High Ground Hijinx

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High Ground Hijinx
The High Ground Hijinx co-op challenge in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
World Megabug
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Defeat 14 Enemies
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High Ground Hijinx is a co-op challenge featured in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, accessed via the Buddydome/Rabbolatory. It is part of the Ultra Challenge Pack DLC, and is in the DLC Co-op Campaigns category, and is part of the "Cataclysm Kerfuffle!" campaign. This challenge is immediately unlocked after purchasing the DLC. The objective of this challenge is to defeat fourteen enemies. Completion of this challenge unlocks the "hard" difficulty option for the challenge.


Taking the high ground won't be easy - exploding cover points dot the landscape and there are few paths upward. Rest assured however - the key to victory belongs to whoever's King of the Mountain.


The battlefield is of medium size and almost symmetrical. There are three main levels of elevation. The lowest elevation has two sides and is where the heroes start, although with a member of the opposite team on the same side. Six enemies are present at these areas as well, with each side having two Garden Ziggies and a Garden Hopper. The left side has a Ziggy on low ground, while other three are at high ground. The middle main elevation has the paths merge into one and the highest elevation is small is small. Pipes connect between the elevations.


The heroes must defeat fourteen enemies to win. As the battle goes on, enemies will rise from the ground. After fourteen enemies have been defeated, the challenge is won.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Uno sguardo dall'alto
A look from above