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Issue XXXVIII May 16th, 2010 About        

Staff Notes Fake News Art & Music
Stooben Rooben
Brawl Tactics
Non-Marioverse Review
Fun Stuff Pipe Plaza Ultimate Character Tournament
Beta Elements

Fun Stuff

From the Director

Hello, good readers! This is Z3r0 Tw0, your Fun Stuff director! Before you get to our sections, I ask that you consider signing up to join the ’Shroom. We’ve got plenty of spaces to fill, so it won’t be hard to find one that suits you. And if you can’t find one, request a new section! I’ll be happy to listen to your suggestions. I hope you all consider this and sign up for an interview. Now without further ado, I give you the Fun Stuff!

-Z3r0 Tw0 (talk)

Find the Differences

By Edofenrir (talk)

The original can be found here:

Now, see if you can find all 15 differences! ytgartedit.jpg


Guess that Game

By Mr bones (talk)

1st game:

I gave birth to many Mario characters.
I’m like a remake of another game.
It’s a dream to find me if you’re true gamers.
Can you really guess my name?

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Super Mario Bros 2</hide></showhide>

2nd game:

Climbing is my main option.
I turned the hero into a villain.
I’m a very old game.
Can you, guess my name?

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Donkey Kong Jr.</hide></showhide>

3rd Game:

Boo! Boo! Everywhere you go.
You can’t win when you don’t participate.
Boo! Boo! Poor big bro.
Imprisoned by someone I hate.
Boo! Boo! That’s all you need to know.
Find my name before it’s too late.

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Luigi’s Mansion</hide></showhide>


by Tucayo (talk)

Before starting my sections this month, I want to ask you to PLEASE join the Fun Stuff. We really need some writers, because we are lacking good writers. If you are interested please contact Z3r0 Tw0 (talk) or myself. Thanks!


You know what this link is for

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

Guess who the characters in the images are!

180px-Dragonzamasuartwork2mod.jpg Wattmod.gif tweetermod.jpg franklymod.jpg bundtmod.jpg

Yeah, you guessed, the answers

Mind Bogglers

By Papero (talk)



Fake News

Director’s Notes

by Ralphfan (talk) I’m back (in black)! Welcome to another issue of the Fake News. As always, we are looking for more writers, so sign up below if you are interested in writing any of the following sections:

  • Fake Music
  • Fake TV
  • Fake Police Blotter
  • Character Battle

For more info on these positions, click here.

Sign up on this list in the {{User|Username}} format. If there are no more spaces available, feel free to add a space for yourself with the # sign.

  1. Larryman (talk)
  2. Commander Code-8 (talk)
  3. Panther2598 (talk)

If you aren’t interested in the Fake News, but want to write for another ’Shroom position, please contact Stooben Rooben (talk) or Tucayo (talk) for main team positions, Marioguy1 (talk) or Super Mario Bros. (talk) for Pipe Plaza, Z3r0 Tw0 (talk) for Fun Stuff, and Paper Pikachu (talk) for Art & Music.

And now, for the news!

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Come to sunny Bianco Hills! We’ve got water, people who throw you, and a lot of Goop. …wait a minute…Mario was supposed to deal with that crap. Um…that’s not good…does anyone want a sequel? That’s actually a pretty good idea. Anyway, you get to spray stuff and see big plants with thorns. We could tell you a lot more, but we’d get in trouble if you live in a spoiler-free zone. In any case, come to our sunny patch of paradise (and Goop) today! A trip for four costs just $599.99, including round-trip airfare and hotels.

Fake Game: Super Mario: World of Mushroom

by Edofenrir (talk)

Super Mario: World of Mushroom boxart.

Greetings, dear readers of The ’Shroom. This is Edofenrir, and today we are going to check out another yet-to-be-revealed game from Nintendo’s secret treasure vault. This month Nintendo seems to explore a whole new genre, but let us first see how I got my hands on this brand new info.

So, two weeks ago on Saturday evening I was sitting at home, doing what I do every Saturday evening: Besieging the Nintendo Power Line and telling the telephonist all my thoughts and suggestions about the future of the Mario franchise. And just the moment I mentioned my concerns about the shape of Luigi’s mustache, the telephonist began shouting at me. My speech must have really moved him, since he was crying (in joy) when he yelled: “Please… Please, Mister, I beg you! I cannot take it anymore! I will do everything! I will even send you a few prototypes of our newest Mario game if you just. Never. Call. This. Number. Again!!!” And since I could really hear the happiness in his voice, I agreed.

Two days after that I received a package, containing the aforementioned game. ”Super Mario: World of Mushroom”, the box art said, “A Mario multiplayer online role-playing game.” “Doesn’t sound like much…”, I thought as I inserted the game into the Wii…

I shall write my experiences in the game in form of an adventurer’s log. Since logs sometimes tend to be very long, I will split it into two parts. The first part will follow immediately, while the second part and the conclusion will be covered in the next issue of The ’Shroom.

Now let’s begin with the game.

Day 1: Creating a Character

As of the beginning of day 8
WoM DRH.png
Doomdrael Ravenhunter
Played by Edofenrir
Class Blooper
Level 10
HP 32
FP 12
Weapon Weird Wooden Hat
Skills Erratic Tackle
Ink Blast
Blooper… Oh hey, that’s me! I’m a Blooper Ninja, yay! Anyway, I am the group’s swift guy and as such have the highest agility. Very suited for doing quick attacks.
WoM 2257.png
2257 the Great, Destroyer of Planets
Played by 2257
Class Dry Bones
Level 15
HP 12
FP 25
Weapon Wooden Femur
Skills Bone Crusher
Rise again
Our main melee guy, despite his low HP. Can club things with his bone club and does undead things like auto-reviving himself.
WoM Laurus.png
Played by Tucayo
Class Yoshi Melonhead
Level 12
HP 41
FP 10
Weapon Grapefruits
Skills Throw Weapon
Eat Weapon
Our secondary melee guy. Fights with fruit, but secretly dreams of wielding a sword.
WoM Walkazo.png
Played by Walkazo
Class Magikoopa
Level 15
HP 30
FP 56
Weapon Wooden Staff
Skills Geomancy
As an offensive-aligned mage, she is our damage dealing unit. She also comes up with the most strategy and saves us when I screw up something happens.
WoM SMB.png
Played by SMB
Class Yoshi Scout
Level 12
HP 24
FP 8
Weapon Wooden Whistle
Skills Tame Beast
Command Beast
Our versatile guy. His usefulness depends on the monsters he befriends. He has to make pacts before he is of any use, though.
WoM Stoobario.png
Played by Stooben Rooben
Class Toad Doctor
Level 13
HP 15
FP 64
Weapon Wooden Medical Bag
Skills Megavitamins
Extra Life
He is the team healer and as such lacks offensive skills. An unwritten rule in Online RPGs also says that the healer is to blame for everything.

The game began with a fancy introduction sequence, like many other games. Right after that I got to the character creation screen. There was really a bunch of stuff to choose from. I had to pick a race for my character, a class, a name, and thousands of other knick-knacks. The game features 24 playable characters in total, so I felt a little confused at first. Here is what the game threw at me:

All character selection options

WoM Classes Toad1.png WoM Classes Toad2.png WoM Classes Toad3.png
Toad Soldier
A balanced melee unit. Can randomly begin to panic in battle.
Toad Doctor
Medical Bags
Best healing unit in the game. Uses Megavitamins.
Toad Ninja
A Ninja Toad. Excellent at hiding and running away.
WoM Classes Goomba1.png WoM Classes Goomba2.png WoM Classes Goomba3.png
Spiky Goomba
Weird hats
Classic offensive melee unit. Attacks with its head.
Tanoomba Mage
Magical Rods
Can copy other magic users’ spells and use them for himself.
Spiky Shoes
Quick flying unit that attacks by dancing on the enemy’s head.
WoM Classes Koopa1.png WoM Classes Koopa2.png WoM Classes Koopa3.png
Hammer Bro.
Classic defensive melee unit. Gets to wield the best weapons in the game.
Magical Rods
Magic users that can learn offensive and defensive magic.
Fishing Rods
Flying unit that fights with Spiny Eggs and cloud-based moves.
WoM Classes Yoshi1.png WoM Classes Yoshi2.png WoM Classes Yoshi3.png
Yoshi Scout
Classic beast master unit. Tames and controls monsters in battle.
Yoshi Shaman
Magical Rods
Uses nature magic to trap enemies with vines and drop Chomp Rocks on them.
Yoshi Melonhead
A hybrid class that combines close–range and ranged combat. Can also eat its weapon to restore health.
Shy Guys
WoM Classes ShyGuy1.png WoM Classes ShyGuy2.png WoM Classes ShyGuy3.png
Known as the “Fist of the Mushroom”. Fights with his hands and energy attacks.
Snufit Ball
Utilizes a customizable and remote-controlled Snufit for battle.
Shy Guy
Prankster who is good at ranged combat and stealing things.
WoM Classes Spook1.png WoM Classes Spook2.png WoM Classes Spook3.png
Dry Bones
Bone Clubs
Offensive melee unit. Has very low HP but can revive itself as long as it has FP.
Mr. I
Mesmerizing mage who petrifies enemies with piercing gazes and then attacks.
Boo’s Sheet
Trickster unit who can turn invisible and steal from other units.
Metal Beings
WoM Classes Metal1.png WoM Classes Metal2.png WoM Classes Metal3.png
A melee unit that combines offensive and defensive qualities.
Metal Orb
Exploding unit that can also build ships and travel over the sea.
Bullet Bill
no weapon
Flying unit which fights both with its fists and its explosiveness.
Sea Creatures
WoM Classes Fish1.png WoM Classes Fish2.png WoM Classes Fish3.png
Cheep Cheep
This unit combines close-range melee with basic attack magic.
Magical Rods
Best offensive mage in the game. Can hold onto four rods at once.
Weird Hats
Swift unit that fights with chaotic moves and ink blasts. Wears a toga…

Day 6: Finally Getting Started

After spending a relatively short time on the character selection screen I settled for a Blooper wearing a toga for some reason. I named him “Doomdrael Ravenhunter”, which is a really cool sounding name, hands down. Then I dressed my Blooper up like a ninja, and finally I began playing the actual game.

The character creation screen provides many interesting design options.

So, the game began with Doomdrael being washed ashore, having lost all his memories of past happenings. So far, so good. I looked around and found myself on a deserted coast, being stripped of everything I had, including a weapon. I checked the manual and found out that my character uses hats with various blades attached to them as a weapon. My chances of finding something crazy like that in the wild were pretty slim. Fortunately I managed to come across a shop (in a cave) specialized in exactly that kind of contraptions made from driftwood. Since I was in a desperate situation I decided to buy one of the weird hats, but when I questioned the shop owner’s logic for setting up a hat shop at a deserted coast, he got angry and threw me out.

I walked around at the coast with my Blooper Ninja, but after the first ardor faded away it got very boring. I was about to throw the game out and switch to Tetris when I remembered what my mother often used to tell me when I was young: “Remember, son: Always wear a jacket in the rain, and if you ever happen to play a Massively Multiplayer Online Role–playing Game, don’t forget to play it with friends or it will be very boring.” What a great idea! Hastily I sent the other copies of the game to some of my friends.

Day 7: Meeting the Other Guys

A day later I finally received answers from the people I contacted. I got Stooben Rooben, Walkazo, SMB, Tucayo, and 2257 to play. Only Cobold refused to play, since “Online RPGs are no fun at all because the story is flat and you spent hours just to level up”. Nonsense, I say! So, to prove Cobold wrong, I continued with the game. After spending a short nine hours to reach level 10 I was finally allowed to leave the start area and explore the vast land filled with other players. As I set foot on the world map, an old wise man approached me.
“I shall reveal the plot to you!” he said. “You are the chosen one, so clobber some monsters.” Awesome!

Motivated by the old man I entered the nearest town, where I met a player playing a Dry Bones named “2257 the Great, Destroyer of Planets”… Well…
“Are you by any chance 2257?” I asked carefully. The answer I received was “>_>”, which eliminated any doubts. We decided to explore the city together, and that’s where we found three other players, suspiciously named “Stoobario”, “SMB”, and “Walkazo”…
“Guys,” I said. “We are in an RPG. Why didn’t you give yourself some cool-sounding RPG names?”
”Well, I like my name,” Walkazo said, and Stooben added:
“What about your name? Broomangel Gravegrunter? That hardly sounds cool at all, man.”
That made me think. Maybe “Doomdrael Ravenhunter” wasn’t such a cool name after all? I don’t know…

Anyway, the four of us moved on until we reached the marketplace. The place was filled with all sorts of commotion and a mob of people gathered around the source of the noise. However, the crowd didn’t give us any chance of seeing anything, so I quickly decided to make room for us using the most reasonable method available in an RPG: Brute force. After the crowd more or less voluntarily left the place we found out the source of the commotion: A player named “Laurus” had placed himself in the center of the marketplace and started singing in a loud voice.
”Uhm… greetings…” I said hesitantly, not sure how to approach the player who was still singing very loudly.
”HI!!!!!!” Laurus said, while excessively using exclamation marks. “I know you guys!!!!!”
”Tucayo?” I asked, and he answered:
“Yeah!!!! How did you know?!?!?”
“Lucky guess…” I replied. Anyway, since we all found each other so quickly, we engaged in a conversation. The others told me that they too were washed on the shore at the starting area and that all of them met an old man, telling them they were the chosen ones. What a coincidence! With that knowledge, we decided to found a group of adventurers and explore the game together.

Day 8: Our Very First Quest

We started the next day with a discussion about what to do first.
”I want to go and buy a sword!!!!” Tucayo said calmly.
”I want to explore!” SMB added.
”I want to fight, collect experience, and max out my level so I can defeat everyone with my god-like battle skills!” I mentioned in all modesty. An old man who looked just like the old man from earlier heard our quarrel and scuffled over to us.
“My, you seem like a fine group of adventurers,” he said. “How about you do a little errand for me?”
”This is actually a good idea,” Stooben said. “By going on a quest, we could get money to buy a sword, we’d get to explore the land, and we’d get plenty of experience.” So without further ado we accepted the random old man’s task.

As we left the town, we thought about arranging our party, since we needed to be an efficient party to prevail in the upcoming battles. Since 2257 picked a Dry Bones, an offensive unit, we made him our burly front guy. Tucayo picked a Yoshi Melonhead, a unit that uses fruit to battle at close and long range, and we decided to make him assist 2257. As an offensively-aligned Magikoopa, we put Walkazo into the back line, serving as our main damage dealer. She was aided by SMB, a Yoshi Scout who fights by befriending animals and commanding them in battle, and by me and my Blooper’s ninja-esque stealth skills. Finally, we made Stooben’s Toad Doctor the team healer.

With our now fully functional party we began our journey. Along the way we recalled the words of the generic old man.
“Across the Plain Plains, deep inside the Fearsome Forest of Failure you will find King Bowser, the evil Koopa King… Go steal his bagel.” We entered the forest, but at a crossroad, we spotted another group of players: A Chomp, a Hammer Bro., and a Spiky Goomba, and they didn’t look too friendly.
“This is a risky situation,” Walkazo explained. “We don’t know how strong these guys are, so we should try to avoid a direct confrontation if poss—”
“CHAAAARGE!!!!” I screamed before lunging forward, hungry for experience points. I could see Walkazo facepalming, probably due to amazement over my glorious act of bravery! Anyway, the Hammer Bro.’s counterattack knocked me right back, and Stooben had to rush over to heal me.
”Stooben, don’t just stand there!” I exclaimed as I shoved him to the enemies. “Go and get them!”
“But I’m a healer, I cannot fi—” His last words were drowned in the sounds of the Chomp mauling our team healer.
”No, they got Stooben!” I shouted. “SMB! You must avenge him!” With that I threw SMB in the direction of the enemies.
“Wait Edo, I haven’t befriended any animals ye—”, he was silenced by the blade hat of the Spiky Goomba.
”Damn it guys, stop dying like that!” Suddenly the enemies started heading for me. I was about to finish them off with one of my flashy skills, when a magic attack erupted on the battle field and threw the enemies back.
”We have to retreat! Now!”, I heard Walkazo saying and she dragged me back on my collar. She sounded very annoyed, but I could understand. I mean, how could Stooben and SMB let themselves be defeated like that? They should have been more careful…

We barely managed to escape from the fight. Fortunately we found a 1-Up Mushroom along the way, so we could revive Stooben who then restored our party’s drained health.
”Well, that wasn’t so glorious,” SMB said shortly after being revived, “and I think we all know whose fault this was.” With that everyone looked at me, as if they expected an answer from me.
”Well,” I said, “I know what you’re all thinking, but you might be being a little hard on Stooben.”
”Wait, what?” Stooben said surprised. I elaborated: “Well, you are our healer, so why didn’t you heal us, like you are supposed to?”
”Uhm… I was dead,” Stooben replied, totally deadpan.
”You say that as if being dead is a bad thing…” 2257 remarked sadly. Now everyone looked at Stooben.
”Maybe Stooby just has to be a better healer next time,” Tucayo said. “Let’s move on!!!”
”I was DEAD!!!” Stooben exclaimed one final time.

We continued our journey through the forest. Along the way, we managed to gain some levels. Finally we reached an open spot which was our map pointed out as the location of our destination. There we saw the figure of Bowser, holding a big bagel in his paws.
”Ok, here is the plan,” Walkazo explained. I, however, was already brandishing my weapon.
”Chaaaa—” I was about to lunge forward when suddenly my voice failed me. “—aaaa-haack *cough*” Walkazo had hit me in the back with a Silence spell.
“Now where was I? Ah yes,” she continued as if nothing happened. “If we don’t do this strategically, the enemy will maul us. First we will need to immobilize him, and then—”
”There is a problem with that!!” Tucayo remarked, and he was right. The group we encountered (and lost to) earlier suddenly appeared from behind and were about to assault Bowser.
”They are going to steal the bagel before us!!” SMB shouted. I stepped forward heroically.
”Not if I can help it!” I exclaimed, but since I was still under the effect of Walkazo’s spell, all that cane out was “Nnuuuh… haack… *cough* *cough*.” I tried again. “Not… if… Not… ahem! *cough* Not if I… ”
”Cut it out and do something already!” 2257 shouted, but it was already too late. While I practiced my heroic speech, the other group had successfully completed their task. The only thing we could do was witness Bowser exclaim “My bagel!!!”
“Well, at least one good thing came out of this,” I said.
”And that is?” Stooben asked.
”I finally got my voice back.”
The next thing I felt was 2257’s club on my head.

We were about to leave the forest and report our failure to the old man, when we noticed something strange. The now bagel-less Bowser suddenly headed towards a structure we hadn’t seen the before. It turned out to be a pastry shop, and Bowser was purchasing a new Bagel.
”What the heck?” a member of our team exclaimed.
”You’re new in this game, aren’t you?” said a voice that didn’t belong to any of us. I turned around and saw a Cheep Cheep, complete with its own team. “Whenever Bowser’s bagel gets stolen, he buys a new one after some time, so everyone gets a chance to complete the quest. Now please get back into line.” With that he pointed to a line of many people; numerous player parties, all waiting to get a shot at robbing the Koopa King. A Piranha Plant employee greeted us at the end of said line. “Pick a number and wait here, please.”

After hours of waiting we finally were allowed to continue our quest.
”We need to immobilize him!” Walkazo said and opened the battle with an attack spell, “Then someone has to snatch the item while Bowser is distracted!”
”Let me give it a try!” SMB exclaimed and raised his arm, “Piranha Plant, attack!” A Piranha plant followed his words and headed towards Bowser.
”When did you get a Piranha Plant?” Stooben asked.
”Well, I grew tired of waiting, so I tamed the Piranha Plant employee from earlier.”
The Piranha Plant, which finally reached Bowser, now pulled out a clipboard and started talking: “Mr. Bowser, I hereby inform you that I was instructed to restrict your movement, as it is written in article 3 of the Piranha Plant decree.”
”Cut out the formal stuff and just bite him already!” SMB commanded.
”As you wish, dear sir. So, Mr. Bowser, it is as my superior said,” the Piranha Plant replied politely while simultaneously showing its teeth, “Please refrain from resisting while I apply my teeth in the prescribed manner.”
The instant SMB’s Piranha Plant started its attack, I dashed forward. “Yoink!” I remarked as I snatched the Bagel and delivered an Ink Blast in the foe’s face. I started gloating about my victory, but was interrupted by Bowser’s claws which tried to impale my back.
”Get out of there already!!” Tucayo yelled while throwing grapefruits at Bowser. With him and 2257 covering us, our group managed to escape from the battlefield and leave the forest. From far away we heard Bowser’s voice echoing from the trees. “Why is it always my bagel?!” he shouted, “This is the sixtieth time today!”

Day 9: More Fate and Stuff

Walkazo and I on a shopping trip. Wait, what? When did she say that? I probably should have looked at these images before.

The next day we managed to get back to the small town and presented the bagel to the old man. “Well done, young travelers,” the old man said while eating our hard-earned bagel, “Anyone who can get a bagel is worthy of being called a great hero. Now you must visit the Town of No Name, just across vicious Placeholder Mountains. You must do this because it is your destiny. But before that you should spend all your money in this town, because nothing is more fun than traveling with your pockets full of trash that slows you down.”

With the money we got from the old man we bought some recovery items, just in case our healer screwed up again. Tucayo took the rest to buy a sword for himself, but then had to realize that his class couldn’t use any weapon that is not a fruit. I felt sorry for him, so I gave him a banana and told him it was a knight saber. I think that managed to cheer him up. When all our preparations were done, we set out towards Placeholder Mountains…

…to be continued in the next issue of The 'Shroom…

Cooking Guide

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hiya everyone, and welcome to another Cooking Guide issue! This is Baby Mario Bloops, your one and only host. Due to unknown reasons, we had all the special guest unable to attend to, so we saved a lot of money it will just be me again.

Today, I am making the rare and delicious Sky Juice!!!

Basically, I will show a better way to make the recipe. I'm going to freak out if you don't get this by now. First off, you need:

  1. Say your prayers, and kill yourself. If you are good, you will go straight to the Overthere. If a bad person, you will deal with the Underwhere, which will take you longer to travel to the apples.
  2. Climb up to any random tree in the overthere and hammer it until you get an apple to come down. Whatever you do, don't take a bite, for you will go a turn of the worse.
  3. Butter up Grambi until you can go back to living.
  4. Go to the nearest store and buy whatever syrup you want.
  5. Bring all the supplies to your kitchen.
  6. Put the apples into the blender, and set it for low. Gradually pour water into the blender until it reaches the top. Keep it running.
  7. Get the fancy glass cup and pour the syrup of your choice in. It will get it a more sweeter taste as you drink.
  8. Put the cup in the fridge for about 3 hours.
  9. Once it has been an hour, turn off the blinder and let the apple slush settle down at room temperature.
  10. After the hours have past, mix together the honey and apple into the fancy glass cup, and leave it in the freezer until ready to serve.
  11. Now completed, enjoy this delicious frosty treat whenever the Angry Sun comes over the summer!

Fake Ads

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

SMG2 Cloudflower.png

As you all know, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released in about a week…*audience applauds*

SHUT UP! As I was saying, I am selling these wonderful Cloud Flowers that I stole grew in my garden along with my other drugs plants.

With this you will gain the ability to create clouds. These clouds can make you reach a new high, and I mean a serious high, like hundreds of feet in the air high. What’s even cooler, is that when you spin, you will literally fart a cloud that you can stand on.

One of our customers stated “Wow! I am so high right now. I mean, I can literally touch the clouds. It’s like I’m walking on air.” And indeed he/she was walking on air.

Order now and you will receive this product, along with this super cool Brick Block, because nobody seemed to buy them. Please, my house is cluttered...

Warning: Don’t overdose on this product. You may get too high and die.! ;)


by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Hello and welcome to an exciting issue of the interview with the host that goes by Baby Mario Bloops! Today we will bring out spotlight on a character that has much to talk about, with many ablities that helped Mario greatly in one of his adventures. Give it up to Vivian! Let us begin...

Baby Mario Bloops: Hi! How are you?

Vivian: Not bad, a little tired, but I get use to it.

Baby Mario Bloops: That's right, you live in Twilight Town. So how are your sisters doing?

Vivian: Oh, them, yeah. I guess you could say that are doing fine, but ever since our Shadow Queen passed away, they are a little feeble.

Baby Mario Bloops: Oh well, she did want evil brought out, but at least you helped Mario.

Vivian: Oh, yeah, that was so much fun with Mario!

Baby Mario Bloops: We bet, since you love him, and don't deny it as we can see it in your eyes!

Vivian: ...So you got me, but he is better off with Peach.

Baby Mario Bloops: Agreed. So, here is a good question. Are you male or female if I may ask?

Vivian: ...I'm considered female in some areas, yet male in other areas. I don't get it, who said I'm male or female?

Baby Mario Bloops: Wait? What did you say?

Vivian: We are genderless, just shadows of everyday life. That is why we are able to hide in the ground, simply because we are basically shadows.

Baby Mario Bloops: Oh! That makes more sense. Well, I think that is about that time to cut off and say goodbye. Any last words?

Vivian: Ummmmmmmm, I know! Mario, if you ever need help again, you know my number!

Baby Mario Bloops: ....Okay, I hope I never hear that again.

Vivian: Sorry, just had to get that out.

Baby Mario Bloops: Well, goodbye Vivian and hope to possibly see you in the nearby future. And to all of you reading, I will see you next month and don't forget my 1st user birthday is around the corner. Bye!!!!!

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

The Mushroom Basketball League began postseason play, and, following in the footsteps of the NBA, every series was a 4–0 sweep. However, in the Mushroom Hockey League, all series went at least 5 games, proving that hockey is far better than basketball, and also proving that Ralph did not have time to write anything better than this.

Fake Weather

by Toadwell (talk)

3 Day Weather Forecast

Friday: Toad Town, 45. Huge toad‐nado striking!
Bowser World, 104. C6 hurricane! Bowser World in for evacuation in a different warp pipe.
Desert World, 300. Sandstorms all day.
Ice World, −99. Will be cold forever.
Lava World, 999. Bowser’s Volcano Erupting, STAY INDOORS!

Saturday: Toad Town: 0. No Weather, no Gravity, no Sunlight; no Warnings.
Bowser World: 78. Pie Rain ,use hands to catch pie.
Desert World: 119. HOT HOT HOT!!!
Lava World: 1,167. Lava sprouts near.

Sunday: Toad Town: 74. Sunny all day!!!
Bowser World: 86. Overcast.
Desert World: 159. HUMID HUMID!!
Ice World: −109. Freezing Water!!
Lava World: 1,793. Lava rain.

Watch for Star Bit rain on Monday!

Fake Characters

by LaLaLand123 (talk)

Well here’s a new one everyone’s been waiting for: Luigi’s Mansion 2. This game is pretty self explanatory, as it is a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion. However, it is set in a different mansion. Also, some cool new characters are introduced in this new game. First, there are the twin sons of Professor E. Gadd.: Professor E. Gadd Jr. and Professor E. Gadd II. Basically, there are three mansions and one of the professors helps you in each one. There is also a new type of Boo. We already knew about Balloon Boos, regular Boos, Dark Boos, and many others that I’m SURE are out there, but now we're introduced to possessive boos. These tricky ghosts can actually sneak into Luigi and control him. Luigi can only break free of these Boos by sucking up coins with the Poltergust 1100! This game comes out for the Gamecube and DS on February 31st, 2013.

Fake Shop

by Travix Man (talk)

Long time no see, people. Travix Man here with sweet new items from both of the hottest new Mario games: New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2! Feast your eyes on these items, as well as their slick prices.

1st Item: Propeller ’Shroom

1st Item Info: This will let you transform into a propeller man/lady! And, it lets you hover many feet in the air! (Isn’t that great?)

1st Item Price: 1,000 coins

Sorry, but I have to go. Dinner at my sister-in-law’s...yuck.

Art & Music

Director’s Notes

Paper Pikachu

Paper Pikachu here, for yet another issue of The ’Shroom. Nothing new to report, except that Homestar Runner is back with Box Art of the Month, and of course FunkyK38 is still here for Sprite of the Month. Yup… besides myself, there are only two writers… yup. That brings me to my next point which is ART AND MUSIC NEEDS STAFF! If you are interested, please contact me on my talk page and we’ll try to work something out.

Box Art of the Month (By Homestar Runner)

North American box art for Mario Party 4

Oh, hello, everybody everybody! Today’s boxart is for the Gamecube game Mario Party 4.

…aaaand that’s about all I have to say. Seeya next time, and maybe I’ll pick something that I have more to say about!

Soundtrack of the Month (By Paper Pikachu)

In a mix of the overall main Super Mario theme, and the main theme of Super Mario Galaxy, the Good Egg Galaxy music [1] is a ballad of the galaxies, and a very good way to start one of Mario’s newest adventures, which leads up to Super Mario Galaxy 2. That said, that is the reason I chose it, in anticipation of the new game.

Sprite of the Month (By FunkyK38)


This time around, it’s this sprite from BiS. This hothead is a bit irritating to attack, but he looks so silly it adds to the fun of defeating him. Bright and fiery for spring.

Pipe Plaza

Director’s Notes


Hey there, MG1 here for Director’s Notes! I don’t have much to say about this issue so I’ll just get to the point of my notes; Pipe Plaza needs more members. We have ten positions open to the public, but only four of those positions are filled. So please apply for one of the six open sections – Monthly Report, Maintenance, Projects Seeking Contributors, Links and Mario Calender – by PMing me or SMB on the forums. We’ll send you a couple questions to determine your eligibility.

Well, with that request out just read on and I hope you enjoy the issue!

Super Mario Bros.

Hey everyone, SMB here. Uh… not much to say. If you want a job with The ’Shroom, please feel free to check the sign-up page to see if there are any open positions and contact a Core Staff member if you wish to sign up. Also, MG1 directed the Pipe Plaza this month, so I don’t have much else to say except for thanking him for managing the team this month Smiley. Hope you enjoy this issue!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

Tip of the Month: When editing a page, make sure not to hit your space bar before typing letters. It leaves a blue box around your text that elongates the page and does not look good. If you want a space before your text, try putting a colon before your text to get a space without the blue box.

Featured (Marioguy1)


OK, you know the drill. Now, let’s see those Fas…er…that FA!!!

And…no unfeatured content…

Well, for articles whose nominations failed we have…

The failed unfeature nominations are…

And that’s all for FAs!

But here we go with FIs and… what’s this? The FI passes/fails are…

And there are all the Featured Articles/Images this month!

NIWA News (Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am your awesome writer, Tucayo. Welcome to this month’s NIWA news. This was an active month for the staff; here is what happened:

  • After breaking down the forum like a zillion times, the shop is now open! It has some cool stuff, including a lottery system, a trade center, and more!
  • Angela, Wikia’s co-founder, just showed us the ineptitude of Wikia and made an offer to buy Bulbapedia. More info here.
  • Following with the Wikia fails, some days ago this cheap imitation of Bulbapedia was made. Wikia staff has been contacted, and it a possible lawsuit is being discussed. Stay tuned for more info. UPDATE: As of May 11th, this Wikia was closed.
  • Our NIWA staff discovered that the reason for those great fails may be this image. Just kidding – now back to the serious news.I love that image…
  • The long-awaited new Main Hub design will be released May 16th. Also during the next 3 weeks, the 3 wikis that are waiting to join NIWA will be introduced, according to the following schedule:
    • May 16th: WiKirby
    • May 28th: Metroid Wiki
    • June 4th: Wars Wiki.
  • An impersonator of Stooby showed up a few weeks ago at the Mario Wikia threatening said wikia. This user, as I said before, was an impersonator. We are looking for his IP to compare it against all of our wikis’ userbases.

That is pretty much what we have got for this month, I will keep you updated in case anything interesting happens, so keep a close eye on this section!

  • Update: WiKirby joined NIWA and now has its own board in the forum!

Upcoming Games (Paper Pikachu)

Hi everyone, Paper Pikachu here, welcoming you to Upcoming Games. Still on the focus of Super Mario Galaxy 2, we’ve got some new information, but not a lot for the much anticipated game.

One of the few new pieces of information revealed is the storyline. For reasons as of yet unknown, Bowser appears much larger then usual, with Princess Peach easily able to fit in his hand. He mentions he’s too big for the Mushroom Kingdom, and needs a galaxy big enough to suit him, and mentions he hopes Peach will bake a galaxy sized piece of cake for him. New features also include Cloud Mario, an ability that lets Mario create platforms, the Assist Luma, a new second player option different from the second player mode in Super Mario Galaxy, and the reappearance of Bugaboom as a boss.

Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Welcome back to Brawl Tactics. FunkyK38 here with your monthly report. This month I will be doing another princess, Princess Zelda!

Zelda is moderately fast and her attacks do a lot of damage when they are used properly, such as her charge attacks. The Up-charge is my favorite to use – it’s like a rocket launcher and it does massive damage. Zelda is lightweight, which means she gets knocked around more easily than a heavier character.

First up: Nayru’s Love. This attack is a force field attack that is good when you are surrounded. It’s not too powerful, but it produces a bit of knockback when used against a character that has taken a lot of damage.

Din’s Fire is a long range attack. The longer you hold it down, the more powerful it gets. I recommend a bit of practice with this one, as it is difficult to use if you don’t know how to use it properly. If you can make the most of it, it’s an effective move. Try knocking your foe back with a smaller combo and firing this at them. It works, let me tell you.

Farore’s Wind is a good Up special. It has a long range, which can help you out of a hard situation. It’s also easy to use going different directions, which retains the effect and distance of it. It’s a good move to use, but until Zelda comes out of the spell completely, you will not be able to move her from side to side, which may cost you a life if you’re not careful.

Transform is handy. I use it when I’m trying to avoid a Final Smash, because you get invincibility when you’re going through the transformation. It might take a little bit, but at least they can’t attack you while you’re using it.

Light Arrow is a fairly easy move to use that’s an instant KO. It has a long range, but a small shot. Make sure your opponent is directly in front of you or is in your range so you can be sure to hit them. After you get them, you won’t have to do anything else – it’s a guaranteed KO.

That’s it for me this time, Brawlers! Hope this helps you use Zelda and her mystic powers for battle!


by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Hello, all! Welcome to another edition of The 'Shroom's interview, starring your most favorite person of all time — me! This month, I spent quite a bit of time contemplating who to interview. I browsed the wiki and forum for a couple of weeks before I figured out who I wanted to interview: Marcelagus. Thankfully, he was up for an interview.

The Target

Marcelagus has had quite a long history on the Super Mario Wiki. He joined a little over 3 years ago under the name "Super Luigi Sunshine"; he was fairly inactive while he had this name, but when he changed his name in early 2008 to "Garlic Man", he became a much more active part of both the wiki and forum. On the wiki, he edited numerous articles, helped get a few policies in place (such as our Unfeaturing process for articles), started the Sub-Director position for The 'Shroom (in fact, he was the first one), and always voiced his opinions on important matters.

After a couple of months, Garlic Man had become a nominee for Sysop. Word spread about this nomination fast, encouraging him to be even more active on the wiki; he wanted to prove that he was ready for a promotion, and that he would do all he could to help the wiki once he was promoted. Months passed, but Garlic Man still hadn't been promoted. Why was this? Garlic Man's attitude began to change for the worse; he had become rather arrogant both on the wiki and forum. Around this time, evidence in the Sysop board on the forum showed Garlic Man saying that he was the same person as Mr. M (who registered on the wiki before Garlic). Mr. M was supposedly Garlic Man's brother, so it came as quite a shock to many to find out that this was a lie. This, along with his poor attitude, resulted in Garlic Man losing his Sysop nomination, as well as receiving a short suspension on the forum. Shortly afterward, Garlic went inactive.

Garlic man had been away from the wiki for about four months when a new member, known as "Shiancoe", joined the wiki. This new member was a very helpful member to the wiki during his short time here — he was even a nominee for Patroller. However, it was discovered the Garlic Man was actually Shiancoe, and that he was apparently trying to start anew. Garlic left the wiki and forum yet again — this time, however, he was gone for much longer.

Nearly a year had passed without any word from Garlic Man. Many people assumed he had retired and moved on; some others still wondered what happened to him (and even missed him). Then, one day, Garlic Man appeared in the chatroom. He wasn't too talkative, but he noticed that some people were glad to have him around again. So, Garlic came by chat again another day...and then another day, and another day. Eventually, Garlic came by chat nearly daily. He then started editing the wiki once more, and even became active on the forum again. Some people were still leery about Garlic Man, and were somewhat worried that he was going to "go back to his old tricks" (as a few people said).

He didn't.

Garlic Man renamed himself to "Marcelagus" earlier this year. His contributions on the wiki slowed down greatly, but he was still very active on the forum. Perhaps the most notable thing that Marcelagus has done this year is take an enormous part in NIWA. I think it's safe to say that without his help, NIWA wouldn't be anywhere near as organized and well-built as it is right now. Marcelagus has made huge strides to become a better member; I think it's safe to say that this year he has proven himself to be a better member.

*takes a breath*

Now, let's take a look at what Marcelagus is like today.

The Interview

Me: So, Marcelagus, can you tell me how you came across the MarioWiki?
Marcelagus: Hmm
Marcelagus: I'm pretty sure it was one of the links in the external links section of a Wikipedia article.
Marcelagus: And I clicked it and was lead there.
Me: That seems to be how a lot of people get here. Do you remember what type of Mario information you were looking for that day?
Marcelagus: Honestly, not at all. After all it was over 3 years ago.
Me: Haha, that's true. :P
Me: Also, considering how long you've been a member, I'm sure you've made quite a few accomplishments on the wiki and forum.
Me: What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?
Marcelagus: There's a couple that I can think of
Marcelagus: One was the Super Smash Bros. article. It looked a lot better (in fact, now featured) after I did some good amount of work on it
Marcelagus: I also got the Unfeature process figured out with Time Q which is significant I think
Me: Definitely. The Unfeaturing process has done wonders!
Marcelagus: And of course, I've contributed probably hundreds of Japanese translations for various article subjects.
Me: You could probably still contribute quite a lot to the wiki. How come you're more active on the forum than the wiki?
Marcelagus: It used to be the other way around, but I'm on somewhat of a wiki hiatus right now. I'm hoping to return once school lets out in June.
Me: Oh, good. I'll be looking forward to that.
Me: Do you have any goals that you think you'll try to beat if you return to the wiki?
Marcelagus: Well, I've always aimed to become a wiki staff member, but I guess these frequent hiatuses don't really help my cause, huh. :P
Me: Well, not right now. Becoming more active might be a big help, though.
Marcelagus: Yes, yes.
Me: So, if you were a Sysop, what would you do to improve the wiki more?
Me: (protip: deleting images is fun and helpful :P)
Marcelagus: Haha
Marcelagus: But to answer your question, there's still some changes I want to happen with the proposal, FA, and the widely-discussed Featured Image system, which hopefully I'll have some influence over if I were a sysop.
Marcelagus: And of course, blocking vandals is important. It's happened on a couple of occasions when a vandal goes wild and there's nobody online to stop it.
Me: I'm impressed. It sounds as if you've prepared yourself for whenever that day comes. Kudos.
Marcelagus: Thanks
Me: And now for something completely different!
Me: Do you have any hobbies off the wiki?
Marcelagus: Well one of my main things is that I play trombone at my high school as well as play soccer on the JV team. Ironically I haven't been able to play much video games recently, but I look forward to playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Me: Cool. Soccer is one of the only sports that I enjoy.
Me: Do you plan to be a professional soccer player some day?
Marcelagus: Haha, I wish. My future career will more likely be oriented around trombone.
Me: Ooh, maybe we could collaborate as musicians someday.
Marcelagus: Totally
Me: Let's see, I've got a couple more questions...
Me: Are you excited about this year's awards ceremony?
Marcelagus: I'm pretty neutral. Haven't been following it that closely, but I'll probably still vote for stuff.
Me: Voting is an important part of the awards, so I guess I can't give you a hard time. :P
Me: this the last question?
Marcelagus: No.
Me: Oh.
Me: You were wrong.
Me: It was. :)
Marcelagus: Because if I ask a question, it counts as a question, right?
Me: No. Only my questions matter.
Marcelagus: Curses.
Marcelagus: :P
Me: Maybe next time, champ. :P
Me: Anyways, thanks.
Marcelagus: Alright, nice talking with you.

In Closing

This interview was very special to me. Marcelagus was nominated for Sysop at the same time I was, which created a sort of rivalry between us back in '08. If it weren't for that rivalry, I honestly don't think I would have had the gumption to keep contributing — an, in extension, become a Sysop and Bureaucrat. So, in a sense, I look at Marcelagus as one of the people who has helped me the most on the wiki. He probably doesn't even know that yet, but it's true.

One thing that's quite obvious is that Marcelagus has had quite a shaky past. He's made a lot of mistakes, which a lot of members actually disliked him for. When Marecelagus returned, even I was a little worried that he was going to mess up again like he had before. But he didn't. And he's become a fantastic member because of that. Marcelagus is a prime example that just because you've made a lot of mistakes, doesn't mean you can't fix them (or make up for them). He went through quite a bit of trial and error to get where he is today — and even if he isn't a wiki Sysop or a forum Moderator, his efforts are pretty inspirational.

I hope you guys enjoyed this (really long) interview. Please come back next month for another interview. Until then, take care.

Beta Elements

by Turkishcoffee (talk)

Greetings, ’Shroom readers! I’m TurkishCoffee, your new resident conspiracy theorist writer for Beta Elements. I’ve always been intrigued by beta elements; what they could mean, what they could have been used for. Sometimes the answers are more boring than others, but sometimes they aren’t. Also, I like M&Ms. One of my favorite games is Super Mario RPG. Even better, it’s one of the RPG games, so it’s just bursting with beta elements for me to fling wild conjecture at! Are you as excited as I am? I don’t know if you can handle being as excited as I am. Please refrain from reading the rest of the article until you’re at a level of excitement you consider appropriate for your age and cholesterol level. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, has, strangely, a lot of unused enemies. Many are assumed to be sub-species and are palette swaps of existing enemies. I could suggest that the game was meant to be twice as long, or that there’s a conspiracy going on, but I honestly believe there’s a fairly simple – and sadly, boring – explanation for all of this. I think that the unused enemies were mostly just extras. Just something else, maybe a little bit harder than the others, just to mix up fighting the exact same enemies over and over. This meant that if they could not be finished on time – which is honestly why I feel they were omitted – it wouldn’t be a huge deal.

A Baba Yaga, an unused enemy from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars resembling a blue Fautso.
The “Baba Yaga”.

Now you may be wondering “If they were intended to mix it up, why are they just palette swaps? Surely that wouldn’t make them too interesting to look at!” Look at the colors of many of them. Quite a few of the colors are used for nuclear radiation in comic books or background transparency in graphic design. Colors that don’t seem to have any logical pattern to them, aside from just being a swapped palette. Some enemies do have logical colors, and quite possibly did have finished graphics. Those aren’t what I’m talking about here – despite the fact that I feel they were omitted for the same reason. I’m talking about electric blue things. The only place the foes with unnatural nuclear palettes could possibly fit is in an alternate dimension, possibly with Culex as the final boss (this could be supported by the name of one unused species, the Baba Yaga). That’s not what I think, though (as interesting as it may be).

Sprite of the unused enemy "Lumbler".

My theory is that they aren’t so much unused sub-species as unfinished enemies. Their graphics weren’t finished, so the development team plugged in finished graphics for finished foes with an unnatural-looking palette swaps. Likely, they used the graphics of enemies that the unfinished enemies were based on, resembled, or should be in the same area with to help make sure unfinished enemies showed up in the proper locations during testing. The unnatural colors made them easy to pick out. While the possibility of an entire extra area ruled by Culex is intriguing, I think the boring truth is that there there never was meant to be any Listerine® Freshburst version of Stumpet (known as Lumbler). I think that had the extra enemies been finished and put in the game, it would have been a nice little touch to have more things to slaughter while level grinding.

Non-Marioverse Review

by Leirin (talk)

Banjo-Kazooie is a 3-D platformer that was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. It was developed by Rare, which had previously created the Donkey Kong Country series and, a year later, gone on to make Donkey Kong 64.

Very rarely does a platformer take everything that makes the genre familiar – timing jumps, beating every enemy in your path, etc. – and put a spin on it fresh enough to make the game really stand out on its own. Banjo-Kazooie is an exception. Previewed a year before its release, the goal in developing the game was to expand upon the “Banjo” character Rare created for its 1997 racing game, Diddy Kong Racing. Banjo-Kazooie featured bright, cartoony graphics and characters, similar to those found in Super Mario 64 before it. This caused many to feel skeptical about the game, thinking it to be merely a copy of Mario’s 64-bit masterpiece. The end result? Everyone was blown away. The game was not only original, but it in fact expanded upon the concepts explored in Super Mario 64.

It all starts when Gruntilda, the evil witch living up high in her tower, looks into her pot and discovers she is not the fairest in the land, but rather, Banjo the bear’s little sister Tooty is – a clever parody of the fairy tale Snow White. Grunty flies off to kidnap Tooty in a fit of greed. This sends Banjo and his trusty sidekick Kazooie the breegull on a huge adventure from his homeland of Spiral Mountain all the way to the dramatic final battle with the witch herself on top of the tower.

The player must collect jigsaw pieces, called “Jiggies”, to complete the portraits of upcoming worlds so they can enter them. In these worlds, the main aim is to get the 10 Jiggies hidden in them, but another important goal is to find the 100 Music Notes, which have the ability to break down Note Doors, allowing Banjo to access other parts of Grunty’s Lair. In these worlds we bump into many strange figures: Freezeezy Peak, for instance, has a fat polar bear dad with a jiggy lodged in his stomach; Gobi’s Desert has a rather irritable camel who must use his hump full of water to help Nubnuts the tree grow, etc. Unlike many other games of its genre and time, Banjo hardly drags or loses its touch, and the imaginative worlds and funny characters are some of the key reasons that it doesn’t.

Not only must Banjo collect the notes and jiggies, but he must learn new moves and strategies that Bottles the mole teaches him. These “moves” typically involve Banjo and Kazooie joining together to perform some special technique, like the Beak Buster, where Banjo takes hold of Kazooie and uses her beak to ram into the ground. Similar to Wing Mario in Super Mario 64, Banjo will take flight on several occasions using Flight Pads, where the duo can soar almost endlessly into the big blue.

There are some twists in Banjo-Kazooie that just reek of genius. For instance, the fake final battle with Grunty is actually a game show laid out like a board game, except it’s levitating over a hot lava pool – Grunty quizzes the player on things found in the game, e.g. the names of characters, whose voice is whose, and so on. This was not only a comical idea, but it’s almost just as challenging as the real deal.

With its quirky British humour, wonderful game design and cheery look, Banjo-Kazooie stands out as one of the greatest 3-D platformers, not only of its time, but to this day. The beautiful Grant Kirkhope score sticks out in your memory like a sore thumb, as does the game’s brilliant level design.

The Final Verdict: 9.7/10


Welcome to the 1st annual Ultimate Character Tournament! I'm Ralphfan, and I'll be your host. What is the tournament? It's a series of polls in a bracket to determine the best character from the Mario, Sonic, Kirby, DK, Zelda, Banjo, and Conker games! Right now, we're in the sixth round, and you can vote in the polls listed below. Meetings were held in #mwUCT, which can be accessed here, on Userpedia, Darkmyst, Mibbit, mIRC, PJIRC, Chatzilla, or etc. We are also on the forum!

Click here to see the bracket


Meeting 1


SMB and I covered the Banjo and Conker series with help from MG1 and SLNO.


We determined a schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda and DK
  • 9/30: Sonic and Kirby
  • 10/7 - ?: Mario

Mario might take a long time.


14 Conker and 7 Banjo characters were accepted, and 4 more from Conker are on the bubble:

  • Jolly Roger
  • Gobi
  • Cheato
  • Roysten

Meeting 2

SUMMARY We covered Zelda. SMB missed a lot because of dinner, Tucky was there for most of the meeting, SLNO was logged on but inactive, Castle Toad was there towards the end, and MG1 was there throughout. We didn't have time for DK, plus I pinged towards the end.


New schedule:

  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 Zelda characters, and two others are on the bubble:

  • Agahnim
  • Evil Wizard

Meeting 3

SUMMARY We covered DK. SMB was there for the last half-hour because of dinner, but MG1 was able to cover, and Tucky was able to drop by.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 18 more, and put 6 on the bubble:

Meeting 4

SUMMARY We covered Sonic. SMB helped out, as did MG1, Turboo, Noahp89, and Tehchomps. Tucayo was probably watching the Yankees-Twins game.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added another 17, and put one on the bubble:

  • Super Sonic

Meeting 5

SUMMARY We covered Kirby. SMB was my only assistant, but he did a great job!


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - ?: Mario


We added 11 characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 6

SUMMARY We began Mario and got about halfway through because we ran long. We got through every game from Jumpman to SMRPG. We're going in chronological order by when the games were released. MG1 was there for most of the meeting; Tehchomps was very active as well; Packy was there for a good chunk of time; SMB, SLNO, and Yoshario also pitched in. Hopefully, we'll finish Mario next week, but I have the feeling it will go into November 4th's meeting.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 11/4?: Mario

We hope to finish next week, but it'll probably run through the start of the November 4th meeting.


We added 46 more characters and 0 maybes.

Meeting 7

SUMMARY We finished the Mario series. SMB was there, but busy, SLNO was there for a while, and Tucayo dropped by for a while, and Tehchomps was there for a bit.


  • 9/16: Conker and Banjo
  • 9/23: Zelda
  • 9/30: DK
  • 10/7: Sonic
  • 10/14: Kirby
  • 10/21 - 10/28: Mario
  • 11/4 - ?: Brawl, Seeding, and Bracket


We added another 63 characters for a total of 109 from the Mario series and 194 total.

Meeting 8

SUMMARY We did final touch-ups, covered SSB, and began seeding, but we didn't get much done, due to the World Series and people not really wanting to pay attention. However, I was able to work with a few users during the week, so we were able to make progress nonetheless.
For seeding, we have 222 characters. To narrow it down to 128, we will need to eliminate 94 of them. Therefore, 34 of the entrants are being given first-round byes and will advance directly to the second round. The next 94 will be matched up against the bottom 94.


Continue seeding and fill out bracket.


We added 28 characters, for a final? (unintentional) count of 222. I was going for something between 128 and 256, so it worked out well.

Meeting 9

We worked on the second tier of seeding. SLNO was there for a bit; Tucky and MG1 were the major contributors. We didn't add any new characters, but MG1 suggested the SMG bosses; you can now vote whether to include them or not.

Meeting 10

MG1, SMB, and SLNO helped nearly round out the second tier of seeding in a short meeting. It looks like the SMG bosses are going to pass; the poll will close at the start of the next meeting.

Meeting 11

MG1, SMB, Noah, and Tucky finished out the seeding groups. Since the Galaxy bosses pass, we finished with 231 characters. We're going to organize them into a bracket and set up dates beginning next week.

Meeting 12

MG1, SMB, Tucky, SLNO, and Noah helped organize the bracket. Because of the number of characters, 25 characters get byes, or free passes, to the second round. They have been placed throughout the bracket. We plan to open the first round of the tournament on January 6th or 13th.


The characters
The bracket


Here are the dates:

  • Round 1: 1/7-1/27
  • Round 2: 1/28-2/24
  • Round 3: 2/25-3/24
  • Round 4: 3/25-4/28
  • Round 5: 4/29-5/26
  • Round 6: 5/27-6/29
  • Round 7: 7/4-7/29
  • Round 8: 7/30-8/28

Director's Notes

Heyo, guys. I'm just dropping by to say that a lot of changes will take place this month. There'll be a redesign of the sign-up page, activity campaigns, and a couple of other surprises for you all. I would go into more detail, but I don't want to spoil things. ;)

I just want to encourage you to please sign up for The 'Shroom! There's plenty of positions available...and if you can't find what you're looking for, offer making a new section!

Lastly, the new survey will be up this week, so please be sure to check it out when I set it up. (I will link to it in an announcement on the Main Page.)

Cheers. — Stooben Rooben

Sub-Director Notes (By Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am your out-of-adjectives sub-director, Tucayo, and welcome to this month’s Sub-Director Notes!! There is not much to talk about this issue, so they will be brief…

First and most importantly, WE NEED WRITERS. If you read The ’Shroom, please sign up. We have few writers, and some of them don’t even care for The ’Shroom, so please sign up. It is not a big load, there are some very simple sections, and it is something you have to do just ONCE each month.

Also, there are some surprises waiting for you, the first one will be appearing really soon… It will be a surprise for the writers… And the second one is a SPECIAL weekly section I will be writing from June 6th to Awards Night, so be sure to read it, I hope you will like it.

And, last AND least, I am selling cacti, yeah, cacti, you see, they don't need much water or special care, so they make a great pet. Err… flower.

That is all from me, see you June 6th!