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From the Director

Hello, good readers! This is Z3r0 Tw0, your Fun Stuff director! Before you get to our sections, I ask that you consider signing up to join the ’Shroom. We’ve got plenty of spaces to fill, so it won’t be hard to find one that suits you. And if you can’t find one, request a new section! I’ll be happy to listen to your suggestions. I hope you all consider this and sign up for an interview. Now without further ado, I give you the Fun Stuff!

-Z3r0 Tw0 (talk)

Find the Differences

By Edofenrir (talk)

The original can be found here:

Now, see if you can find all 15 differences! ytgartedit.jpg


Guess that Game

By Mr bones (talk)

1st game:

I gave birth to many Mario characters.
I’m like a remake of another game.
It’s a dream to find me if you’re true gamers.
Can you really guess my name?

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Super Mario Bros 2</hide></showhide>

2nd game:

Climbing is my main option.
I turned the hero into a villain.
I’m a very old game.
Can you, guess my name?

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Donkey Kong Jr.</hide></showhide>

3rd Game:

Boo! Boo! Everywhere you go.
You can’t win when you don’t participate.
Boo! Boo! Poor big bro.
Imprisoned by someone I hate.
Boo! Boo! That’s all you need to know.
Find my name before it’s too late.

Answer: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Luigi’s Mansion</hide></showhide>


by Tucayo (talk)

Before starting my sections this month, I want to ask you to PLEASE join the Fun Stuff. We really need some writers, because we are lacking good writers. If you are interested please contact Z3r0 Tw0 (talk) or myself. Thanks!


You know what this link is for

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

Guess who the characters in the images are!

180px-Dragonzamasuartwork2mod.jpg Wattmod.gif tweetermod.jpg franklymod.jpg bundtmod.jpg

Yeah, you guessed, the answers

Mind Bogglers

By Papero (talk)