King of the Ring

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King of the Ring
The King of the Ring co-op challenge in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
World Lava Pit
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Defeat Midboss (Mecha Jr.)
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King of the Ring is a co-op challenge featured in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, accessed via the Buddydome/Rabbolatory. It is located in the Lava Pit category, and is part of the "Eruption Corruption!" campaign. This challenge is unlocked after clearing Four Leaf Cover. The objective of this challenge is to defeat Mecha Jr. Completion of this challenge unlocks the "hard" difficulty option for the "Eruption Corruption!" campaign.


SOMEONE wants a rematch - think you can survive in the squared circle versus one of the Mushroom Kingdom's most heinous heels? Hint: It's go time!


The battlefield is small and symmetrical. The center of the battlefield is high ground and has Mecha Jr. There are four small areas of low ground that surround the high elevation. The heroes start at the southern areas, although with an opposite team member. The two northern areas each have two Lava Ziggies, a Lava Supporter and a Lava Buckler. Pipes connect between the areas, although only the northern areas connect to the center.


The heroes must defeat Mecha Jr. to win. The enemies go first before the heroes can. As the battle progresses, Lava Smashers and Lava Bucklers will rise up out of the ground. The Smashers appear where the heroes started while the Bucklers emerge in the center of the battlefield. After Mecha Jr. is defeated, the challenge is won.