Giant flower

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Sprite of a giant flower from DK: Jungle Climber
Sprite from DK: Jungle Climber

The giant flower is an object that appears in various levels of DK: Jungle Climber, the first one being Jungle Beach. To use it, Donkey Kong must grab the giant flower with both hands. The player must hold both L Button and R Button for Donkey Kong to hold on the flower. As Donkey Kong holds on the giant flower, it bends back and flings him high into the air. Donkey Kong is flung in the opposite direction based on whether the giant flower bends back left or right. Once Donkey Kong is flung off, the giant flower returns to its original position.

Donkey Kong is usually required to use giant flowers to progress throughout the levels. Some giant flowers are required to reach a high area with an item such as a Banana Coin, a KONG Panel, or an oil barrel.