Ultimate Challenge 2

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Ultimate Challenge 2
World Sherbet Desert
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Difficulty Ultimate
Objective Defeat 30 Enemies
Turn limit 20
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Ultimate Challenge 2 is the ultimate challenge of Sherbet Desert in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Mario and co. must defeat thirty enemies within twenty turns. One Ziggy of each variant appears, as well as Mecha Jr. Boos also inhabit the area. Upon starting the battle, the enemies will go first. Once the turns switch, Smashers and Hoppers of all four variants spawn on the north and south sides. A bit later into the battle, Supporters and Bucklers of all three variants spawn on the west and east sides. Afterwards, on the upper platform where Mecha Jr. is, Peek-a-Boos and Valkyries of both the Spooky and Lava variants will spawn. Much later into the battle, Bwario, Bwaluigi, and the Lava Queen will spawn on the upper platform. For the remaining four enemies, Pirabbid Plant, Blizzy, Sandy, and Calavera will spawn on the four corners where each Ziggy of each variant was originally.


Battle map[edit]