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Director’s Notes


Hey there, MG1 here for Director’s Notes! I don’t have much to say about this issue so I’ll just get to the point of my notes; Pipe Plaza needs more members. We have ten positions open to the public, but only four of those positions are filled. So please apply for one of the six open sections – Monthly Report, Maintenance, Projects Seeking Contributors, Links and Mario Calender – by PMing me or SMB on the forums. We’ll send you a couple questions to determine your eligibility.

Well, with that request out just read on and I hope you enjoy the issue!

Super Mario Bros.

Hey everyone, SMB here. Uh… not much to say. If you want a job with The ’Shroom, please feel free to check the sign-up page to see if there are any open positions and contact a Core Staff member if you wish to sign up. Also, MG1 directed the Pipe Plaza this month, so I don’t have much else to say except for thanking him for managing the team this month Smiley. Hope you enjoy this issue!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

Tip of the Month: When editing a page, make sure not to hit your space bar before typing letters. It leaves a blue box around your text that elongates the page and does not look good. If you want a space before your text, try putting a colon before your text to get a space without the blue box.

Featured (Marioguy1)


OK, you know the drill. Now, let’s see those Fas…er…that FA!!!

And…no unfeatured content…

Well, for articles whose nominations failed we have…

The failed unfeature nominations are…

And that’s all for FAs!

But here we go with FIs and… what’s this? The FI passes/fails are…

And there are all the Featured Articles/Images this month!

NIWA News (Tucayo)

Hello readers, I am your awesome writer, Tucayo. Welcome to this month’s NIWA news. This was an active month for the staff; here is what happened:

  • After breaking down the forum like a zillion times, the shop is now open! It has some cool stuff, including a lottery system, a trade center, and more!
  • Angela, Wikia’s co-founder, just showed us the ineptitude of Wikia and made an offer to buy Bulbapedia. More info here.
  • Following with the Wikia fails, some days ago this cheap imitation of Bulbapedia was made. Wikia staff has been contacted, and it a possible lawsuit is being discussed. Stay tuned for more info. UPDATE: As of May 11th, this Wikia was closed.
  • Our NIWA staff discovered that the reason for those great fails may be this image. Just kidding – now back to the serious news.I love that image…
  • The long-awaited new Main Hub design will be released May 16th. Also during the next 3 weeks, the 3 wikis that are waiting to join NIWA will be introduced, according to the following schedule:
    • May 16th: WiKirby
    • May 28th: Metroid Wiki
    • June 4th: Wars Wiki.
  • An impersonator of Stooby showed up a few weeks ago at the Mario Wikia threatening said wikia. This user, as I said before, was an impersonator. We are looking for his IP to compare it against all of our wikis’ userbases.

That is pretty much what we have got for this month, I will keep you updated in case anything interesting happens, so keep a close eye on this section!

  • Update: WiKirby joined NIWA and now has its own board in the forum!

Upcoming Games (Paper Pikachu)

Hi everyone, Paper Pikachu here, welcoming you to Upcoming Games. Still on the focus of Super Mario Galaxy 2, we’ve got some new information, but not a lot for the much anticipated game.

One of the few new pieces of information revealed is the storyline. For reasons as of yet unknown, Bowser appears much larger then usual, with Princess Peach easily able to fit in his hand. He mentions he’s too big for the Mushroom Kingdom, and needs a galaxy big enough to suit him, and mentions he hopes Peach will bake a galaxy sized piece of cake for him. New features also include Cloud Mario, an ability that lets Mario create platforms, the Assist Luma, a new second player option different from the second player mode in Super Mario Galaxy, and the reappearance of Bugaboom as a boss.