flying Bloopers would be featured in The Lost Levels.

Beating World -3 takes the player to the title screen as if the player had beaten the game. If the player starts the game again after going through the Minus World, it will replace all Goombas with Buzzy Beetles and will be like Mario's second quest (Wait, why isn't that clear?).

Supermatt's Userbox Tower
A badge of Luigi.
New Super Mario Bros.
Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
The mushroom glitch from Super Mario Bros.
File:Dice Block in-game sprite Mario Party 9.png
Dice Block Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour.png
Sprite of Wario winning, from Mario Party 8
Artwork of the Dice Block, from Mario Party 7.
Smack that Block!

How Mario games are good

I know why Mario games are great. Nintendo created Mario because he is my character. Luigi and Yoshi are also my characters. Also, Toads are also good. Also, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension would be great. This includes Kitsune Luigi/Fox Luigi. And even MKW. Also, Bucken-Berry and Ala-Gold are just sidekicks. Young Master Daisy is one of my best characters.

Why Super Mario 64 3DS is like Super Mario 64 DS

I know why, because I created the logo.

The logo of Super Mario 64 3DS.
The logo of Super Mario 64 3DS

Mario Party: Island Tour

Because this is a better Mario Party to play, it has new minigames and more, that is why I like this better than Mario Party DS. The gameplay is not much is shown at the moment, but it seems that this Mario Party game uses the traditional independent four player gameplay as opposed to Mario Party 9, except players still hit a six-sided Dice Block numbered 1-6 instead of a Dice Block numbered 1-10 10-1,000,000 in the first eight installments. Like Mario Party 9, players appear to move along a linear board, though in this game it appears to be a race to the end. However, the Spaces appear similar in function to those from Mario Party 9. It is also shown that the players can use special cards to hinder their opponents, similar to Orbs from previous Mario Party installments, this game is also known as Mario Party 3DS.

Group artwork for Mario Party: Island Tour
Group art of Mario Party: Island Tour

Why Island Tour is more awesome

Rosalina I know if it has new gameplay elements or not, the playable characters are:

Aside from the six playable characters, there are two more playable characters:

But one more character. Don't be surprised that it is true. It is:

Now, a new comer that can be unlocked by clearing Bowser's Tower is:

As I suggested, you may have to play it.

Toad is just helpful

Toad Solo MK7.png

He may be good, but he can just help me on my way to beat Mario games. And if there would be a Super Mario World 2, it may be the sequel to Super Mario World and may have the title Super Mario World 2: The Next Levels.

Mega Ztars

Mega Ztars are miniature Ztars that are predominately dark purple. Making their debut appearance in Bowser Party 9, Mega Ztars serves as the opposing counterpart to Mega Stars as they will causes the players to lose a certain amount of Mini Mushrooms EVERYTHING after coming into contact with them.

As Mega Ztars are found in groups around the boards around certain spaces, they immediately display their effects if the player runs into them while presuming the role as the captain. Mega Ztars are rarely found alone, and are often found in groups of either three, five, or ten.

Mega Ztars can also be obtained in the "Unlucky" pipes as these miniature stars will be given out in a number depending on the player's dice roll. Unlucky routes may also lead to the player collecting Mega Ztars.

King Bob-omb is the boss who likes Mega Ztars.

Almost There

In Mario Party 10, due to the new gameplay, games are no longer played based on the number of turns, but rather how long it takes to reach the end of the board. However, a similar event still occurs. The event is called Almost There!, and it occurs when the players are almost at the end of the board, when they pass by Green Toad. His green-spotted flag pops up beside him as he gives out the current standings. Last place players get a Super Slow Dice Block. Even tied players in last place or everyone tied for first will get these Blocks.

Additionally, minigames are now selected by the player currently in last place, not the captain (unless the Captain is in last). This does not matter who is hosting a minigame; the boss minigame is still selected by the captain, regardless of their position (except at Bowser Station and DK's Jungle Ruins, where players are not given the option of choosing which boss minigame to play).

  • If two players tie for last place, one of them is randomly chosen to pick a minigame, regardless if the player is a human or CPU.
  • The Captain can still choose a minigame after the Almost There event if any of these situations occur.
    • The Captain is the one in last place
    • Everybody is tied for first place
    • Three players are tied for last place (when playing with 4 players)

During the event, Bowser also appears and asks the captain if they want "a whole bunch" of presents; if the captain agrees, he turns 300 to 6,000,000,000 predetermined spaces into Bowser Spaces; the spaces that he chooses never change. If the captain refuses Bowser's offer, he gives the players "a few" presents by turning 2 or 3 predetermined spaces into Bowser Spaces. On some occasions, Bowser will chastise the captain for being "a stick in the mud", and act as though they accepted his offer. If the Captain in this event is a CPU, he or she randomly refuses or accepts Bowser's offer. In Bowser Station, the choice is not given at all; Bowser automatically adds five Bowser Spaces to preset locations on the board. Four of the spaces are placed within the last six spaces of the route, along with a Jackpot Space and a Back Space; the latter's presence increases the odds of players being stuck in the gauntlet of Bowses for as long as possible.

My Own Items

Here is a list of what my items would be.

Green Dice Block
A green Dice Block.
First appearance Luigi Party (1999)
Latest appearance Luigi Party 9 (2014)
Effect Makes the player go the number of spaces.
Determines the turn order.

Purple Dice Block
4-5-6 Dice Block.
A purple Dice Block that can only be collected when landing on a Dice Space.
First appearance Wario Party 2009 (2009)
Latest appearance Waluigi Party 9 (2014)
Effect Makes the player move 3 to 8 spaces.

Golden Yellow Dice Block
A Slow Dice Block from Mario Party 9.
A gold Dice Block.
First appearance Super Mario Party 9 (2013)
Latest appearance New Super Mario Party 9 (2014)
Effect Gives the player the number of coins as shown on this Dice Block.

If King Pig were in Mario Games


King Pig must be in Mario games, it may be a boss. King Pig may also appear in an Angry Birds fan-on game, Bad Piggies World.

Mario Party 9 Dice Block Strategy Guide

If you need help, you can win Dice Blocks by landing on a Dice Space, or going to a Toad House (by landing on a Lucky Space). Look at the table below.

Item Image Description
Dice Block File:Dice Block in-game sprite Mario Party 9.png This is your basic Dice Block. It is numbered 1 to 6.
Slow Dice Block A Slow Dice Block from Mario Party 9. If you need to hit a number easily, you can use this Dice Block allowing choice from 1 to 6. It will slowly go through each number so that you can pick which one you want.
0-1 Dice Block 0-1 Dice Block. This Dice Block is useful when there are Mini Ztars are ahead or if you avoid spaces.
1-2-3 Dice Block File:Mp9123die.png Dice Block with half the numbers (1 to 3).
4-5-6 Dice Block 4-5-6 Dice Block. Dice Block numbered 4 to 6.
1-10 Dice Block File:1-10 Dice Block in-game sprite - Mario Party 9.png A rare Dice Block. Numbered 1 to 10. Useful when you are almost there to the finish.

If I were in Mario Super Sluggers

Template:MSSluggers stats

Character Good Chemistry Bad Chemistry
Supermatt Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy (!), Yoshi, Pianta, Noki, Yellow Mii, Donkey Kong Bowser, Wario, Bowser Jr, King Boo, Waluigi

If Princess Daisy, Wario and I were playable in Super Mario 3D World

Character Advantages & Abilities Disadvantages Unlocking Criteria
Supermatt Jumps high

Runs quickly

Can use his signature Edit Article attack that gives him an effective double attack. Also lets him defeat enemies and break blocks.

Has all stats maxed out
Falls faster

Loses his Edit Article attack when he gains a power-up (not including the Super Mushroom, the Double Cherry and the Super Star)
Playable from start
Speed: ★★★ Jump: ★★★
Character Advantages & Abilities Disadvantages Unlocking Criteria
Princess Daisy Has a high jump, but higher traction
Floats while jumping, but ability lasts longer
Can use her signature Crystal Smash attack that triples attacks. Also lets her defeat the toughest enemies and break even more blocks.
Lowest traction when on ice or snow
Loses her Crystal Smash attack when she gains a power-up (not including the Super Mushroom, the Double Cherry and the Super Star)
Playable from start
Artwork of Princess Daisy in Mario Party 8 Speed: ★★☆ Jump: ★★★
Character Advantages & Abilities Disadvantages Unlocking Criteria
Wario Strong enough to defeat enemies and break more blocks.

Can punch
Runs slower

Has the lowest jump

Has the minimum stats

Loses the ability to punch when he gains a power-up (not including the Super Mushroom, the Double Cherry and the Super Star)
Complete World Mushroom.
Artwork of Wario loafing from Mario Kart 7
Speed: ★☆☆ Jump: ★☆☆

Articles that I will create

When marked with "DONE", it's done.
List of Princess Daisy quotes DONE

My Favorite Games

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - The best Mario & Luigi game I have played. (Rating: 5/5)
Mario Party: Island Tour - Really the BEST Mario Party I played mostly! (Rating: 10/5)
Mario Kart 8 - Could come to me. The only next Mario Kart game I am waiting for. (Rating: 5/5)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: It's a new game of the SSB, on BOTH systems. (Rating: 7/5)
Super Mario 3D World - This game is what I always know for now. A better platforming game for all! (Rating: 9/5)

Favorite Mario Characters